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AKRON City Schools

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I live in Akron and have a 9 month old daughter.  I know many of the schools in Akron have open enrollment and think that they operate on a lottery system.  There are many private options available.  There is a Waldorf school nearby that we are considering for our daughter.  I am not sure about the cost... I have heard that it is around $8,000 a year. 

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Hello Bookworm!
I have lived in Akron almost 8 years so I am starting to get a feel for the different school districts as my oldest will be going into K next year.

We live in Portage Path district which is pretty much the worst elementary greensad.gif King is the best and Resnik is the next best. It in nearly impossable to open enroll to King right now as everyone is trying to get in and they are building a new school so they are currently in a swing space.

Im not sure how likely you are to get into Resnik. And I dont know which surrounding schools allow open enrollment. Sorry!

We sent our daughter to Spring Garden Waldorf School for prek and will be sending her the for K. Actually, we have 3 kids and plan on sending them all there as long as we can swing it. It is just a lovely school. We'vebeen nothing but happy with our experience so far! They offer half and full day K. The price of tuition is vry comparable to other private schools around here and is very reasonable compared to other Waldorf schools in the US. To have a child in full time you are looking at around $5,000 a year.

There are private Catholic schools nearby and 2 Montessori schools in Akron as well.

Do you already know what area you are moving to?
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