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new here from stl Missouri!

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my name is Brytnee and im a crunchy mom from through stl area.
im just wanting to find like minded moms in the same area, since im a little new to the crunchy thing.

a little about me:
i have a 4 year old son Brinkley with a previous relationship. with my now husband we had a beautiful little girl Tessie who would be 14 months right now, but at 4 1/2 months she passed away from SIDS. I am also currently expecting another little boy in August who we are naming Flynn.

i am a lactivist, i didn't bf my oldest because i just never thought about it being a young mother.
I bf my daughter exclusively until she passed away.
i plan on bfing this little boy until he decides to wean himself

I am an intactivist, i circumcised my oldest son because i was uneducated about it.
i regret making that decision for him and i now know better.
my new little boy will be intact and im so happy to say so! i believe its not the parents decision to cut off their sons foreskin and it should be left up to him when he gets older. you can't put a foreskin back on. smile.gif

i am very against vaccinating!!!
both my son and my daughter were fully vaccinated. my son thankfully had no problems but my daughter did.
2 months she started becoming behind in development. she lost all muscle strength.
at 4 months she received her second dose and 5 days later she passed away. she was miserable the last 5 days and i feel like an idiot for ignoring the fact it was her vaccines.
my son is done with receiving then and this baby isn't even going to get a vit k shot in the hospital.

sorry its so long if you have any questions for me im here smile.gif
thank you
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Hi and welcome! So sorry for your loss and also congrats on your pregnancy!

I have 3 kids and we live on the IL side. smile.gif
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Hello!  Congratulations on your pregnancy!  I'm in Rolla, about two hours from you.  There are TONS of resources for "alternative" folks in St.L.  If you're planning a home birth, you might be interested in attending a Friends of Missouri Midwives meeting.  St. Louis also has groups for babywearing, EC'ing and more.  I'm sure you'll find your tribe quickly.  :)


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