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Nursing my sweet three year old boy. 

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Willow January February 2012 082.jpgT


This photo I took of our daughter Willow embodies our way of life. This is our bed where we co-sleep this cloth diapered amber teething necklaced amazing person!

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Nursing my toddler  II

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Aug Sept 2011 261.jpg

When we felt it was time for her to start with solid foods we made it by hand from organic foods and only use wooden utensils. All natural

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bw1.jpgReady for a walk!

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newborn portraits


The night she was born

2012-04-08 10.03.24.jpg

First Easter

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March2012 223 - Copy.JPG

Swinging on the tree swing on our farm in the Ergo. -Staci & Eliot

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bw4.jpgGoing for a stroll with dad.

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bw5.jpgFirst movie date with Dad.

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033.JPGHelping my daddy farm !

Helping my Daddy farm our land!

 Top is co sleeping , we have crib attached but need a new one , so this contest wojuld be soooo great !


DSC_0023_edited-1.jpgNursing  my baby boy !!!

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Maternity2.jpgWaiting on the arrival of our 3rd baby, Piper Jane


PiperNewborn7.jpgThen on June 13th 2011 we welcomed the most beautiful gift we could receive.

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D's first halloween...The Three Bears

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The two loves of my life...little Ben & Koen, both magnificent children with a passion for life (and mischief) and both equally excited for their baby brother or sister's arrival...

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snowshoeing in Vt


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 11 week old Sasha getting the garden ready with his daddy!

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Our super big shared bed!

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