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Digestive Problems-any remedies?

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OK so my morning sickness is subsiding, but now my digestive track totally gave up on me!!! I am not kidding...it takes me all day to digest just breakfast! I never felt like that with my first and am kind of at a loss here ;( Eating easily digestable foods doesn't make any difference. I am bloated and feel like my food is still up my throat all day! lol Oh how uncomfortable ;(


Anyone dealing with the same issue? I know it is common due to increased progesterone, but this is ridiculous. When is this going to stop????

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That sounds super uncomfortable! I have experienced some of what you mention, but not as severe as you describe it. I've been eating WAY smaller meals and eating much more frequently, combined with drinking lots of water which seems to be helping me somewhat. I hope you are feeling better soon!

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My digestive system came to a complete HALT for a bit, and is still moving really slowly. I was not eating bread/grains prior to getting pregnant, and so honestly I had to add some whole grains back in to get me moving again. I'd like to cut them back out again, though, so I need a better long-term solution.

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YES! I was miserable for a few days earlier this week. It felt just as you described. TERRIBLE. I have been having luck with drinking carbonated water {helps me burp} and eating small portions, which is annoying to have to eat 7 times a day. Also, check out thinks to stimulate a sluggish liver--this tends to be the issue, at least for me. Also, I have been drinking chia seeds daily again and that helps to get things moving--not like prepregnancy, but better than without.

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During my last pregnancy my digestion was miserably sluggish from week 7 until about 7 weeks ppd.  Not fun.  But this time I've been using chia seeds on salads (when I'm up for eating) and ground flax seeds are amazing!  I throw them in dressing, smoothies, cookies, whatever.  They have to be ground and stored in the fridge.  I keep a stockpile at all times.  Good luck!

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I know what you mean, I've been all out of whack!  Eating a lot of high fiber foods/fruits/veggies seems to have helped a lot.  That and drinking plenty of water.  Everything slows so we can get more nutrients from what we eat for baby!

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