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So exciting! Many congratulations and all the happiness in the world!

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Congratulations!!! I love the name- I will have to tell my mother that someone used Ezra, it's her all time favourite name! The pictures are adorable and I cannot wait to see more. Good job mama!

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He is so beautiful!!! Congrats mama! Can't wait to see more!

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I love the name! He's adorable, congrats!

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Well tonight was my first night of solo parenting as my hubby went back to work (he works afternoons).  It went surprisingly well and both boys  are sleeping right now, so I thought I'd come update with my birth story! I keep checking the boards when I'm nursing at night hoping to see more birth announcements!


On Wednesday night around 9 pm I started feeling sort of nauseous/upset stomach.  So I went and lay down on my side to rest for an hour or so until dh got home.  At 10 I felt the weirdest grinding/popping sensation in my cervix.  I thought baby had kicked me really hard in a nerve or something.  Then when I moved my legs a bit I felt really warm fluid start leaking out so I jumped up.  I didn't want to get the mattress wet since I hadn't put the mattress protector on yet. (:  Well when I stood up there was a waterfall of fluid.  It was actually kind of funny because I was standing there in drenched shorts in a huge puddle of amniotic fluid for a solid 30 seconds just totally in shock.  I was so sure I would go late that I was really unprepared to go into labor early, much less have my water dramatically break at 38 weeks and 2 days.


I called dh and my midwife.  Dh came home, we finished packing our bag and ds's overnight bag for his aunt's house, and I put my SIL on alert that we might bring ds to her in the middle of the night, but we were going to try to sleep.  I did get to doze some, and I made myself stay in bed and not waste energy cleaning or something.  But contractions started around midnight and they were very manageable, but I couldn't sleep through them.  From the start they were about 10 minutes apart, and slowly but surely got stronger and closer together.  At 6 when I woke up dh they were about 6 minutes apart.  We decided to go ahead and go to the hospital.  We had a half hour drive that would quickly become an hour and half drive once rush hour started.  So we dropped ds off at his aunts and got to the hospital around 7:30.


I got hooked up to the fetal monitor for about 20 minutes and then everyone left us alone to get settled in.  We walked the halls, and I did some stairs and lunges.  Things kept progressing slowly but surely, which was great because I felt like I could stay on top of the pressure and really relax through each contraction.  At 1 my contractions were 3 or 4 minutes apart and I would totally check out of reality during them.  I felt conflicted, because I felt like they didn't hurt enough or some such nonsense.  My hubby said "just because you're doing and your relaxation techniques are working doesn't mean the contraction aren't productive!"  (:


I hadn't been checked yet, partially because my water had broken and we wanted to do as few checks as possible, and partially because the hospital/midwives we chose are really relaxed about such things.  I hadn't had any bloody show yet though or lost my mucous plug to my knowledge, and I think the nurses were a little skeptical that I was in active labor because I was managing so well.  So at 2 my midwife and I agreed that we would do one check and see how I was progressing.  My midwife up until this point had been fabulous, she was nearby all the time (I was the only person on the floor in labor) but she largely just let me do my thing and made it really clear that when I wanted her there she'd be there.  So I was pretty nervous that I would be at a 2 or 3.  That would be pretty discouraging!  But she checked and said I was at a "fabulous 6".  Which meant that I was 6 and really thin with a very engaged baby head. (:


I was thrilled and tried to get calmed down and ready for the storm so to speak, because I thought that things would keep moving and getting more intense.  Well, about 45 minutes later my labor stopped.  I mean all of a sudden I felt like I wasn't in labor at all, my contractions were 18-20 minutes apart and really really lame.  I think I could have slept through them.  It was really bewildering!  After some discussion and prayer I decided to go ahead and have some IV Pitocin to keep things moving.  Everyone was really supportive and I knew that the Pitocin would be used conservatively.  It just felt like the right choice, and my first labor taught me to trust my intuition.


Well, the Pitocin worked like a charm!  Soon my contractions were 2 or 3 minutes apart and nice and strong.  It definitely made it harder to cope and stay relaxed through contractions... but I just took them one at a time.  I was pretty quiet through my whole labor, but I started doing some horse lips and groaning.  Feeling the baby move down the birth canal was wild.  I literally felt my pelvis stretching open and I knew right away that this baby was a lot smaller than my first (who was 9 lbs 15 oz).


At 5:50 the pressure got really intense and I tried bearing down a little during a contraction.  It felt SO GOOD to push, and I could feel baby moving even lower.  So with the next contraction I really pushed in earnest.  My midwife was so encouraging and gave me good direction because I could feel this baby coming FAST and I was scared of tearing.  So having her there saying everything was going beautifully, or 'let's just have a nice slow and steady push this time' or 'okay, big strong push now!' was really comforting because I knew she was doing what she could to preserve my perineum.  I think I pushed for 3 more contractions (for a total of 5) before Ezra was born!  Maybe 15 minutes of pushing that felt fantastic was such a gift at the end!  With my first baby I pushed for 2 and half hours!  I ended up delivering semi-reclined pulling on my knees with each push.  I really wanted to try squatting or all fours pushing, but before I thought about it he was already born. (:


My midwife put the baby right up onto my chest and a nurse helped my rub him with some blankets.  He was pretty purple when he was born, and it was a solid couple of minutes before he cried and pinked up, but everyone was very zen about the whole thing so I didn't have any time to worry.  (:  He was born with one hand by his head (isn't there an old wives tale about what that means?) and the cord was loosely around his neck once.  Eventually he gave one good cry, pinked up, and then took to staring at everyone with his big bright eyes.  He was really alert but not interested in nursing yet.


I started feeling the contractions again and for some reason really wanted to focus on delivering the placenta.  So after the cord stop pulsating dh cut it, and I asked him to hold Ezra while I finished.  He held him skin to skin while I delivered the giant placenta and the midwife confirmed that there was no tearing, and I got into a more comfortable position to nurse.  Then Ezra latched right on and nursed for about 10 minutes before falling into a deep and peaceful and cute as hell slumber.  (:


I got cleaned up while dh and the nurse weighed and measured the baby and moved down the hall to my postpartum room.  The room is like a little hotel room with a big queen bed and a tv and a rocker and a fabulously large tub and shower and the most fantastic view of the mountains!  Ezra nursed a couple more times, we called family, and then he slept for SEVEN hours.  I got a lot of sleep but then I got all anxious even though the nurses were totally unconcerned that he was sleeping so much.  He pooped and peed and kept sleeping.  My first didn't sleep for a 7 hour stretch until he was like a year old!


The next morning my midwife came in to check on us and asked how long we wanted to stay, and what we were thinking we'd like to have happen.  I said I honestly just wanted to go home as soon as possible.  I knew I would sleep better at home and I was missing my firstborn like crazy.  She was very supportive of this and we left around 11 am.


The first few days have been great! Ezra is nursing well and big brother Solomon who will be 3 in August is so gentle with the baby.  Sol keeps saying "Ezra, when you older I teach you how to make milkshakes! And dig in the sand! And chase Sadie (our dog)!"  Every morning I wake up to Sol jumping on the bed saying "Good morning Ezra! You need to nurse? Need me help you change diaper?"  LOL.  I die from cuteness overload.


I can't wait to hear more birth announcements/stories, and I think about you all often! Praying for beautiful, empowering births and adorable healthy babies for all of us!

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What a wonderful birth story! I just felt a real squoosh of excitement about giving birth again and meeting our new baby from reading your lovely story. Thank you for sharing!

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I loved reading your birth story.  What a fantastic experience.  Thanks for sharing!

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that is an awesome story!  Enjoy your little one.  <3

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What a great story!  Thanks so much for sharing!

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Fabulous story! I'm glad it was such a wonderful experience for you and things are going well at home :)

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literally sitting here with tears pouring down my face after reading your wonderful birth story. Good job mama! I think what really sent me over the edge was the description of your oldest at the end being so cute and excited.

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Awesome story!  Thanks for sharing!!  love.gif

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Cuteness overload is right! Thank you so much for sharing that Alissa. It was beautiful to read! <3 Congratulations!

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How wonderful!!! Thank you for sharing!!!

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love your birth story!!!

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I cried when I read this!!! So beautiful. I also suspect I'm having my baby at the same hospital with the same midwives as you, based on your description which made me feel extra excited about my birthing time. What an amazing birth story!
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So beautiful! Congratulations on such a gorgeous baby and a great birth too! Thanks for sharing. smile.gif So encouraging to hear such great birth stories while I sit here, still pregnant. smile.gif
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What a beautiful story!  And ditto on getting smiley tears reading about your older son welcoming his new brother.  Congratulations!

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What a beautiful birth story!  Congratulations!  

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