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Calling all of the crafty momma's--help!! :)

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I need some suggestions.  I have some experience with sewing, but not much.  I really want to start sewing/knitting, but don't know where to start.  I don't want to pay to take a class b/c I'm already paying for prenantal yoga and I don't want another class to go to now.  Are there any good resources on the internet???


In the meantime, I purchased some small pieces of material that I want to make into a small blanket.  The colors are great for autumn....  I was thinking a small patchwork blanket or something like that.  Any ideas on patterns or do I even need one??






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I sew and knit!  I learned how to sew from my mom, so I'm not really familiar with good tutorials online.  I learned to knit from her too, but only the very basics, and the rest I learned on my own, mostly from videos online.  www.knittinghelp.com has a ton of free videos that teach the basics and lots of more advanced techniques.  They have videos for both styles of knitting (continental and english).  You can also search youtube for knitting tutorials, there are a ton there.  For finding knitting patterns, ravelry.com is the best!  You can do lots of other things at ravelry, but their database has a ton of patterns from all over, and if you go to the pattern browser/advanced search you can sort them all by type (toys, blankets, clothes, etc), published in books/downloadable online, free patterns, baby patterns, etc.  It's really handy.  You can also check your library for beginner knitting books, though I think it's easier to learn from a video than illustrations.  Good luck!

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Angelrum-- thank you so much!!  I learned to sew from my mom too.  But, she lives 3 hours away and when we get together we never seem to find the time for sewing.  I think I'll do best by diving in and seeing what happens.  I am gonig to look at that knitting website!!!!

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I taught myself to sew by reading Sewing For Dummies, watching youtube videos and just sewing :) I started out with small projects (first was a pair of shorts) and worked myself up from there. I LOVE sewing :)

Ask around, maybe one of your friends sews and wouldn't mind giving you some pointers.

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