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Anyone from Sheboygan?

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We're looking at moving there this summer and I was wondering if anyone has any experience with their schools or would recommend any particular neighborhoods.  The houses we're considering are in either the Grant or Pigeon River school boundaries but we also thought that the ESAA charter school sounded interesting too.  Anyone have any info for me?  Thanks!

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I just saw this even though you posted a ways back.  Any of the Sheboygan charter schools are great as is the Comprehensive Literacy school and the Montessori school.  THe other two schools you listed are good too.  As with any school there will be teachers you like better than others but as a whole you can't go wrong with any of those.  

Where did you decide to live?  Message me if you want more Sheboygan info. 

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I'm in Sheboygan too! My child went to Grant this past year and had an awesome experience! ESAA is actually sharing Grant Elementary's building. One half is Grant and the other is ESAA. I only live a few blocks away from Grant. I'd love to get together with some other mom's in this area. :)

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Our family is moving to Sheboygan - we are very interested in the charter schools?  Is there anyone out there I can talk to about your child's experience?  We are looking for a liberal & friendly community to move to - any suggestions as to neighborhoods?  Thanks for your help!

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I am also looking for info on the schools. I'm torn between esaa, pigeon river and the Montessori in cleveland. The only issue with the Montessori is it starts at first grade so we need o find kindergarten somewhere else. So nice to see people from Sheboygan on here. I feel like I hardly have anyone here to ask these questions.
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I have heard great things about Montessori on the North side as well as Lake Country. I understand one of the Lutheran schools has a co-op if you are interested in a partial home school program. I think it is St. Luke's?
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