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off-grid mountain homeschooled siblings playing chess & finger knitting

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10 1/2 years ago, falling in love with my second child

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Last August, single mama with two amazing attachment parented kids.

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My Mother/ My Best Friend lost her battle with cancer last year, before she could see me pregnant. I am now pregnant with twins and I think it's because of her help. Mothers day will no longer be sad for me when I have my babies, I will always miss my mother on Mother's Day but having my own family will help ease some of the pain. mom.jpg

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Too good not to share......."Mummy, I paint my nails" OH MY!!

crayola washable marker smeared over face........washable marker smeared over face!

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Enjoying that amazing moment when my baby started smiling at me!

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This has to be the best way to take a nap!!

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my 3 month old daughter with her great grandma! 

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Wyatts Birth 293.JPG

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Wyatts Birth 612.JPG



My midwife embracing me through a contraction, minutes before the birth of my fourth child.

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Wyatts Birth 620.JPG


My son, Wyatt Sylvester!  March 3rd, 2012.  

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Meeting the new kids (goat kids, that is)!


Goat babies have the softest ears!

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Kids in a bucket...

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Drawing with Dr. Zaius (the cat)

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Last summer... learning to wash off the mud off before lunchtime!

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Me and my babe on my b-day last year

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B and Papa hospital.jpg


This is the last one, and where we actually started two years ago!  We are hoping with our next one (due around Halloween) for a HBAC, since we had to transfer last time... 

I love looking at all of the beautiful families and having the opportunity to share our photos as well.  Cheers!

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DSC_0741.jpgJustin 4 days old.

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Mother with newborn

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