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Cloth diapering a newborn

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I'm planning to cloth diaper using mostly pocket & all in 2 diapers (I have a bunch of Alva's on the way, several Charlie Banana's, and a few BumGenius 4.0 and FuzziBunz one size). 


Since I know those likely won't fit a newborn, I've been trying to decide what to do about newborn diapers.  I currently have 1 newborn AIO, 3 Charlie Banana size XS (which should be newborn sized), and 4 newborn prowraps that were given to me by my cousin who bought them and ended up not cloth diapering (though nothing to stuff them with yet).  I'm debating about whether it's worth the extra money to buy fitted diapers to go under the wraps (I was thinking Kissaluvs), or whether I should just go for prefolds, which would obviously be cheaper!  While I like the idea of having mostly AIO style diapers, I don't think I can justify spending another huge chunk of change on newborn diapers when I have no idea how long he'll be in them. 


For those who have used prefolds and wraps on newborns, any tips on what brand & size you liked?  Or are they just enough of a pain to make it worth it to spring for fitted dipes? 

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I used BG4.0s with DS at one week old, as soon as the cord fell off.  He was 8 pounds at the time.  It's possible to use them on newborns!

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I ordered JUST infant-size pre-folds (since they can be folded to fit a newborn anyway).


If you're just buying time until your stash fits I'd do either 'sposies for a few weeks or NB pre-folds.


Personally, I love the ease and simplicity of pre-folds (and having a stream-lined stash...i.e. just pre-folds, not a bunch of random brands and sizes). Pre-folds on a newborn are super easy. I opted for infant-sized since I have to be cost-conscious and couldn't spend a lot, but they can easily be folded to fit your newborn. In your case, since you have a decent stash in other sizes you could certainly get away with just ordering a couple dozen new born pre-folds.


I like the Bummis covers (again, I just got small, not newborn) and have also gotten a few Thirsties Duos to try.


I ordered from here and they have reviews if you want to check out covers. The cloth pre-folds themselves, I don't think you'll really find much variation on (aside from bleached/un-bleached, newborn/infant/"premium" ...apparently there are shorter "better fit" sizes which don't require any folding-down, but personally, I like the flexibility/grow-ability that the regular infant pre-folds have....fold to fit smaller, don't fold and they'll last forever) http://www.caterpillarbaby.com/cloth-diapers.html


Clear as mud?  For me, the price difference between a pre-fold (~$2.25) vs. a fitted (~$12) vs. an AIO ($25+) makes pre-folds a no-brainer, but I know everyone has different ressources to work with and different things they want for their cloth diapering system. So, I vote NB pre-folds!

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We diapered DS in prefolds from day-1 and found it really easy.  He was smalller-average (7.3) and we had no trouble making the infant size from greenmountaindiapers.com fit him.  For the meconium we did lay the disposable g-diaper inserts over the prefolds to avoid the tar hassle :) and I know a ton of cloth diaperers who use sposies until the true poo comes in.  There are some great biodegradable, no-chem sposies out there.  Don't be afraid of prefolds though, both DH and I love them-- They're easy to clean & use and cost effective.  If you do order a few, they won't go to waste if you don't end up liking them...they make AWESOME burp cloths and general clean-up cloths.

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We diapered DD in prefolds and the very occasional fitted from day 1. She did fine. We used green mountain diapers prefolds and thirsties covers. No issues! I actually love prefolds so much!!! I am going to be using the workhorse diapers from GMD this time around though--I'm determined to use all wool covers and I think fitteds will be easier so I don't have to constantly rinse poo out of my wool. I would totally offer to send you my NB prefolds if I didn't have another friend with dibs on them.


ETA: I also think, washing-wise, that prefolds are easier on the beginner cloth diaperer. Natural fibers are much less likely to hold a stink. I HATED my few bumgenius b/c they started to stink way quicker than my cotton prefolds. I'd also stick to covers w/ snaps because the aplix, I found, pills easily and wears out, even if you religiously follow washing instructions. I always air-dried mine and still had issues.

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With DS I used infant prefolds and newborn prowraps from day one and loved the combo. I also love prefolds, they are very versatile, easy to wash and strip if needed (you can boil them) they dry much faster then fitteds, you can use them as doublers in nighttime diapers on older babies/toddlers and they make excellent rags/clean up cloths (I can soak up a whole cup of spilt liquid in a few seconds with a prefold and no drips!) plus they are cheap.


I do have to say that I do like fitteds/AIO/Pocket diapers for the older squirmy babies and toddlers as they are just a touch faster to use and a bit easier for grandma to use then the prefolds. Also I love using wool and tend to use wool a lot more once baby starts eating more solids and the poo gets more solid (hate washing poo out of my wool)


Anyway for this baby I have been collecting some used stuff over the months and have a couple of kissaluv newborn fitteds, some size one mother-ease bamboo fitteds which are an adjustable diaper, a bunch of various one size fitteds and pockets (left over from DS). I picked up about 8 infant prefolds and had ordered 6 new newborn prefolds and 3 newborn prowarps a few small covers and had knit a pair of longies and a pair of shorties. Then I stumbled upon a bummis infant kit unused with 3 extra newborn sized covers at my local consignment store that she wanted $75 for (I had a $25 credit there so it only cost me $50) It came with 24 infant sized organic unbleached prefolds, 6 small covers, a big wet bag, 2 rolls of flushable liners, 6 reusable fleece liners and the bonus 3 newborn covers! I was very excited biggrinbounce.gif


Anyway I say go with some infant sized prefolds!

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Thanks for all of the tips about using prefolds with infants!  It's reassuring to hear that it worked well, and wasn't overly stressful in the beginning.  I just sent an email to my local homebirth collective and our freecycle to see if I can buy (or pick up) some used prefolds that way, but if that doesn't work out it sounds like Green Mountain diapers have worked for some of you?

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i love green mountain diapers. their prefolds are awesome esp for the right fit. i have them in the red edge. i have infant size from bummis and dont like how the fit width wise. so this time i made some newborn size from old tshirts and flannel. i have washed them several times and find that they take longer to dry.... but i also have recieved a bunch of old style prefolds. the thin ones. they will work perfect for a newborn. plus several flats which are also awesome for a newborn. i plan on  making some newborn wraps and have some on backorder at a local diaper store. for infant i have the bummis pfs and small wraps. after that i have a stash of aios from babylove and the red edge prefolds with bummis wraps. 


i prefer the aplix closure. i find i get a better fit for my skinny babies that way. i do end up having to replace to aplix after awhile and they do have a habit of catching each other even with laundry tabs on them. i like snaps better bc of that but i cant get a good enough fit on the  legs and waist with them.

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Does anyone have any tips on how to fold the newborn prefolds?  We dabbled in cloth with DD1 when she was 6 months but they were fuzzibunz and other system-type diapers. can you tell I'm a cloth newbie love.gif  For financial and environmental reasons we are planning to do full cloth for DD2 this time around.  Mostly prefolds and a few others that I've sewn.  I ordered some newborn size from greenmountain and larger sizes from another MDC mama.


Any other tips would be appreciated :) \m/

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There are actually some great demo videos on youtube on folding prefolds. it is pretty easy and there are a few different folds depending on whether you are pinning or using snappis. If you are using a cover with Velcro or snaps if you get a nice snug fit then you can just fold the diaper into thirds and lay in into the cover and just do up the cover. Anyway check out you tube for some visuals (so thankful for all those mamas and dadas out there who post vids on youtube) I have learned most of my wrap carries that way as well!

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...although I orient my "basic fold" the other way (i.e. the absorbant middle strip running up and down length-wise)


...and oddly enough use none of those folds. I fold the back edge down about3 inches, then bring the front together so it's the width of that absorbant middle strip.

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i bought the bummis the first time and found that if you just fold them in thirds and lay them in the wrap then you will need a new wrap for every change bc it gets poop all over it. maybe my babies are super poopers but i wanted to be able to make it through a day without using all my wraps. i prefer to use a snappi to fit the diaper on the baby bc the wrap. the dipe will then hold in the poop and maybe keep the wrap clean for another use. 




it will depend on the prefold you have, how thick it is, how long and wide it is, etc. you will have to experiment with these different ways to find one that works best for you. that is what i did. what i ended up using for my girls was like the newspaper fold. i just put the dipe under the butt with the absorbent part going through the legs. make sure the edge is at the waist where the wrap will cover. then i fold in the sides (and let the butt hold the back open) tuck up between the legs ,  maybe spread out the top a little if it needs it then attach the snappi. then i put in the wrap, making sure all the dipe is tucked in to the wrap. most of the time the poop stays in the diaper, esp when they are littler. diarrhea will stay in the wrap but not the diaper. i always put the wrap on real snug (but not too snug iykwim?) never had a blow out that way. always contained. but you will figure out what works for you. 

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I bought one size fits all covers from BuBuBibi, and now, after reading this from you ladies, plan to buy some GMD prefolds. Do I NEED snappis, or not?

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Nope, you don't need snappis if you're using a cover.


When I started EC'ing DS and going without a cover, that's when I bought snappis.

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No Snappis are not a requirement unless you are using wool that is not designed as a cover with velcro or snaps. Also you can use pins. I actually love using pins more then snappis but DH is afraid of pins. I have these great curved diaper pins with a locking head that I really like. Oh also if you are using a cover without pins or snappis I found that if I opened the back of the tri-fold in the cover it did contain those runny BF poops better.

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i do not put a dipe on unless i have snappied it. before putting on a wrap or cover. i can not stand just putting it in the wrap and leaving it like that. my kids dont like it that way either. 

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I RARELY used prefolds without a snappi. I think I'm going to try the new BOINGO fasteners this time, though. They seem a little "safer" and my DD will probably be very involved in diapering time for her baby brother.

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Maybe it's just because DS was little, but I had to snappi with him too--  I got the infant, not newborn, size and did the twist method (where you fold the dipe, fan out the back a little, then do a half turn twist with the dipe and then fan out the front a little) so it would have come undone without the snappi.  I couldn't get the hang of pins, but I really disliked snappis without covers because the lower one always snagged me.  We ended up taking the teeth out of most of the lower tabs-- problem solved.  When he got big enough that the twist was no longer needed, he had gotten wiggly enough to still need the snappi-- lol. 

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i had to look up the boingo. i had never heard of it before. http://www.boingobaby.com/#!about


same thing as a snappi only it only goes on the sides like pins. it got me to thinking if it would be better for a boy. do the bottom grips on a snappi hurt little boys?

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Originally Posted by LionessMom View Post

i had to look up the boingo. i had never heard of it before. http://www.boingobaby.com/#!about


same thing as a snappi only it only goes on the sides like pins. it got me to thinking if it would be better for a boy. do the bottom grips on a snappi hurt little boys?


DS never complained about the snappi. I looked up the boingo too then ordered some just because I am a sucker for new cloth diaper stuff and they look cute :)

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