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IEP question

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DS1 turned 3 this week. We wrote his IEP 3 weeks ago and continued services under Plan C/EI until after his birthdate. His IEP had service start date of April 30th. Is the literally the day services start? During the meeting, I was lead to believe so. I have had no contact after the meeting, a coordinator was not involved, I was literally abandoned by the EI office several weeks back, (only his regular SLP has been in contact with me, EI did not assist in the final IEP process), I do not even have a copy of the IEP yet. An IEP that was written less then 24 hours before the meeting and with zero input from any one that knows him. His EI SLP was not part of the process, she told me that no one would return any of her calls or emails. We have 5 weeks until school is out, 4 of those will be weeks that it is even an option to have services provided. DS1 is not in a school this year, will be in the fall. Arrangements have to be made to meet the therapists various places around town, he is supposed to get 1 hour twice a week.  I don't even have contact info of the people we are supposed to be meeting. eyesroll.gif And here they have been sued twice that I know of for failure to provide services, can't imagine why. Is this normal? 

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Someone with a bit more knowledge may be able to answer, but where I am EI and Education services can not overlap.  As soon as the child turns 3, the EI services (IDEA Part C) cease and Education (IDEA Part B) services begin.  However, nothing is provided until the child begins school during the fall and the services provided must be educationally relevant.  Each state is different.  YOu might consider contacting a Parent Training Information Center in your area.  The coordinators know the guidelines in your area and can provide more info and guidance.



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Where I am, when DS2 transitioned...


His end date with EI was his actual birthday (or maybe 1 day beyond - finished up the week).

His entry date for the Public School system was their first day back from Spring Break...so he ended up with like 10 days off or maybe 2 weeks.  We agreed to this later start date, so he wouldn't be there for like 2 or 3 days, then off for 2 weeks.

If you still have not heard a word...you need to contact them ASAP and get the information, otherwise they are in violation.  Their duty to provide services starts the day the child turns 3, once the child has been identified and gone through the process.

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In all the states I've lived in (OH, WI, IN), EI ends the day they turn 3, and the school district picks up.  There is not allowed to be any delay in service.  If you kiddo turns 3 with 2 days left at the end of the year, then the district HAS to offer you for him to go those 2 days.  You may choose for him to wait until the next year (which most people would) but legally, they have to start offering him services with no gap between them and EI.


If he was evaluated and found to be eligible for services at the public school, then you would create an IEP with them.  You are allowed to bring anyone to the IEP meeting that you want (for instance, you could invite his EI SLP) but they are not going to have any EI people there; typically, they will have a school psychologist, someone who did the evaluation, the teacher, and any approrpriate therapists for the services he qualifies for. 


When an IEP is completed, it will be given to you to sign.  You do not have to sign it at the meeting, but it does NOT go into effect until you sign it. 


I would call the school district and find out what is going on.  You can also contact the ARC for your state to get more help in navigating the system.

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