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Chemical covered car seat cover

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We are planning on using DS's old infant car seat. It is only a few years old and in great condition with the exception of the plush cover. The cover got mildew/mold on it when it was stored in the carport of our old house. DH got it dry cleaned. Now the cover looks like new but I am concerned about the dry cleaning chemicals. Should I just toss it in the washer with my usual trader joes detergent? Or, is there something else I can do to get rid of dry cleaning chemicals in it?
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I would wash it.  But I'm kind of a freak about that sort of thing.

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What does the manual for your seat say? 


Was it only the cover that was affected?  Mildew on the straps would have me replacing them, whether they've been cleaned or not. 


The cover itself I'd be tossing in the wash (hang dry), and then inspecting after it was dry for holes, wear, damaged spots, etc.  I just washed the cover of our infant seat, and it came out nice and clean. 

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I'd throw it in the wash, too.  And do an extra rinse, and then I'd hang it in the breeze and the sun for a few days.  And I might even wash it again.  But, I'm weird like that. ;)

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I am surprised the dry cleaner was able to get the mildew off.....
I wonder what kind of chems they use??? Our dry cleaner sucks....so we are doing good if they actually get any stain off of our stuff....especially mold!

I wash our carseat cover a lot......not much a of a deal. I even throw the straps in there because they can get really icky over time.

Obviously with a lot of washing eventually it will get wear and tear.......but I don't think you would have much of an issue this once.

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Thanks ladies! I washed the cover with my regular detergent and then did a double rinse. It smells/looks great. I am still a little paranoid about the dry cleaning chemicals so I might do another rinse and hang it outside this weekend. We are replacing the straps. The infant car seat is the last thing we really need to get done before we are totally ready! ...well, I have to wash the bassinet sheets again because the cat snuck into the room and slept in it again, but we're almost totally ready. :-)

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