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meeting my first baby


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noah pool3 sm.JPG

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Just moments after my 2nd daughter Olive was born at home on January 5th 2012


Photo Credit: www.kamburgeyphotography.com

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Photo1 (2).jpg

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Seconds after I delivered my hbac baby  <3



Nursing my newborn and cuddling with my almost 4-yr-old



My girls (baby is in a Flip diaper)



Babywearing at my 4-yr-old's wheel-a-thon



My husband and daughter next to where we had just planted her placenta

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Seems several of my family and friends have been trying to vote and it says they have exceeded their limit to and to try later. They haven't been able to vote at all. I tried sending messages but no replies. Please pm me how to fix this and why it is not allowing them to vote.

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This was about 2 hours before our second homebirth. Note the cloth diapers on our daughter, and the tiara I'm wearing during labor. lol Incidentally, Sara was born unassisted a few feet from this spot in our library 2 years and 5 months before. :)  IMG_2082.JPG

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Moments after our son was born in our hallway. Our second homebirth! Third child. :)IMG_2203.JPG

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Hammock snack.chihammock.jpg

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Tandem nursingMVC-396F.JPG

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My 5 year old checking on her new siblings heart beat at our Midwife appointment yesterday!

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My husband, myself, and my daughter at our Wedding ; ) 

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Our daughter was acting up one day and my husband randomly grabbed all of her stuffed animals and turned to me and said, "We're having a tea party!"


This is what I found outside a few minutes later :)



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