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G'day to USA

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Hello everyone,

 Gosh, I am not sure where to start....so here goes.   I'm 32 yrs old, I have an awesome supportive husband, and a healthy 4yrs old.  We have not been in the US for about 6 years and travelled quite a bit in the past.   My family lives in Australia and my hubby's family live here in NH. :-)


SAHM is fairly new to me because I have always worked full time - pursuing a career.  I took a year off from work when my son was born and then went back to work.   That was a very interesting period trying to juggle work, motherhood, being supportive to my husband who was in the military, and, whenever my husband is away,  I had to play the father role as well. :-) 

  I think it will take some time for me to settle into SAHM but I look forward to seeing the results from our son. :-)


We are still newbies in NH. Even though my husband grew up here, it has been a long time since he last lived here. 


I have a lot of passion but food is on the top list.  Sometimes my husband complains that it is all I talk about! LOL. I love to cook/bake, eat, try new things and explore new places.  I love yoga, hikes, nature walks, do crafts - sew/kint/crochete.  I am not a wine expert but I love a good wine with good food, or relaxing watching a girlie flick with a glass. :-)


I look forward to meeting everyone :-)


take care.

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nice to meet you! Welcome.gif

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