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Elimination Communication in Sacramento California, no group

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There are worse fates than being in Sacramento California and wondering how a first time mother (like myself) can do E.C. without any in person support groups around, it is a challenge though.


So many questions pop into my mind about it, including things that aren't always talked about so much. Ya know the kinds of things people usually figure out inperson or in the midst of working out the details, like what does Baby wear? I have found so many answers; training pants, nothing, an undone diaper, etc. Which one will my baby prefer? Which one will work out the best for us?


If I just knew these mysterious women of Sacramento who have practiced EC, it would be like meeting an alchemist, they have this secret. How to go... diaperless. It would be almost magical.

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Have you already checked in Finding Your Tribe to see if there are any like-minded mamas who would want to form a group? Or at least meet for tea or at a library?

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Join the EC Yahoo group: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/eliminationcommunication/

It is enormous and full of very experienced ECers who will answer any of your questions with lots of great ideas.

There's not really all that much to ECing...you just put baby on the potty and take it from there. Pay attention and you'll learn baby's patterns and cues...what your baby wears doesn't really matter. Some people go diaper free all the time and some have a diaper on the baby all the time. Different things work for different people and that part comes from just trying stuff.

I don't know that regional EC groups are really common anywhere, and you'll be in the minority wherever you are so I don't think in-person support is really necessary (although it sounds lovely!) If you find local AP groups, LLL, or any "crunchy" parenting group, in time you'll probably find others who also EC. smile.gif

ETA: You can also start your own group on Meetup.com or Facebook! If you see a need for it, there's no reason why you can't decide to be the one to start it.
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I lived in Davis when we were doing EC with our daughter.  I joined the East Bay Diaper Free yahoo group and found it to be useful.  You could travel to their meetings although I never did.  I also joined one that I think was in Sacramento.  I wasn't very active but I did find a couple of other moms in Davis who were doing EC and was able to get together with them.  I know that some of the moms at La Leche League in Davis also did EC with their kids.  Sorry, I know those aren't exactly in Sacramento but they might lead you to people in Sac.   

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I'm a Davis/Sac area mom and I remember feeling the same way when DS1 was an infant and desperately wanting to meet other people practicing EC. In the end several of my new mom friends started EC to varying degrees after seeing me do it and us talking about it. That wasn't something I expected to have happen and it was great. Just one friend can make a huge difference in support. We did have one get together with Davis and Sac area moms. Saralm--I wonder if I was one if those moms you met up with in Davis--was it in 2009?

I second the recommendation to join the big EC yahoo group. I learned so much from them. I also enjoyed reading all the EC books, and loaned them out to my friends.

I'm expecting DS2 in a few weeks and my good friend is ECing her DD2 now (3weeks old). If you don't mind coming to Davis we'd be glad to meet up with you.
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