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I made it to Crossfit on Friday but then went away for the weekend and hurt my back AGAIN.  My back is definitely a weak point this pregnancy. 


Friday's workout:

Good Mornings, 3-3-3-3-3 reps (I used 45 lb bar)


AMRAP in 20 minutes:
10 sumo deadlift high pull (I used 45 lb bar again)
20 toes-to-bar
Run 200m


I WILL go tomorrow.  I really mean that orngtongue.gif

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I did make it today.  Although I am feeling really discouraged and trying to decide if I should stick with Crossfit or move on to something else for the remainder of the pregnancy.  I don't know - maybe I am just in a terrible mood because despite my best efforts my thighs have become covered in cellulite and my butt is expanding rapidly.  I just feel defeated today.  Oh, and to add insult to injury, I discovered vericose (!!!) veins on the backs of my thighs.  WAHHHH!


Ok, here's what I made up for today as the planned workout was not going to work for me:


2000 m row

AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 20 minutes:

20 push ups

20 wall balls

20 pull ups

20 air squats

20 kettle bell swings


I only made it through 2 rounds plus more push ups and wall balls.  Ugh.  I hope this is just an off day. 

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Varicose veins are super common in pregnancy - I have a friend that gets them so bad she had to wear compression stuff the entire time.  So lots of long flowy skirts for her.


Maybe you just need to be modifying more?  Are you doing the pushups Rx'd?  Pullups?  I'm still doing Rx'd pull-ups but totally on my knees for pushups.  And a 20 min AMRAP AFTER a 2000m row is kind of crazy town, anyway.  We don't do a ton of super long WODs, so that's one thing I appreciate about our programming.  And I keep trying to remember how many benefits I'm getting from it now, but more importantly, how quickly I'll bounce back afterward.  And we ALL have off-days - can't PR every day!  So don't get too down on yourself (but I get it).  


I went today too:



Alternating TABATA

Power Snatch (I did 55lbs)
Pushups (knees)

Sumo Deadlift High Pull (55)
Wall Ball Shots (14)

Man I hate wall balls....

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No workout yesterday, but I walked (chased multiple preschoolers) around an amusement park for 6 hours! I was exhausted.


Hoping to get a real workout in tomorrow and yoga Friday.

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Originally Posted by goin' green View Post

Maybe you just need to be modifying more?  Are you doing the pushups Rx'd?  Pullups?  I'm still doing Rx'd pull-ups but totally on my knees for pushups.  And a 20 min AMRAP AFTER a 2000m row is kind of crazy town, anyway.  We don't do a ton of super long WODs, so that's one thing I appreciate about our programming.



Thanks goin' green!  I am glad to hear that sounds crazy.  I am a huge fan of the really long WODs.  The ones that have like a cap of 40 minutes.  I just like those the best.  I rowed in college too so 2000 m seems like nothing in my mind.  Not in my body, of course! 


I am modifying.  A lot.  I can't do pullups or pushups Rx.  I just had to add another band today :(  I think I just need to listen to my body and appreciate that I am in there! 

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Jend1002, good for you that you made it to crossfit today.  The effort and perseverance counts too, even if one does not get the desired results or the goal.  I am not always able to post, be online because I work full time, but when I read that you do crossfit, I told my husband and he was super excited. After that I share with him your WOD. He is level1certified trainer. He would love me to do crossfit and I just have not made it a priority to start doing it. So, like goin' green said, we all have off-days. For me, I commute to work by bike (8miles each way) and have not been able to swim as much as before.  I used to bike no matter what, but now if there is a storm I just take the train. What I am trying to say is that it can be discouraging when one does not get what one hoped for.  To help me get through those days/weeks I remember this quote "To try, to persevere is to attain final and ultimate victory"

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hug2.gif Thanks anacaro!  I am feeling a bit better today - trying to keep things in perspective.


Today I had a mellow workout at Crossfit:


Sumo Deadlift, 3-3-3-3-3-3-3 reps

Romanian Deadlift, 15-15-15-15-15 reps


I then tried L sits for ab work.  I can't describe them, but man, they are hard!  I couldn't quite get the L! 

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Just took the dog for a quick walk. Other than that, no workout today.

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Just coaching - no workout the last 2 days.  Doing Fran today, which is:






Going Rx'd today.  65lbs thrusters and full pull-ups.  Oy....

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Goin' green - how did the Rx go?  That's tough! 


I worked on snatches and clean and jerks today for a bit then did Helen, which is:


3 rounds for time:

Run 400 m

21 Kettlebell swings

12 pull ups


I started this thread to get ideas for other workouts to do besides Crossfit and I have yet to make the effort to do something else!  Our sweet old dog can no longer go for walks - that was my go-to, twice a day exercise in my last pregnancy.  I had hoped to pick back up with jogging but I don't know - I am not sure it's feeling so good.  I guess I'll stick with what works for now!  I am going to the beach this weekend so maybe a nice long walk/jog in the sand is in order. 

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I survived!  My time was horrible, but I did manage to get through all of it Rx'd, which I was pretty stoked about.  I've done it Rx'd with weight before, but banded pull-ups.  So already an improvement. 


Tomorrow is Isabel.  :-) 30 snatches for time.  WEight is supposed to be 90lbs, but since my max is only 80, that's not happening.  :-)  I'm going to do it with 65lbs. 

I think I'm doing Helen (Rx'd again) in a week and a half.  I'm trying to do as many of the "girls" Rx'd as I can while preggo, so that I can do them again afterward and see how I compare.  Really trying to sick with Rx'd pull-ups all the way through if possible.  I can feel myself getting stronger, but they get SOO much harder a I gain more weight.  I'm almost afraid to weigh myself -I'm thinking  might be up 20lbs already.  

And we're doing Murph on Monday.  Going to try and do it as Rx'd as possible.  Might need to go down at some point, but going to do as much as I can.  Gonna be a hot one too - 93 that day!  I'm glad the coaches are doing it early...

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Goin green - way to improve while pregnant!  That is awesome.  Definitely not happening here!  I wasn't able to do pull ups without a band before getting pregnant and now the weight gain makes it impossible for me.  I am seriously impressed that you have gained 20 pounds and can rip through the pull ups!  But I saw you belly pic and I don't see where 20 lbs would be??  As soon as I am back at it after this baby, my #1 goal is to get kipping pull ups.


Today's workout:


Good Mornings, 4-4-4-4-4-4-4-4 reps (I just used the 45 pound bar)

Then for time:
20 thruster (I did 53 lbs for all)
30 knees-to-elbows
20 back squat
30 GHD situps - I subbed situps on a yoga ball
20 front squat
30 burpees


This was a tough workout but my time wasn't bad at all so I was pretty happy! 

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Am I the only one NOT crossfitting? My "crossfit" workout for the next week.... pack moving box, lift moving box, unpack moving box.... repeat oh about 80 times! Oh and lift the 18lb baby about 200+ times a day, along with walking 1-2 hours a day to keep the cranky babies away!


PS- I got vericose veins on the back of my right knee, which happens to be the knee ive had surgery on twice before. It aches horribly. It looks terrible. I really hope it goes away after the pregnancy. It was almost 90 yesterday and luckily my sister bought me a mid calf length skirt for my bday a few weeks ago. I cant stand looking so HUGE and have vericose veins. Call me vain, but Ive worked really hard to keep my weight gain down this pregnancy since I had l just lost all teh weight from DS#1 after 4 months and it was hard work, so i wasnt too thrilled to be pregnant again so soon. I know I can lose it again, but I know its outside my control with the veins.


Plan for the day: 1 hour hike with the kid in the backpack and the dog, get a lot of work done once the nanny arrives, try to get out to barn to ride my peppy arab mare (boy am I going to be sore tomorrow.. havent ridden in a month because we have been so busy with work, buying a home, remodeling and now moving!).

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activealli, you aren't the only non-cross-fitter!
i work in a coffeeshop, so i'm on my feet (walking back and forth, squatting, lifting, cleaning) for 7-9 hours every other day. we have a little garden (digging, weeding, more squatting) to care for. and i walk my little dog for a bit every day and, on my days off, we either go for long walks (3-5 miles) or jog around on the beach for a while, playing tag (though my belly is starting to dislike the bouncing!). 

i've been slacking off on the yoga - life has been crazy, and i've been using that as a poor excuse not to take half an hour and stretch everything out - but i'll get back to it.


you cross fitters amaze and intimidate me, i've got to say! 

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"Amaze and intimidate"..that's exactly my sentiment! Haha. I'm another non-crossfitter. 3 days ago I walked 2 miles - I had to walk to my kid's school to pick them up, and then walk them home. The walk there was horrible...I was working out some kinks I guess lol. One muscle would hurt, than it would feel better and a different muscle would hurt. And it was 89 degrees. I had a nice cold electrolyte drink with me that helped a lot. I also took a few breaks and sat down on the bus stop benches a few times. I was exhausted but felt very accomplished when we got home! Yesterday, I walked around the lake at a nice shady park. It was roughly a mile total. And today I have plans for the pool and I have to walk to get my kids from school again today - maybe we will get in the pool after the walk home. I also found my prenatal yoga dvd that I used with my last pregnancy, which I am going to start using soon. 

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activealli, teegan, and Worldshakerz - I know the lingo can be a bit much!  I sit on my butt at my desk literally all day so it's what I need to do to get an intense workout quickly.  I am amazed by people that are moving all day long.  That would wear me right out, I am sure. 

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Jend, I would love to try it postpartum - I have read success stories and seen what great results you get with it! I'm more in awe of you all doing this during your pregnancies, it shows you already have a great fitness level. 

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I'll be the first to admit that I would have trouble CrossFitting had I *not* been doing it before.  I mean - you certainly can - it's what I love about CrossFit - ANYTHING is scaleable.  But I get frustrated when I can't do things even now so I think it'd just frustrate me.  We have a guy at our gym that's on his way to 100lbs of weightloss since starting.  Super inspiring stuff.  He obviously wasn't working out then like I work out now, kwim?  But he's made HUGE improvements.  Love seeing the changes people make - so fun!  


A little background on the lingo - some of it is foreign even to us!  I mean - I've lifted before and had still never heard of a thruster, for example (which is just a front squat straight into a press with the barbell).  And there are benchmark workouts in CF that are named after girl names (thus, the "girls".....Annie, Fran, Helen, Isabel, Barbara, etc.) and then there are also hero workouts that are named after fallen soldiers.  For example, we always do "Murph" on memorial day.  It's 1 mile run, 100 pull-ups, 200 pushups, 300 air squats, followed by another 1 mile run.  Every workout is different - that's the beauty of it. You're not training your body to be great at any one thing, but to be good at lots of different things.  

I didn't get to do Isabel after all. :-( I've been solo parenting all week and just couldn't make it for a workout while that was going.  Yesterday I coached for 2 hours and I also painted our foyer in our house.  Was planning on working out tonight, but not sure I'll make it.  And it's going to be HOT here this weekend!

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Yeah, it's hot here - 95 degrees F! I walked two miles though again today, with my cold Powerade to drink lol. About to go to the pool...


Goin Green...thanks for explaining some of the lingo. For the "Murph" - wow did you say 100 pull ups? I can't even do one, lol. 

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No workout for the past week. Ever since I quit my zumba classes I feel huge. I feel bad, jsut not balanced at all. I'm trying to get many dog-walks in but with the kids it's always slow. DD is always behind or DS always ahead..argh. I will try next week and workout a little more. I have got to do something.

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