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Knitting for the New Baby

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I'm already thinking about knitting for the new baby. Part of me really wants to knit a little elf hat since the estimated due date is less than a week before Christmas, but I was over a week late with my second. I'd love to see any free online patterns good for beginning knitters, especially hats, you guys are thinking about making! Who else is knitting for their (new) baby?

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I've already started knitting! I've made a sweater gown, a vest, and a blanket. I'm on my second little vest. This baby will be getting tons of knits since it's a December baby. 


Ravelry has tons of free hat patterns. Have you been on there yet? 

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I'm finishing up my daughter's birthday sweater then will start on the baby!  I feel like my "to knit" list is longer than I am tall!

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I'm a novice knitter. I've picked up and put down the hobby off and on for years. I know I got an invite for Ravelry a long time ago, but I don't know if I joined. I probably should, since I really really really would love to get something done for the baby (hence my goal of a hat - since at least it's small!).

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I'll be making hats, booties, a couple of gowns, and some socks and bibs. I've knitted for my last two babies and I'm hoping that getting back on the sticks will help me get excited despite the early pg blues. wink1.gif

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I second the Ravelry suggestion. It has loads of free patterns. Library books are a great way to get patterns too without spending money.

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Right now I'm making a baby cardigan for Wool-Aid, which distributes handmade wool clothes to children around the world. The pattern is called Baby Sophisticate.


I'm planning on making a few things for my bean from Welcoming Home Baby the Handcrafted Way. You can see the patterns on Ravelry here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/welcoming-home-baby-the-handcrafted-way

The idea with the book is to make stuff with big yarn and big needles so you can make it quickly. I think the cocoons are the cutest things ever.


Revolting, the Sweet Dreams Hat from this book is super easy, but the yarns make it look amazing.


I get all my patterns from Ravelry or the library. I've been amazed how many pattern books my library has.

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The cocoons look so cute! I've kind of decided I'm definitely going to make this hat: http://www.garnstudio.com/lang/us/pattern.php?id=5433&lang=us. In my fantasy world, I'd like to get something done for each of the kids for Christmas as well as make a few longies: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/bulky-weight-longies (I have plenty of diaper covers but none that are wool). I don't think it's all going to happen, but I'll try.

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Sorry about the webcam quality, but here is this baby's first soaker.  I still need to block it, felt it a bit, and lanolize it, but I'm happy with it! (I've been knitting for littles for three years and this is my first soaker ever!) 


first soaker


Here is the ravelry link for anyone interested:  http://www.ravelry.com/projects/gentlemamadoula/frantic-mama-knitted-soaker-pattern

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Oh man, that's so cute. And way to go, mama, for already finishing something!

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can i jump in, even though i crochet instead of knit? i've made two soakers and working on a hat. i plan to make booties, sleep sacks, and a wool felted mattress pad.

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Squee! The soaker is adorable! joy.gif

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mamadiamond - a wool felted matress pad sounds BRILLIANT! How will you be making it?

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I'm curious about the wool felted mattress pad, too. It sounds awesome!

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I don't have a pattern, but if you knit or crochet a rectangle (or any shape you prefer) out of wool, you will have a mostly waterproof mattress pad. If you felt it, it will be bulletproof. So just make sure you use non-superwash wool and throw it in the washing machine on hot. Instant mattress pad.

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yep. that's exactly what i'm going to do. my mom made a felted floor blanket for my daughter when she was a baby, about 36"x36". it was great when she was learning to sit, because it's so thick that if she fell over she had padding. and i thought i could make a small version to go in the bassinet both for heat regulation and mattress protection. i've seen them on etsy for $40-60, but i can make one for $10 of yarn.

i think i may try crocheting some diapers with organic cotton roving. i think i could make an all-in-two type deal with a crocheted shell and separate soaker pad either crocheted or sewn. i need to play around and see if it will work.

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I made my first toy for the new baby. This is an O from The Secret Lives of Letters.

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Originally Posted by Jackies View Post

I made my first toy for the new baby. This is an O from The Secret Lives of Letters.

Oh just tooooo cute!!!
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Eeeek!  Exciting to see this thread!  I get seriously crafty when I'm pregnant for some reason...my mom always calls me the 1950s housewife cause I start cleaning like mad and making homemade stuff for everyone ha! 


I crochet mostly and I can't wait to get started on some cute hats and sweaters, and I'd like to make an heirloom quality blankie too.  I'm also teaching myself to knit, so hopefully will work some knit stuff too!!

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I just CO this romper yesterday and it's almost done! I just need to get to the store and purchase some snaps for the legs. I made it with Mochi Plus yarn. It's so soft!!


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