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When did they stop feeding in the night?

Poll Results: Mine stopped feeding through the night...

This is a multiple choice poll
  • 13% (3)
    Before the age of 1
  • 13% (3)
    Before the age of 2
  • 34% (8)
    Between 2-3 years of age
  • 17% (4)
    Between 3-4 years of age
  • 8% (2)
    Before 5
  • 4% (1)
    After 5
  • 8% (2)
23 Total Votes  
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Out of interest really!  I know it can vary.  I am interested in when yours stopped feeding in the night?  Mine hasn't stopped yet but he has only just turned 2 so I don't expect him to wean anytime soon.  However, when he does - will it be gradual or sudden?  Does that vary too or is it always gradual?  DS1 completely different fish and practically was sleeping through the night from birth! lmao


I ask here because I know those that don't plan to BF full term can often approach daytime (and nightime) breastfeeding differently - so for my purposes, it is important to know when yours stopped feeding in the night if you breastfeed full term. 


I have added a poll - you can select more than one answer as I realise people have many children! haha

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It was right before 12 months, but I pushed for it because I was losing my mind.  We went on to continue BFing during the day easily.  I did the Dr Jay Gordon nightweaning plus some NCSS and we went from many wakeups a night to sleeping through the night.  Heaven!


Oh, and I get that this is CLW and you were asking probably in those terms, but day and night were different for us.  Night I pushed for, day weaning I left up to him (but it was still earlier than others, 2.5 he was done).  We both had our needs met that way. 

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I voted other due to my DS (34 months) still nurses a couple times a night.  A dear friend of mine has a almost 4 year old and he also nurses once or twice a night. 



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My dd stopped nursing at night when she weaned at 3 and a half. I worked and attended school from the time she was 21 months old so most of her nursing was done first thing in the morning, evening, and at night. I briefly tried night time weaning when I was staying at home but found the advice about other ways to bond with nursing toddlers in The Womanly Art of Breadtfeeding helped me break the cycle of only nursing to be together and I was much happier to nurse when she wanted to nurse for reasons other than boredom.
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My 2.5 year old still nurses throughout the night but far less than even six months ago, when it was hourly or every other hour. There has definitely been a gradual and natural decrease. The whole natural process is fascinating to me.

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DS was still nursing in the middle of the night at 2, but I voted other as well because I night weaned him around 2.5.

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unknown yet!


The middle two kids were helped along by the fact I was pg and had no milk, I think they just stopped asking to nurse after a while at night. Didn't stop their night wakings though. 

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DS nightweaned at around 11 months and started STTN simultaneously.


DD, however, nightweaned for good when she weaned at 2 years, but woke at night frequently until she started sleeping in DS's room at almost 3.  Co-sleeping with her was just not a pleasant or desirable situation for a long time!

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My DD is just shy of 26 months and I'd say shes been finially sleeping staight through about the past 3 weeks or so.



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