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I know that when I was about to deliver at the Pavillion I was anxious to hear the experience of others and it was so new there wasn't much out there so I'd thought I'd add to the data.  :)


Without getting into my whole birth story here are the highlights.  Overall I had a great experience bringing my baby into the world!  Going into it I had already prepared myself to be accepting of what was to come (as there are so many unknowns) not to get caught up in any "battles" with staff at a time when I'm trying to channel in my focus to my little new baby coming to see me.  My husband knew our plan and he was to be in charge of managing any conflicts that would arise so I could focus on my labor.


I was with Baylor OBGYN.  They were supportive of my desire to have a natural birth never got any problem form my OB with my birth plan.  My OB when I arrived was one I had never met but he was warm and kind and amazing.  My nurse was on the ball and very respectful of our hypnobirthing environment (low lights, quiet, music and meditation playing in background).  She did the routine things she was required to do and basically left us to do our work. I had a labor doula I hired myself who was there with us the whole time.  The nurse was very respectful of my doula's role and vice versa (Which is also important!)


I arrived already 6 cms dilated as I labored at home but fast.  The nurse always asked for permission to check.  Sometimes I passed sometimes I wanted to know.  It was my decision.  I had to do the IV for antibiotics which I knew going into it.  Like I said I was not interested in getting into any "wars" there during my labor.  So I prepared for it, they administered it and it was done.  Had no impact on me or my labor.  To be honest sometimes I forget all about that part.


All was smooth and serene but I knew I was stalling.  I just couldn't let go so I asked to get in the tub.  What happend next was astounding to me!  I told my doula, she asked the nurse and the nurse said she didn't think so because I was so close to complete.  And it was the OB who heard this and said "It's ok to let her get in the water.  If she thinks it will help go ahead."  Wow!  Never would've thought that would happen!  Water was like the magic they say it is and I felt myself let go and felt my baby drop down.  I said it's time.  I already knew I wouldn't be able to birth in the tub so I had already started climbing out to get to the delivery table.  Baby came soon after.  No problems, no drugs (and no one even asked me about them) and a healthy baby.


The postpartum stay was equally uneventful.  We didn't reject any medicines so I can't give my experience on that however a good friend did refuse something at the same hospital and CPS DID come.  They obviously didn't take her child because she complied and went through with the meds. I don't know much else but I was shocked that they actually came out.  She said the investigator actually started tearing up because she was forced to enforce the law as it is written and she could see that the whole thing really was ridiculous.  (Just wanted to mention that since another writer said they didn't come out when they said they'd have to report it.)


But anyway back to our day.  I coslept in the hospital and nursed with my baby the whole time.  Only one nurse seemed nervous about it and she just helped me roll blankets at the edge of the bed and put the bassinet next to the bed as further safety precaution.  


So there you have it.  My data. Hope this helps ease a new mama's mind.  I've never worried more in my life than preparing for childbirth.  Now my babe is 14 months and a beautiful happy little boy.  

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Wow. That is shockingly awful about CPS. (Well, we're used to it in NY, but I had higher hopes for TX -- we are moving there in 6 months.)

I birthed my last boy in CT just to avoid the whole eye drops/vit K debacle.
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Hi, I see that you posted this a while back, but if you are still around and have the time, I would love to hear how your experience was. Have had 2 standard hospital deliveries with epidural, and am considering a natural route with midwife this time around. TCH Pavilion is an option I've been seriously considering. Thanks so much :)

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Hi Cole :) What was your experience with TCH Pavilion? Why do they not allow delivery in the tub? Thanks for your input.

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Hi aprilshower,


I was wondering how your experience at TX Children's Pavilion for Women was? Looking at it as an option. Also, I was disappointed to read about your experience with one of the midwifes. Are you able to "request" your midwife? If so, who do you recommend?

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I'm going to be delivering there with one of the OBs in May! I'm transferring from my current OBGYN to one of the Baylor ones because mine doesn't deliver at TCH... she only delivers at St Jo's. I didn't realize this was a problem until my DH and I toured St Jo's and  we were not impressed with the tour we did there.. .neither with the facility itself nor with the staff and general feel we got of the place and how our desire for a natural labor and delivery would be accommodated


We also toured Bay Area Birth Center and once again.. not impressed... they send out 20% of their patients! And they send them to Ben Taub!! (omg..enough said) With those odds I might as well start in the hospital to begin with and at least have some control of where I deliver.


All the MWs were booked for May so I got in with one of the OBs Dr Law. Anyone had experience with him?


I'm curious about people's experiences with the OB doctors that deliver at the Pavilion. I just don't want to have to constantly put up a fight and have the stress of being on guard the whole time on top of delivering a baby!! How soon are they there? How often are they actually involved? I've always been under the impression that the doctor pretty much just catches the baby.. they don't offer much support through the laboring.. you're relying on your nurse for that. 


If I could afford a personal doula I think that'd help. But alas I cannot. I might do what one of the other ladies above said and just request a new nurse if the one I get stuck with is giving me problems. 


I'm gonna pray a lot leading up to it, that's for sure. 


Thanks for all the info many have already shared! Every story helps! Keep em coming!! :) 

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