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Wow, congrats!! How wonderful that two of your children share the same birthday!! Welcome, baby Emma! I love her name.

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Originally Posted by callieollie View Post

My baby, Emma Catherine, arrived this morning at 6:56 am.  She shared the same due date as her older sister (May 13th) and arrived today on her sister's 4th birthday.  I woke up at 1:30 this morning with contractions, the exact same time labor started with my dd.  She's a little peanut, the smallest of my three - weighing 7 pounds even and 18 1/2 inches long.  She's beautiful and the kids are excited. We had my dd's 4th birthday party today as well, with some improvisation (sang happy birthday and opened presents upstairs in my bedroom while I laid with baby Emma) and the rest of the day, she got to enjoy her birthday.  It still hasn't sunk in - today was the one day I had hoped she would not be born so they did not have to share a birthday, but clearly she had other plans.  It was definitely meant to be!  I'll post pictures soon!  

Congratulations, callieollie!  my kids have birthdays close to each other and love sharing the special days. I think birthday buddies will be awesome! 

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Emma, the Cinco de Mayo super-moon baby!  Fantastic. (You have a photo with a margarita, right?)

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Yes! Congratulations callieollie! Is Emma our only supermoon 5/5 baby so far? smile.gif
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Emma, the Cinco de Mayo super-moon baby!  Fantastic. (You have a photo with a margarita, right?)
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Congratulations Callieollie and welcome baby Emma (love her name)!
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Congrats Mamas! i haven't checked in for about a week. so great to see these babies arriving!

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Layla Violet arrived yesterday, May 5th at 6:50 am.  7lbs 14oz.  Her birth was perfect!  I started having contractions at about 1am, they were strong but irregular.  I tried to sleep through them, but it was no use.  A little before 5am I texted the midwife and told her.  By 5 am they were close together and regular so she decided to come over.  I woke SO.  I think she got here a little before 6 am, the apprentice shortly after.   I labored in bed while they set up. At some point DD woke up and peeked her head in. Then I got on the floor.  First standing, with my hands on the bed.  Then I decided to kneel on the floor with arms and head on the bed.  I had a couple really strong contractions and then started feeling the urge to push.  The first push broke my water, the second birthed her head (and hand) and the third birthed her body.  :)  SO and DD both got to see her come out. :)


Everything went perfectly, and I'm so thankful for that!


Layla is a great sleeper (for now!) and a good nurser.  We're still working on getting a good latch, but we're getting there.  :)  I'm tired, and sore, but over all I feel good. 


I apologize for the less-than-eloquent birth story, this mama is exhausted!  As much as she sleeps you'd think I'd be well rested, but of course, every move and sound she makes wakes me.  Plus I just like to lay there and stare at her.  :)

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Yay!  Congrats, Sarah.  How did you get her to come this weekend, just as you'd hoped.  Lucky Mama!  Sounds like a wonderful birth.

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callie- congrats! So great that they share a birthday (one less date to remember, lol).


Sarah- wonderful! It sounds so peaceful and perfect the way you've described it.


Wishing you both wonderful babymoons!

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Thank you!  :) 


We tried a few things.  I had Eggplant Parm. for dinner Friday night.  Then when SO got home he told her it was okay to come out now.  We also DTD.  I don't know which (if any) of those things helped, but here she is!  :)

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Yay! Congratulations! Can't wait to see the pictures!

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Sarah, I'm so awed that Layla arrived just the day you were hoping for!!!  ...and so seemingly smoothly from your description.  It's inspiring.  Congratulations to you and your SO on your newly configured family.  I think of you feeling such a sense of connection now that all your children have a sibling in common.  I'm so happy for you!  Can't wait to see pics!

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Here are a couple pics.  No sombrero, sorry!



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Those cheeks! What a cutie!
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soo adorable!! Yes, what Rowdie said...cheeks :)

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oh! bubblema..... chunkie cheekie cutie!smile.gif

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Welcome, Baby Layla! 

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Kestrel James, born May 4th! We weren't expecting him quite this soon! He's awesome!joy.gif

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Originally Posted by SaguaroMoon View Post

Kestrel James, born May 4th! We weren't expecting him quite this soon! He's awesome!joy.gif


Awesome! (And I love the name Kestrel). Congrats! From the emoticon, I assume both mama and baby are doing well. Congrats!

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Sarah - I'm so happy that Layla came when your SO could be there!  Congratulations.


Saguaro - Congratulations! 

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