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Hope these ideas help you out. My own website (no link) doesn't have Breakfast ideas on it yet, but your question told me that I need to remedy this immediately. I'm redoing my website, so the timing is perfect. Thanks for your question!  eat.gif joy.gif



Quinoa Muffins (recipe to try, below)

Quinoa or Amaranth cooked. Amaranth can get creamier if more liquid is used.

Milk: Make a shake out of Organic:  1/4 Cup Mashed Potatoes, 1/8 Cup finely chopped Raw Broccoli (calcium), 1 Banana, 1/4 Cup Fave Frozen Fruit.

1/2 Cup Cold Water (Any Vegetable and Fruit combination can be used. Organic Celery will make it taste Salty, so be forewarned!)


Scrambler Recipe:

Cook 1/2 Cup Quinoa  according to package directions.

Steam cook: Organic - 1/4 cup Broccoli or 1/4 cup Cauliflower, 1/4 cup Spinach, 1 leg of destringed Organic Celery, chopped finely

In a Saute pan: Add in 1 TB Organic Light Olive Oil, the Quinoa and the Vegetables.

Add in 1 tsp Organic Sweet Basil, 1 tsp Organic Rosemary and if allowed, Tellicherry Blackpepper to taste (Pepper can refer to Bell peppers, hot peppers or blackpepper).


Veggies: Buy Salt free, Organic. Salt can contain corn product. Kosher Sea Salt is still considered Corn free, as far as I know.

Try this... you may have to play around with it. I heavily modified someone elses recipe to avoid all cereal family grains and wrote my own instructions.

Quinoa Muffins

Preheat oven to 350 F (180 C)

1 Cups Quinoa Flakes
1/2 Cup Buckwheat Flour
1/2 Cup Potato Starch
1/2 Cup Tapioca Starch or Flour
1 tsp. Featherweight® or Hain® Baking Powder (Corn free)
(or use 1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar and 1/4 tsp Baking soda)
1 tsp. Baking soda
1/2 tsp Kosher Sea Salt
Mix these together with a whisk.

1/4 cup Olive Oil
1/2 cup hot water
1/4 cup Mashed Potatoe
1 medium banana, mashed
Blend together.

1/2 tsp Cream of Tartar
1/4 tsp Baking Soda
1 tsp Tapioca or Potato Starch
2 TB warm water
Mix together. Add to wet ingredients.
Mix well.

Add the dry ingredients, a little at a time.
Beat well, until free of lumps and smooth.
You want a thick batter.

1/2 cup Organic Dried Fruits
Mix in well.

Pour into muffin cups.
Bake in the pre-heated oven for about 20 minutes.
Cool on a wire rack.


(The Original from http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2009/07/quinoa-muffins-with-pecans-dark.html?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+blogspot%2FMVjL+%28Gluten-Free+Goddess%29)

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Teff is part of the Cereal Family. Buckwheat is part of the Buckwheat family. Quinoa and Amaranth is now considered apart of the Amaranth family, but some still put it with the Goosefoot family. They moved to the other family because the medical community found that those allergic to the Goosefoot family was not reacting to Amaranth.

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Interesting--mashed potato and banana both in a muffin recipe..... intriguing.  I'll have to give the idea a try.  Thanks for the recipe.

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Fresh cut fruit and veggies seems the easiest to grab and eat. I'm a big fan of roasted or steamed veggies with a little sea salt and or herbs. Can you have herbs?  What fruits and veggies can you have?

Here are some suggestions:

-crust-free quiche with ingredients of your choice anything from ham, cheese, veggies of your choice, shallots, etc.

-Tomatoes with balsamic, oil (not sure which kind) and red onion

-Chickpeas, cucumber, shallots, fresh dill, grape tomatoes halved and yogurt with ranch seasoning or ranch dressing

-Snap peas, summer squash, carrots with a citrus and herb seasoning

-baked sweet potato with cinnamon and a little agave nectar (maybe some butter)

-baked potato with ANYTHING YOU LIKE - butter, sour cream & chives, broc & cheese, sea salt, olive oil and parsley or basil, etc.

-turkey sausage or regular pre-cooked sausage with egg or fruit

-pancakes, waffles, biscuits - there are many recipes out there that are gluten free and even rice and soy free.  I can eat rice so I whip up a batch of Bisquick's gluten free pancakes and freeze them.  When we want one, I pop it in the toaster or Mic for a few seconds. How are you with almonds?  This recipe has almonds in it: http://www.choosingraw.com/vegan-protein-pancakes-gluten-free-soy-free-and-tasty/ 


They also have many different kinds of breads out there these days.  i bought one recently made with tapioca flour as one main ingredient.  We found that in the health food section of our grocery store.  Even if the store bought stuff might have an ingredient in it that is a no no for you, maybe you can search a similar more compatible recipe on the web and make a few batches, freeze it and do the many things with it that you can do with bread.  


There are so many ways to mix and match veggies, herbs, spices, fruits, etc.  There are a number of different salads you can prepare in a big dish and just take from throughout the week for breakfast, lunch and/or dinner.  I could keep giving you different suggestions but my tastes may be different from yours and all I do to find something new for myself is search the web, grocery store, and ask friends for their recipes when I like something they've made.


I hope this helps.

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I have specifically avoided adding my personal preferences to this because the list of "no's" is already so hard.  Also, it keeps the thread, hopefully, relevant to others who might be in the same situation as I am in.


Your suggestions are fabulous, especially that chickpea salad.  I keep meaning to replenish our supply of chickpeas for hummus, etc. (for my daughter, I avoid tahini, but I ignore the sesame seeds on bread).  Do you use canned chickpeas in your recipe?  Those are the softest.


Ever since my daughter went wheat free I have been looking at all the offerings and am usually disappointed.  Most gluten-free stuff (she is not celiac, but it's useful since wheat is a huge trigger) has some ingredients that I'm not sure I like: tapioca flour (good in pies, not nutritious in quantity), potato starch (non-organic, not acceptably nutritious in quantity), xanthum gum (from corn, non-organic, poss. GMO), rice flour (usually white, usually not organic, though I can buy brown org).  If I buy something for her, unless it is a treat it needs to be organic.  If I make it, it needs to be more nutritious.  Usually I will take a recipe and attempt to replace those ingredients.  (And with this arsenic controversy, does she really need more rice?)


All things I have been mulling over. 


I cheated and had some toast--too hungry!  But I had also had some bites of the coconut ice cream the same day.  I had some awful gas.  Probably the coconut because this has happened before.


Just goes to show, when you challenge (even if you just cheat) make sure you aren't eating anything you know causes you grief.  I ate it because I felt desperate for something sweet and I was serving it up for the girls.  Also, avoid any unknowns, because if there is any doubt at all, you really need to start from scratch.  I didn't seem to get a reaction from the cheater's toast.  Maybe the test was right?  That would be fabulous.  We'll keep trying and do the challenge properly.

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I know how you feel! Back when I first had to go Gluten Free, I would feel hopeless and left out, so would go run to my fave restaurant and pig out on forbidden fruits, in my case, Cod Basket with Glutenous Bun and Glutenous French Fries.

Hopefully, you will pass the Wheat challenge. :D That would be very cool! banana.gif

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