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Our family of three (though soon to be four!)

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Just one of my favorite pictures of us. From our wedding in November 2010. Hoping to add another member of the family this year!



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My little girl rubbing my back during a contraction at the birth of her little brother. My husband is watching in the back:)

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My super husband wearing our two week old in the moby while teaching our four year old to knit!

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Serious faces while our little flower faery dances in the back!

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Last one! We are a pirating/ Renaissance Festival family and this is a photo from last season.

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Our fifth homebirthed breastfed baby

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Snowshoeing!  #2 due in October ;)

Snowshoeing just a few days before we found out we're expecting #2 :)

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Snowshoeing just a few days before we found out we're expecting #2 :)IMG_8089.jpg

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My little one in our homemade ring sling made from a girasol wrap.

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There is so much going on in this picture and I love it.  My husband had graduated that very day and we were celebrating with family.  My husband is looking quite proud of himself, I'm pointing to his tassel so you would know what the fuss was all about and my boy is pointing to the photographer (his favorite uncle).  Good times!

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fairy gardens

fairy gardens... homeschool fun for everyone! http://barefootOCmama.blogspot.com

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just a little messy, mama... http://barefootOCmama.blogspot.com

mama, I made a little mess...

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why won't it show my pic?

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If your picture doesn't show up right away it has likely been caught by our spam filter.  We approve these throughout the day, so it should show up shortly.  If you don't see it in 24 hours, please feel free to PM me, or Cynthia Mosher and we can check on it for you.


Don't post again, then we just end up with duplicates.


Staci - it looks like your post didn't upload correctly.  You might try editing your post (button at the bottom of the post with the pencil on it) and deleting and reuploading it. :)

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I looked in the contest/ giveaways etc thread and though there was a link for Arms Reach, it was to their site. Are we supposed to post pics here or the other subforum? ;)

Post your pics to this thread - one pic per post please. :)

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