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I have a 3 year-old and a 22 month-old. We moved just over two weeks ago--only a mile so same neighborhood, church, grocery store, friends, etc. just different house. My son was my easy sleeper and learned to fall asleep on his own w/ no crying as a toddler, and would do so within 5-10 minutes of our finishing his bedtime routine and leaving him alone in his bed. Since we've moved, he's going to sleep later and later, and we're in his room for 45 minutes to an hour, and tonight it was almost two hours. He will cry bitterly if we try to leave him alone now, but takes so much longer to fall asleep when we're with him than he does when he was happy and alone.


Our daughter, also insisting on our staying with her until she falls asleep, but her sleep hasn't been as changed as his since she's been the more difficult sleeper all along. So that was a lot of background to ask, if you've moved when you had young children, how long did it take them to feel safe and settled enough to go back to their old routines? It's exhausting to spend so much time on bedtime again! As I'm sure most of you well know; we've only got them to go to sleep on their own in January of this year, but it's still hard to go back.


Any ideas?