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AAMI Students..

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I feel like I'm sailing through the work, like it should be taking me longer than it is.


Anyone else feel that way? I am just about to send off for my Phase 3. I know I haven't reached the "hard" part yet, but I'm wondering if maybe I made the wrong choice, that this is really just too simple for me.

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I received my Phase 3, Part 1 and still feel like I'm just sailing through everything. I literally got the assignments last night and have completed more than half of them already. blush.gif


Anyone else have this experience?

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The first few phases are quite easy for many. orngbiggrin.gif Just go over your work and checklists triple time to make sure you didn't miss any little things in there. I think for a lot of us they are deceptively easy and Carla is checking to make sure we pay attention to the tiny details.


It gets harder and funner (lol) as you go on!

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Trust me - once you get the curriculum it won't seem so easy. 

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