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Tell us how you pamper yourself for a chance to win a bottle of All Natural Intensive Repair Oil...

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Mothering's "Pampering Yourself" Contest
Sponsored by Avishi Organics



We all know how important it is to take care of our bodies.  When we’re carrying precious babes, it becomes even more important.  Creating a healthy place for baby is one of the most important things our powerful bodies will ever do, and one aspect of creating that healthy place for baby is being a healthy, calm, happy mama.  So all of us here at Mothering want to know – what is one of your favorite things YOU do to pamper your body and baby while you’re pregnant?


Spa days?  Extra-long massages from DH before bed?  All-natural body care?  Organic treats?   Whether you’re growing your babe now, holding them earthside, or planning to TTC, tell us in 200 words or less what YOU do to pamper yourself. 


One of our sponsors, Avishi Organics, is offering three bottles of their Intensive Repair Oil for Stretch Marks and Scars, an all-natural oil made from pure botanical extracts to three lucky mamas who enter.   Luxurious, powerful and completely non-toxic, Avishi's Intensive Repair Oil can help strengthen skin elasticity during pregnancy to reduce the formation and appearance of stretch marks and scars. 


Want to try out this pampering, mama-and-baby-safe product?  Here’s how to enter:


1) In 200 words or less, tell us how you pamper yourself while TTC or pregnant.  This can be something you are doing currently OR something you have done in the past! 

2) All Mothering.com members – future mamas, current mamas-to-be, mamas already cuddling their sweet babes  or older children – are eligible to win! 


This contest will run from April 27th to May 4th, and the Mothering Team will choose their three favorites!  We’ll let you know if you won by PM, and check back here to read the winner’s tips in a few weeks! 


Please read the Terms and Conditions here.

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My favorite way to pamper myself while I was pregnant was by doing prenatal yoga. I had never been to a yoga class before I got pregnant, but once I was pregnant I just knew yoga was something I wanted to do. I never could have imagined how wonderful yoga would be for my body as I grew this amazing baby. As my body and my emotions changed, yoga kept me in perfect harmony and balance. I provided me with a place, both physically and mentally, to go to where I felt safe and calm and strong. I used yoga techniques for relaxation and the yoga poses while I was in labor and I feel that even in the toughest moments of my pregnancy and birth, I was pampering my mind and body and baby. I cannot say enough about the importance of prenatal yoga. It is the ONE thing I think every pregnant woman should do.

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I love to use this wonderful unrefined shea butter on my tummy after a shower every morning and before bed. The butter is infused with lots of good-for-you things, but it also smells delicious! This gives me a few quiet moments to connect with my growing baby, admidst all of the craziness right outside my bathroom door. :)

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I pamper myself by practicing daily affirmations in self love. All of us are on a difficult journey in life, time is short. Pregnancy seems like the perfect time to turn inward and declare to your inner essence, you are beloved. Namaste.

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I was pretty easy on myself when I was pregnant.  I quit my job to indulge my budding interest in all things birth and babies.  I slept very late every day and also napped for about 2 hours every afternoon.  I amped up my fruit and veggie intake quite a bit and really indulged myself with grocery store containers of that fruit that is already cut up, man that was nice.

I walked almost every single day which was so relaxing and why not, I had all the time in the world.  I also purchased a hypno-birthing meditation c.d. that I listened to every day while I took a hot relaxing rain bath, which is my name for when you lazily turn on a hot shower but instead of actually showering you just sit there, it's awesome.


I didn't love being pregnant but I did try really hard to take good care of myself, my body and my sweet baby girl.

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When I'm pregnant I take MANY baths!  It's the only time I can get away with soaking for a while. Of course, two or more of the little ones try to join me! (we currently have 7 children). After baby comes, I'm lucky to shower once a week! EWWWWW

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   Every pregnant women is in her own special situation. My hardest pregnancy found my husband in a war zone and me alone with two small children feeling overwhelmed. My husband begged me to pamper myself with a weekly house keeper. It helped so much to know I had back up with the house. It let me focus on our children, on relaxing, on taking time for yoga, reading, and playing. I pampered myself with a bit of structure, ordering take out every Friday, going to the park every Wednesday, church on Sunday and Choir on Tuesday. Another pregnancy found me pampering myself all the way through labor, my water had broken but labor contractions where painless waves, so I went to choir practice to sing through it honoring and pampering my spirit because I knew I didn't need to be in a hospital. Baby waited to come till after choir practice but was still sung into the world. I am newly pregnant and I don’t know how I will pamper myself this time beyond being here again among amazing mothers that inspire. 

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During my current (third) pregnancy, finding time for myself takes real effort!  I am so blessed to have a husband who understands this need, so once a week I take a prenatal yoga class!  This gets me out exercising, socializing with other mamas, and finding a quiet place to reflect on my newest little baby!  Taking long walks with my family is another favorite way to take care of myself.  It gives us all time to connect and reflect on our day!  And last but certainly not least, after a long, warm shower my girls help rub lotion on my growing belly and shower me with kisses :)  This is the best pampering a mama could ask for!  Oh, and a little bit of frozen greek yogurt with chocolate chunks seems to do the trick some days!

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The best way I know how to pamper myself is by identifying what I need and asking for help if it's indicated.  I have a 16 year old and a toddler and am a newly SAHM after being a public school teacher for 17 years.  This "new life" took some getting adjusted to!  Whether it's arranging with my husband to watch our little one so I can go for a drive to Goodwill or taking a long, hot shower, I have learned to be direct with asking for help instead of hoping someone will offer.  Time to myself and time outside the house with other moms are both critical to my well-being. 


That said, I would love some oil to use after my shower time!  Generic lotion is what I usually use, but a little something special would be...pretty special.


eta:  My husband said I needed to tell the whole truth--once a week or so, I run out (by myself) to the convenience store for a Little Debbie Swiss Roll.  Fifty cents and I'm pampered!

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During my pregnancies I indulged in long baths, with my favorite natural bubble bath, a cup of tea, glass of juice, magazine and book at hand. Afterwards I used a rose massage oil on my damp skin, a lovely calming, feminine scent. To pamper babe, each day I would drink a smoothie made with fruit, omega oil, and green veggies. I feel the omega oil really nourished my babies brains while growing inside.

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While preggos - As weird as it sounds.  I be good to my self image.  I look at myself and embrace every stretch mark, saggy body parts, pounds gained etc.  So hard to do this as a woman! But I know that I am everything my babe needs (and then some).  As for those stretchmarks - they are simply called love lines!!

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I like to listen to and chant along with the Guyatri Mantra as performed by Deva Premal while soaking in a warm bath.  I will also burn a little sage for the added aromatherapy!

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I'm only 19 weeks into pregnancy #1, but I can already see a pattern in what's making me feel better:
-gentle soapy massages of my growing body in the shower - complete with lemon verbena soap my mother's neighbor made for me
-raw brownies made of pulverized almonds, walnuts, dates, cocoa powder, and a pinch of salt*
-long walks with my hubby
-knitting all sorts of woolly things for a babe due the end of September



*here's the recipe for those brownies - they're pretty addictive!

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I like to pamper myself with diana stalder whitening cream...and a big tub of ice cream, bag of chips and the remote control...no wait, that is my husband - minus the cream, though I think he has been sneaking it. 

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Thanks so much to all the mamas who entered!  We are pleased to announce our winners!



McGucks, Kontessa and Sheaffer - Congratulations!!!  Look for a PM from me!
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  I am so glad to have won this. Maybe my luck is turning again. Sadly I lost the pregnancy but not my hope. I am pampering myself now with new books, dark chocolate, and yummy tea while I wait for that baby to come back to me. Someday I will hold it in my arms, for now I hold it in my heart. 

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