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Our little elf-child

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Originally Posted by yummus View Post

How do you vote? Is it just the thumbs up?

Yes. And you can vote for all of your favorites, not just one. :)

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AP makes happy babies



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Our family at 36 weeks. Now we're TTC #2.

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Kanga care is the way to go, good luck Mama and Baby!!!


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This is me nursing my 6 month old just 30 minutes after a knee surgery. i am so thankful for a good support system and some wonderful staff at the hospital to be able to do this!

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Daddy can i help you mow the lawn? Of course! I love a babywearing Dad

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My beautifully diverse personalities

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wolfe april 2008 016.jpgWe had gone to the Pet Expo...Who has a giant snake as a pet? Maybe Wolfgang will. He seemed very interested. BTW the head was way across the table winky.gif


We love all animals and hope to instill that love in our children. Taking care of the earth and all its creatures is very important to us.

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More Wolfe 020.jpg

When it's hot out all you need to be happy and cool is a diaper and well your blankie. Especially if you are rocking cloth and it is funky cheetah print!

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We love to include our kiddos in our passions. Mama and Daddy took our lil Wolfgang to a science fiction convention... his first one. He made that cape himself in a children's costuming workshop. Every kiddo should know the joy of play especially as they grow older. Life is full of joy and you should model that joy for your kiddos!!

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pictures from camera phone 383.jpg

When Mama works nights and Daddy works days, then baby has best of both worlds. Mama comes home to no space in the family bed.

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Daddy & his princess..

baby in the belly and I taking the photo of them..

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playing music makes him so happy!

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never too old to be wornnever to old to be worn

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his favorite spot

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This is my beautiful two year old taking a break from tricycle riding for a "mama snuggle"....helmet and all.

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Naptime at the beach! She's 4 1/2 now and still likes to be carried and snuggled close...

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