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Does my son have autism?

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My son was born nearly 11 years ago, he was 11 weeks early and seemed to be doing really well but at age 2 had a bad seizure which lead to a diagnoses of epilepsy....soon after he was diagnosed with mild cerebral palsy and also has learning difficulties which has set him back a year at school. Over the years he has shown behaviours/ signs of autism, however after having assessments for ASD apparently he does not have this condition. I am finding the behaviours he shows are definate, such as flapping, clapping (he does this when hes happy/ excited), difficulty with sleeping, finds it hard to make eye contact, he also has to organise things; in his bedroom he has blu tacked some favourite items to his wall such as pencils, money, rulers and a small torch. I would really appreciate your opinions on this.......help.gif!!

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Has he had a full neuro psychological evaluation? There are other things that can LOOK like autism but aren't. I recently found out that one of the kids at my DD's school who I had assumed had a dx of Asperger's or PDD-NOS was born was a brain tumor and had to have a big chunk of his brain removed as a newborn. Great kid  and obviously very bright, but quirky with a different way of thinking that most people.


What kind of evals has your son had?

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For what it's worth, my two cents:


My DD also had a brain tumor (surgery, chemo, radiation)... and she does also have an ASD diagnosis now, because the constellation of symptoms and behaviors matches the diagnostic criteria for ASD... but with her extensive medical history it's hard to know exactly what's going on.


I'm of the mind that there might be a lot of different things that cause or worsen autistic symptoms - some of which are readily identifiable, like dietary triggers or medical conditions or treatments that affect neurological processing, and others which remain a total mystery. 


Epilepsy/seizures could definitely be having a huge impact on your son's neurological processing, learning ability, and social skills, and could lead to a set of behaviors that look a whole lot like autism spectrum. Both the neuropsych department and the autism clinic told us that for our daughter's case, it didn't really matter *why* she is autistic - or even if she *truly* has autism or something else that looks exactly like it... either way, therapeutic techniques and interventions designed for kids with autism will be helpful for her, and we should proceed as if she does have autism, so that she can gain access to needed supports and services in the educational system and elsewhere in the world. And, they cautioned us to also keep in mind that in addition to autism/autism symptoms, she does also have traumatic brain injury from the brain tumor... and that complicates the scenario. In the end, even as we move forward into autism land, we have to still pay close attention to her specific needs.


Hope that helps.


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