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I really like Raising our Children Raising Ourselves as well, but I remember reading it (a year or two ago) and feeling like it applied a lot more to older kids.  But I still think it's really good.


Maybe this is kind of a tangent here, but as far as vaccines go, I found Aviva Romm's book Vaccinations: A Thoughtful Parent's Guide to do a pretty good job of representing the perspectives and validity on both sides (although it's not the most up to date, so supplementation with other materials is required).  I believe she also talks about natural ways to build immunity if you choose not to vaccinate and ways to support your childs immune system to handle the vaccine while minimizing side effects and optimizing the benefit if you do choose to vaccinate.  It's my favorite vax book, in case you were wondering about other mama's two cents about books on that topics too.  :)

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Okay, I'm back, having thought about it, I'd say my personal attachment/unconditional approach was most informed by (other than my own life experiences and intuition, of course) a combination of:


- Unconditional parenting: Alfie Kohn (I think Naomi Aldort is student of his? Did I make that up? I haven't read her but have heard great things including on this thread), Scott Noelle

- Understanding/respecting the child: Haim Grinott, Madga Gerber, Janet Lansbury, Adele Faber, Mary Sheedy Kurcinka (not really sure what to call this category)

- Unschooling: John Holt 

- Montessori: Maria Montessori (obviously) but I found contemporary how-to books also very interesting and helpful

- Waldorf: I use this approach VERY selectively, most helpful to me was Rahima Baldwin, on play and imagination generally I liked Susan Linn and Lawrence Cohen


I know these approaches are at least in part mutually exclusive in terms of their "founders'" visions, but I don't go for rigid parenting systems of any kind (including rigidly unrigid!) so I take what works for me. (BTW, there are obviously many more writers for each approach, I'm just listing the ones I've read personally). To me they all add up to parenting that supports attachment. I don't know if that's what people always mean by "attachment parenting" but that's how I think of it. Almost all of the authors I mentioned have websites so you can read some of their writing online and decide if you're interested in more. Most books I got from my local library, some on intra-library loan, though.


Happy reading!

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