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Bone broth - how do you use it?

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I'm new to bone broth. I've made a few batches and used one to make a really good potato leek soup, but otherwise I'm not really sure what to do with it. I imagined heating it up and having my kids sip it from a mug (before I was TF we used to make soup from bullion and they loved it like that) but the stock is not that yummy and MSG-filled so my kids aren't going to drink it straight.

Besides copious amounts of soup, how do you incorporate bone broth into your kids diets? Or maybe I'm just not that good at it....do you make bone broth tasty enough to sip from a mug? Mine taste very earthy and marrow-y.
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My chicken bone broth would be good to sip in cool weather if the fat were skimmed off. Broth is good in sauces and instead of water for cooking rice, or you can serve soup with more of your meals. Do you salt yours? Sea salt or plain salt is fine in moderate amounts. Also you can put some onion, carrot, celery, parsley, etc in (maybe in the last hour or so if yours cooks a long time)

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Salt is essential, we use only pink salt from Hawaii or Real Salt. If the stock is fresh (not concentrated yet) a mugful in the morning and with meals is delicious with some salt and fresh pressed garlic.


Like PP said, it's great for rice instead of water, and a good practice to serve mugs of broth or brothy soup with a meal, as it helps digestion and nutrient absorption. For simple tasty soup just shred some spinach and stir in some whisked egg/egg yolks for a light soup. Sometimes we eat this at breakfast.


For a quick food for DS (22mo) I give him broth with chopped pieces of grass-fed butter in it-he *loves* this... also you can spoon some cold leftover rice right into the hot broth, another toddler favorite "snack food" in our house.


I try to use stock in every meal, even just a little. When I make taco meat I simmer it down in beef stock to make a thick sauce and tender meat. DH says its the best he ever had.


When I braise meats, or make gravy, sauces, stir-fry- I use stock instead of water for almost everything I cook. Especially if it happens to be "vegetarian"... adds flavor and nutrition.


If your Beef Stock tastes too earthy here are a few suggestions:

-First roast the bones ~350 for ~20-30 mins, turning once. save fat seperately for roasting veg or frying potatoes.

-Use salt and onion/garlic peels and some cut onion and celery

-Dried Mushrooms are integral in my beef stock, just tastes better to us that way and we sip it strait from the pot

-Add spices: Thyme, celery seed, peppercorns, after initial skimming (30min to an hour after starting)

-As you take from the stock pot for drinking and cooking, add water and keep cooking until bones crumble between your fingers. Then you know you got the minerals out of them. You can also strain off and freeze or fridge stock and add more water if you want more stock.


Chicken Stock is simpler, I just add onion, garlic (and peels), cellery, carrot peels and ends, and peppercorns. 


Pork stock needs a lot of garlic, and is great if you eat beans. We don't eat beans much, but we do *if* we happen to have a good pork stock!


Hope this helps... I also take a thermos, with salt and garlic, to school with me (or work or travel) to sip through the day-especially if I know I will be eating cooked food out (i.e. away from my beloved stock/crock pot and jars of fermented vegetable "digestive aids")

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Oh my gosh, thank you so much for the great suggestions!! I made a batch of beef stock over the last 3 days and salted it this morning with celtic sea salt. My kids were curious and drank some, but then the oldest declared it was "gross" so the younger kids were done with it too. Ugh. But I thought it tasted great and drank a mug of it. 


I'll definitely take your specific ideas, mamalex. Dried mushrooms sounds like a great idea. Do you use vinegar or lemon juice in yours? I used vinegar, but heard lemon juice gives a better flavor.


I also think they'll respond better to chicken broth, since that is what I used to use as a base for a lot of things. And just using it here and there for cooking will be a big help. 


But I'm going to keep trying and perfect my recipe so hopefully the kids will one day declare it yummy!

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mamalex23, you sound like you know what your doing!  Would you be willing to post your recipe for making beef and chicken stock?  I am not very experienced, so a step by step guide is what I am needing right now :)  TIA!

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