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Here was my workout for today: I'm exhausted right now.



Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

6 Burpee Pull-Ups

9 Handstand Push-Ups 

Rest exactly 2 minutes, and then . . .

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 5 minutes of:

6 Ring Dips

9 Overhead Squats (95/65)


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You guys put me to shame; I am totally impressed with your fitness levels!! I couldn't keep up NOT pregnant.


Buuuttttt...you DID motivate me to hit the gym:


 - 30 min hill program on treadmill @ 3.7mph

 - 2 sets of 10 reps each, 5lb dumbells:  overhead press, lat raises, bench, flies, rows, reverse flies, curls, tri extension



It was a decent 50min workout  for getting back in the groove. I have yoga tomorrow morning.

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I had my first Mommy and Me Bootcamp class in months this morning. It wasn't a super strenuous workout but it was nice to get in a good hour of activity. I'm so glad the weather is nice enough we can move outside again. The kids run wild in the playground and basically entertain themselves for an hour while we workout.

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45 minute yoga class today!  My body and mood are thankful that I have made exercise a priority this week.  My goal is to average 3x yoga and 2x sweaty cardio a week as long as I can. 


Oh, and per the Chat thread, I want to incorporate at least 5 min (total, not sustained) of Goddess pose and/or supported squat daily.

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Did my workout today (below) and then 2 hours of coaching again.  4th day in a row of working out, so I'm utterly exhausted today.

21 Thrusters (55lbs)

12 Bent Over Barbell Rows (55lbs)

4 Rounds

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I finally got to take my water fitness class today! It was a lot of water running and some core stuff. I was surprised by how much of a workout it really is! it was so nice to feel "wieghtless" in the water. but after an hour of that getting out of the pool and back into gravity was so strange.
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I am finally getting into an exercise routine, though I'm also nowhere near as in shape as some of you here (crossfiitting I would love to do but I have to work towards that postpartum). The warm weather has made swimming the perfect exercise. I swim laps and do some exercises in the water as well. I know what you mean about returning to gravity MadiMamacita, after an hour in the pool today I felt heavier than when i got in LOL. 


So I've gotten the swimming in this week and I want to add daily walks as well. The walks I'd like to do on my own when the kids are in school, its a nice way to exercise but also clear my head.

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Went for two walks yesterday after my water class. One was partway up a small mountain! Surprisingly my legs are not even sore at all! Today I went on a small walk. Will do yoga tomorrow.
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Back to Crossfit today.  I just got super busy and didn't get any exercise in since last Thurs. I think.  I dreaded going today but it seriously puts me in a WAY better mood.  I need to remember that - apparently over and over and over again.


Today's workout:

Back Squat, 5-5-5-5-5 reps


As many rounds as possible in 6 minutes:
Run 400m (buy-in)
4 front squat
6 lateral burpees over barbell


Goin' Green - I did the burpees this time...I just held a plank rather than hitting the ground.  It sucked orngtongue.gif

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I went on a short bike ride today- pulling my 3 y.o. in the trailer. It was only about 20 min, but felt good.

After all of your intense exercise talk here, I must have felt inspired- my dreams last night were of nothing but me exercising. I was alone in a huge, empty gym doing all sorts of fancy moves. Super weird! I feel like it should count though!

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50 min yoga class today

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I worked out yesterday and today.  




Strength: 5x2 Weighted Pull-Ups



Box Jumps (32''/24'')

20-18-16 @ 185/125 (so I did 125lb).




Power Cleans (75lbs)

Lateral Shuffles (from one end of your barbell to the other; R+L=1)


I also coached last night for 3.5 hours (2 hours of classes and then Olympic Lifting class) and 2 hours tonight.  Get the night off tomorrow - so nice!

Jend - I did burpees right after my burpee comment last time and decided I might be done lol!  I can still get down pretty low, but I have to touch more hip and less belly/chest, which means I'm supporting myself much more and therefore much harder.  :-)

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LOL...y'all speak gym chinese to me. I don't know what lateral shuffles or burpees are :).


Nothing new here...just zumba and/or walking the dog or hitting the playground.

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Ha Miss E - I am sure it sounds totally weird!   I did a boot camp kind of program before Crossfit so these terms are normal to me, but before that, I don't know what I'd think! 


Today's workout:


For time:
21 OHS (overhead squats)
42 pullups
15 OHS
30 pullups

18 pullups

Core development - Russian twists with a med ball and plank holds


I am starting to need more and more assistance from bands with my pull ups and could only overhead squat the bar.  I felt really weak today :(


Goin' Green - I hear you on the burpees.  When I finally broke down and did them in a workout, I dropped into the plank instead of hitting the ground and that was seriously hard!

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Originally Posted by beans View Post

my dreams last night were of nothing but me exercising. I was alone in a huge, empty gym doing all sorts of fancy moves. Super weird! I feel like it should count though!
lol.gif yes i think that should count! also, thinking about exercising should count.
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I was supposed to do a workout on Thursday but DD was completely uncooperative, so hadn't worked out since Wednesday.  


Today I did a "team" workout:


50 push press (65lbs)

50 wall ball shots (14lbs)

50 burpees


While 2 people are doing the above (one person works at a time) the other 2 (in our case, only 1) is running a 400m. Switch when runner returns.


AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes.


And i was out til 1:30 last night, worked out at 9, coached at 10, and am babysitting 3 neighbor kids tonight.  SO tired!

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75-minute prenatal yoga class! and countless trips up and down the stairs to unpack and clean and do laundry.


i actually had a lot of braxton hicks today, which is maybe a sign that i wasn't taking it easy enough :/

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50 blissful minutes of yoga today!!


Saturday I worked a yard sale and then walked around an amusement park wearing a 26lb toddler, so I figure those combined counts as a workout too.

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Didn't get to CRossFit yesterday, so I did a 1.5 mile run.  





70 Double-Unders (210 singles)

14 Dead Hang Pull-Ups

60 Double Unders (180 singles)

12 Dead Hang Pull-Ups

50 Double Unders (150 singles)

10 Dead Hang Pull-Ups

40 Double Unders (120 singles)

8 Dead Hang Pull-Ups

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