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inconsistant lp- help

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I had a chemical pregnancy in january with the first pp egg. I had not got first ppaf, so i had not been charting or watching my fertility signs. I have no idea how long that lp was, but based on how dark the test was, i would say at least 15-16dpo. I usually have a 10-11 day lp. Cycle2 was a50 day cycle with an 8 day lp. Cycle 3 was 39 days with a 10 day lp (i was taking 100mga of B6). This last cycle was a 20 day cycle (ovulated SUPER early at cd9) and had a lp of 11the days, but had spotting since 9dpo. Last cycle i was taking a super high quality b complex vitamin. I think the b complex was the reason i o'd so early, but why the short fertile lp?

Should i take more b6? The complex has 50mg, but becasue it is such high quality and 'bio-available', it is supposed to work as well as a higher dose b6.

We were set on having 3 children, but i get so overwhelmed with the ttc journey that we are only looking at a few more month of trying....it is not something that i can turn off or try to forget aboit. We had fertility problems when ttc dd1 and very luckily caught 2nd pp egg with dd2. This is only cycle #4, but i am already so caught up.

Anyways, just wanted some tips on how to get the lp back to you a length to sustain pregnancy.

I should add that i am nursing dd2 (almost 20 months) often, but was when i got pregnant with dd2 (when dd1 was 18 months)

Sorry for any typos...on my phone.
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It's completely normal to have irregular cycles and a shortened LP when you are nursing. I don't think you should really consider yourself having fertility "problems". It's really just a normal part of extended nursing. Your body hasn't fully transitioned into full fertility yet. Even though you were able to get pregnant earlier last time, each nursling experience is different. You could just try waiting a couple months for your body to get back into fully fertility. Or, you could continue with the supplementation. I've used Optivite PMT in the past, and I know some people have had luck with Vitex. Good luck!

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Thanks for the response! I will look into those supplements! I dont think we are having fertility problems at all, but i tend to get sucked into that frame of mind when my body is not working exactly like i want it to.... it was a really hard 3 years before dd1 was born. I dont want to get depressed about it again, if that makes sense. I am worried about how to not get overwhelmed with the same feelings of desperation. I want to be a great mom to my 2 girls.... anyways, thanks for the tips..... we will see how it all goes.
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Maybe it would help to know that your emotions are very typical for someone TTC.  It can be so frustrating and I think so many of us have been there, feeling like it's all we can think about.  I guess I'm just saying this to let you know that it can be agonizing and depressing, and that's okay, and you'll feel it, and move through it.  I think the best way you can be a great mom to your girls is to just be honest with yourself about how you feel at the time, acknowledge it, accept it, and take care of yourself.     ...and then count all of the good things in your life and hug your sweet babies.  It will get better.


To me, it just sounds like your body is just making it's way back to normal fertility.  Keep in mind that the nursing MAY affect your fertility as well.  I think the pregnancy you recently had and the current nursing may have a stronger impact than what a B6 supplement is capable of counteracting. 



Crossing my fingers for you.

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