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Probiotics and Constipation

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I know that pregnancy and constipation kind of just go together...but I have noticed that whenever I take my probiotic, constipation becomes discomfort so I haven't been taking the probiotic daily....


I have been trying to drink more water and eat plenty of fruit. Any other thoughts?

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i haven't experienced constipation at all (knock on wood). but i haven't been taking probiotics in pill form, i assume thats what you mean. although i do make my own yogurt and kefir and consume those daily with no negative side effects. i try to get enough water, but some days i feel i'm a little on the low end of consumption. so, i don't know...i guess i'm no help! lol. 

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Well, there's coffee....duck.gif


Good fats have helped me!  Cod liver oil, coconut oil, olive oil- all kind of help, ahem, grease the wheels.   :)  Another thing that works for me when this is especially a problem is drinking lemon water first thing in the morning- before eating or drinking anything else- and letting that kind of do it's work before I eat breakfast.    Isn't pregnancy glamorous?

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I have cut out dairy and tried to drink more water and prune juice.  it is better but it is still a problem!  I have some "smooth move" tea but it doesn't seem to help; just makes my stomahc hurt.  :(  sorry this was not helpful at all!!!

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On the weekend I made some homemade popsicles which contain prune juice. I'm hoping they're a way for me to 'drink' prune juice more frequently than I have been.

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So I think I have mostly resolved this and thought I'd post my "solution". I take my DHA supplement with my multivitamin every morning and take the probiotic before bedtime. I have also begun having a "snack" of chocolate flavored coconut water mid-morning at work. Having low-fat yogurt and fruit in the late afternoon a few days a week. So far everything has been moving right along. Hydration is always a challege for me. I have been having a mug of EMAB Third Trimester Tea in the evenings with a cookie.

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