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yay chap!!!!!


bela, we're having gas issues too, so i may try some of your suggestions tonight!  I eat the bulk of my veggies at night and it really seems to take a toll, but i don't know how else to lose the weight... must. eat. veggies.  anyone have suggestions on which veggies are less aggravating? 


those with older LO's--dd is 3, and is having a lot of trouble adjusting to our new life.  she's acting out all the time, even to the extent of hurting her friends at play dates. I'm struggling with finding the patience and know-how for healing with this... anyone have any suggestions?

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Thinking of you Chap! I hope all is well.


Chiro - I would say that trying to have alone time with your 3 YO is very important. I know it's a struggle but patience is key (I'm sure you know that).  Hopefully she adjusts soon!


AFM - I have 5 red hot spots on one breast. Ouchie!!!!  I've been trying to get DD to nurse them out but it's a strange angle. I'm also applying a hot pad and just took a hot shower. Hopefully they go away before I get sick!


I've been feeling pretty darn good during the day and have been able to get a good amount done but now my lack of sleep is catching up with me.  So I'm taking it easy today and turning a blind eye to the mess!

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Chiro- like adore said, one on one time works wonders for situations like this. Being consistent about telling them that hurting people is not okay and if it continues removing them from the situation. Also to remember that this will not last, give her the love and the time and soon she'll be past this...and into something else. mischievous.gif <--- that angry guy is actually supposed to be a bit silly and sarcastic

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