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I'm Paloma a French 23y old SAHMom of Callie (3 august 2009 born in hospital in France) and Cleo (15march2012 born in Birth center in Spartanburg SC)


We moved to USA 6 months ago because my husband found a job here.


I love:

-my family

-have fun with friends,meet new people

-sewing, scrapbooking....make things with my hands

-reading,listen music,watch movies

-blogging (cmamankafait.canalblog.com  in French)

-green living and natural life




-use cloth diapers

-breasfeed our baby

-carry the girls in wrap or baby carryer

-co sleep



Please,forgive me and correct me if my english is too bad!!!!Thank you



See you

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Welcome.gif Welcome to MDC and the US!

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Thank you!

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