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Beta HCGs help

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26 days after my period my hcg levels were 47.

My midwife said beautiful.

My GP said probably not viable too low was expecting 100-200 on that day...

Waiting on another one tomorrow morning, freaking.


what are your levels around your period if you remember?

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You really can't put too much weight into one beta number. As long as that number is doubling like it should than it doesn't matter what you first reading is. As long as it is over 25 I wouldn't worry yet. It could have been a late implantation. I have seen smaller numbers than that end up in pregnancy.


Hang in there mama. Let us know what your next beta is.

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This was a board I used to go to when I wanted to find out about my beta numbers:


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There's a chart at the bottom of this link that has average by day/ranges.  Yours sounds just fine by that chart!  Hope that helps you relax a little.

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I AM FINE!  Thanks for your support!

I was 1367 today! Perfect doubling times!!!!


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joy.gif   Yeah!!! I knew it. I thought it sounded very promising! Congrats mama!

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Congrats mama!!!!!

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Thanks!!  Done this 4 times you would think I would have remembered the emotional rollercoaster.

I am putting my faith in my mw not my gp.

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That is a fascinating link... It just blows my mind to think about all that is happening right now. For me, I'd guess that the yolk sac should be appearing and the heartbeat will appear soon (I'm about 5.5 weeks.) Such a nerve-wracking thing to think about for me... like ahhhh hope nothing goes long and that my body knows what it is doing!

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1472 was the afternoon score!

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Hi, I was just reading your post , and maybe you can give me hope , my period didnt come on July 29 well i had a hcg level Aug 6 and it was 47 . I will have it again tomorrow because they said it seemed low

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Renee - One hcg number by itself is almost impossible to interpret. The range of normal is huge! I know it is hard to wait (I had those days in the beginning of my preg), but wait for the second test results. And what people said to me, which is hard at times, is to focus on that you are pregnant right now and take it day by day.

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One number is definitely not enough to go on, especially not really early on. My doctor's office will give up to three tests, and wants to see the number going up by a certain amount, not just a specific number. At this point, it's just 7 days after your missed period, and there's no way to even know when the egg implanted, which can also affect your levels.


The waiting can be excruciating, but try to stay busy and hold out hope for a sticky baby. :)

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