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Yes, my back was so achy yesterday. 


Today I'm beyond exhausted.


Yeah, every time I get up in teh night I have to get water. So that adds to me having to get up.


And I'm snoring.  Enough that my husband mentioned it to me this morning and he usually doesnt.  That's with nasal strips and Vicks.  LOL

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Originally Posted by LilyTiger View Post

intime0, the weirdest thing for me is that the persistent peeing I had in the first trimester (peeing 2x a night) has died away.  I don't get up at all at night now, but I'm still drinking quite a bit and I'm not dehydrated or anything.  It's weird.  I would expect that my bladder would be more squished and therefore more crazy than it was a few months ago, but apparently that's not the case.


I had a scare this morning.  When I woke up I realized that the baby wasn't moving as it usually is and it was oddly quiet last night too.  I waited for some movement, tried to squish it, and nothing worked.  DH brought me a cold cup of water, which eventually got a kick, but it was really scary there for about half an hour.  No movement at all.  Now it's moving around, enjoying my pancakes from earlier.  I guess I have no real gauge on what normal movement is for these little things.  We get on a schedule and then the little bean just decides to sleep in one day.  Scary.

I woke up more to pee in the first trimester too, which seems weird since the baby is bigger now.  Also, about the movement in the morning, before B left for work this Monday he was apparently laying in bed just feeling the baby move for a while before he said goodbye, I was sleeping.  When he finally kissed me goodbye he told me that Quinn was moving all around in there, but I had not even felt it, so maybe your LO is just dancing around while you're sleeping.  It is funny, I do the pokey thing too, and I wonder if she's ever like, "gah, what, I'm trying to sleep in here."


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Sol, so happy that you're in such a great place. That's awesome! I have a funny reaction when I hear a baby crying, I always think its so cute. Is that terrible? There's definitely an urge to cuddle and coo but it just makes me giggle a little, too. Go figure. Maybe it'll come in handy when my newborn is screaming. 2whistle.gif



I think it is cute too, especially if they are really, really small babies.


AFM,  I will most likely be largely absent from the forum for the next month as I study for my final section of the CPA exam.  I have my first midwife appointment today with my new midwife, so no work today, but I will pop back on and let you all know how it went.  Headed out to the pool and then to the appointment, and then I will have an extra half day to study.  Fun stuff.

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Hello newmumjoy!! Yes I am on antibiotics for my bladder infection and have been feeling much better, thank you so much for asking!
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LilyTiger, I hope your anxiety lessens and that you have good news about the gd test.Sorry about your scare! I had a few quiet Sundays in a row, which was freaky, but this Sunday he was really active. It helps me to have the fetoscope, although if he changes position drastically I can't find him but can usually hear something going on inside. 

We have a ton of stuff to get done, but I am also looking forward to when dh is off work in July and August to take charge of the house issues. He's also got to recaulk the guest bathroom, which I think he can do on a weekend. I have a few major work projects to get under control in the coming months and need to focus seriously so that my leave is not stressful.


I hope your pain gets under control, ithappenedhug2.gif, it sounds miserable. 


Wyogirl, glad you had a nice weekend. 


Sol, that's interesting about your reaction to crying; I haven't noticed much of a visceral reaction on my part, yet. I do seem to be seeing and encountering more babies and children lately, but I think it has to do with then being on my radar now, and me going to places I did not usually frequent.


Intime0, I'm still getting up to pee at night (and feed the cat), but I drink a ton of water. I have noticed that I wake up quite a bit during the night, but it's not really insomnia, just happens every time I hear the cat or shift position. I hope my body is practicing being in a semi conscious state for baby. I haven't really noticed any extreme fatigue during the day because of it, and I'm still not drinking coffee.


LeAnn, the trip sounds like something to look forward to; hopefully it will help you leave your funk behind.


I noticed aimee's absence a few weeks ago, and just hope that it means she's really busy.


NewmumJoy, so exciting about your new purchases! I've noticed some more back che/pain lately, too, sorry you are dealing with that. I am not so much hormonal and crying, but I dad have a resurgence in hunger at 5 am lately. 


Veritas it sounds like you have a great day planned. I hope the exam prep goes really well!


AFM, today is my shower at work, so it will be interesting to see how that goes. I don't expect a huge turnout and, after an initial flurry on our babies-r-us registry, there has been no action on our registries. We will see if that means people despised what we put on the registries or if there will be few gifts. A couple colleagues said they'll send stuff later and I've heard from some people who have hand-me-down things they want to give us Tomorrow we start natural childbirth classes, which I'm looking forward to. Next week is my gd test and updated bloodwork.

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rebecca, your weekend sounds amazing! That's a great way to celebrate your anniversary. Good luck w your busy week!

NewMumJoy, I'm glad you guys have figured out a good system for amassing your baby essentials. I love the post-shopping review! :) Inspecting all the new gear and imagining the LO that will soon bring it all to life. Love it!


Thanks for all the support mamas! Penny, I do notice it more while I'm alone. Unfortunately, that's most of the time right now. It helps if I keep myself busy, so I'm all about projects. I haven't talked to my MW about it. I don't think it's that serious at this point, just a bit of a slump. I'll probably mention it at my next appt, just to put it out there. I'm also really trying to keep my expectations/internal dialogue positive. Sometimes the little things can run away with me. Ithappened, my sleep is BAD. Its been tough to get to sleep, my mind just doesn't stop and I sleep so lightly. I sleep better when I can read until I'm tired but DH gets up so early I can't really read in bed for long. So yeah, the sleep is a factor but I kind of think it's related to the whole hormonal situation. For the most part, I've been sleeping well except for a few of these anxious periods. They also seem to coincide w growth spurts. Thanks again, you guys are great!


I'm busting out the summer clothes today and putting away everything that is out for the duration. I'm curious to see what kind of maternity wardrobe I can cobble together, my wearable options are slowly disappearing. My MIL & SIL are sending me some goodies, too. I'm so excited to see what they picked! :) I hope everyone's week is perking up. Good luck to everyone with big projects in the works/coming to a close!

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Andaluza Im curious what you get at your shower! My DS1 shower I got about 85% things not on my registry and thus about 85% things I could not use..


LeAnn regarding sleep- have you tried changing locations? After a solid week or so of insomnia I finally tried sleeping on the futon couch last night and found I was able to quickly fall asleep even if I woke up a bunch, it was better then my usual tossing and turning from 11pm until 3am. . .

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Andaluza, how'd the shower go?  What'd you get?

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Andaluza, can't wait to hear about the shower!  And I'm seriously tempted by the fetoscope, but I'm hoping the little bugger gets more consistently active so I just don't have to worry about it.


LeAnn, I am so with you on the summer clothes.  My winter dress coat was hanging on by one button toward the end of last week.  I cannot wait for sandals, comfy skirts, and tank tops.  That's all I'm wearing until I push this baby out.  I hope your slump gets better.  I've had a few "flat" periods where I sort of tell myself I'm happy but don't really feel it.  But then I have days I feel fantastic.  It's a weird thing.


wyogirl, glad you're feeling better!  It must have been scary. 


ithappened, how's it hanging?  I hope you get some relief from your... ahem... issues soon.  That really really sucks.  Did you have them with DS or is this just a twin thing?


AFM, I heard back about my GD test and it was normal! As were my Rh+ antibodies and my hemoglobin (a little low, but normal for this stage), so I'm relieved that everything seems to be on target.  I have my regular doc appt tomorrow for heartbeat and measurement stuff and then I go back in two weeks for my 28 week Rhogam shot.  It is completely insane that we're almost at 28 weeks!  I'm freaking out.


The Fetus also made up for the lack of kicking early in the week by beating a symphony on my belly in the middle of my Women in Politics lecture, which made it very hard not to smile.  It really seems like the students should notice the ruckus, but I suppose it's well insulated.

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Andaluza, you should totally start a baby showers thread! I'd be interested to hear about everyone's showers and see if pics if they are available :)


VV, good luck with your midwife and your CPA exam, we'll miss having you around more! :) I'm probably the opposite, once school is out May 17, I'll probably be hanging around the chat threads more and more.


Leann and Ithappened, I'm sorry you guys have been having an off week. :( There is a LOT to think about. Hope things start looking up.


Lily, so glad you had a good GD screen result, one less thing to worry about. Mine is a week from Saturday. I love the baby kicking while you're lecturing :)


Was it in last weeks thread you guys were talking about babies having quiet days? I was getting really scared yesterday because I was kind of crampy and was trying to poke, prod or shake the baby awake. No luck. S/he then woke up on hir own an hour or so later. Ha, that'll show you, mama!

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LeAnn, how did the summer wardrobe assembly go? I live in skirts in the summer and was sad to find that some that I thought would fit me don't go over my hips anymore!!! It's actually pretty funny because dh always said I never had hips, so now I most certainly do, at least more than I had before! 


LilyTiger: if you have an iphone I just heard about this app: http://www.mybabysbeat.com/faq.html It should be more innocuous than the doppler, since it just uses the microphone from the iphone and instructs you to turn the phone to plane mode. The sound is not as good as the fetoscope, at least judging from the video, but it's pretty cheap! I am addicted to the fetoscope, though. I listen to the heartbeat every morning. Dh has fun with it, too. 


Boots, orange juice or related products (like actual oranges) really seems to wake up my little one. I take for granted that he likes the fruit, hence the reaction, but was just wondering the other day--what if it's that he reacts because he thinks its yucky?

Maybe I'll start a thread on showers tomorrow am. We'll see how early I get up, because some of the stuff would be fun to photograph!


So, it was great! I was a little uncomfortable reveling in gifts, especially with people from work, but everyone oohed and ahhed over the cute stuff, and I think those that aren't into that sort of thing just stayed away. Some people I didn't expect to participate did, others I did who were absent, and still others who showed up but let me know they wanted to get me something a little later. I work with some people from cultures that celebrate the baby after birth, which I totally understand! I suggested a meet the baby party in the fall as a possibility, but the organizers preferred to do it this way. Most of the gits showed the personality of the colleague who bought them and we mostly got cute clothes and very little from the registries. Dh was super excited to see the gifts, too (he is one who takes pictures of cute baby stuff when we are in the stores). All in all, it was touching and I loved seeing people excited about the baby, We now need a place to store this stuff, though! Everything is piled on the bed of the guest room/future child's room.

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Just a quick check-in: I met with the midwife, she was uber tired as she had attended a birth the night before, so I tried to keep that in mind.  I really connected with her the first time I met with her, but she was definitely a bit out of it.  I ended up feeling bad for my choice of sugary cereals, which she told me I had to stop eating if I didn't want to have an issue with sugar in the future, but all my levels were fine...if I eat healthy most of the time, I don't see the harm in a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch....  eat.gif  Other than that, baby is measuring right on target, 23cm (I think cm) and she said my due date is 8/28, not 8/29.

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Quick check in because I'm procrastinating horribly about starting my work. 


Had my appointment this morning.  Baby's heartbeat was a nice 145 and I'm measuring at 28 weeks, so two weeks ahead (really only about 1.5 weeks actually).  We had a big growth spurt since 22 weeks (measuring 23 weeks then), which I apparently didn't notice.  Or maybe that was that really exhausted week... must check preggo journal.  At any rate, I just love my doctor so much, I want to squish her all the time.  She's just so freaking motherly.  Anyway, very exciting.  I still have stupid Rhogam shot to deal with, but other than that I think I'm done with all the annoying testing (GD, etc).  YAY!  Ok, sorry to bore you guys with constant updates.  I just really really really don't want to grade or work on this chapter, which are the two things I'm supposed to do today.  Blech. 

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Good luck w/your summer wardrobe LeAnn!  Always fun to put together a new look, esp. when it comes to showing off your precious bump!  I have some summer dresses that I put aside early this year thinking they would work really well w/this preggo belly but it's still toooooo cold here to wear them yet (40 degrees today, ugh!!)  I'm afraid by the time it warms up enough, I'll be too big to wear them at all...  :O


Andaluza - so nice to hear about your shower!  It's fun to see your stash of baby things growing.... enjoy all your new gifts!


VV and LilyTiger - great to hear that your appointments went well and it's wonderful that you have great relationships with your MW/Doc (despite the sleep deprivation, which is certainly excusable!)  Good luck with your studying/exam VV and with your grading/work/writing LilyTiger!

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NewMumJoy - whereabouts are you?? I'm an hour from Guelph, Ontario and it's been way too cold for skirts/dresses. 

I've been having this huge hate on my maternity wardrobe, I have plenty of warm weather things to wear OUT but not much for around the house/farm. I keep making fun of my self, telling DH that I'm a walking fashion statement (I have to tuck my t-shirt and baggy sweatshirt INSIDE this one pair of mat. pants that I hate so they're designated barn pants, but I end up looking like steve Urkle with a preggo belly lol!).  It's finally warm this week, I have plenty of tank tops that are stretchy, and I finally picked up some shorts so this should help my morale!


Andaluza - your shower sounds fun! It is so nice to be surrounded with people who are excited about the coming baby :) and to start nesting/stocking up for baby too!



I'm a little jealous of you who have a good relationship with your mw/Dr. 


Baby has been super busy all the time, circumstances dictate that I'm on the go a LOT with the farm, so pretty much any time I sit or lay down, baby starts up, does lots of somersaults, kicks, punches :) it's really cool! 

Oh and it likes Turtles ice cream....I say it's forcing me to eat it, really! lol

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I've had a tough week greensad.gif My grandfather passed away on Saturday after a sudden brain hemorrhage on Friday. My mom generously offered to pay for my trip home for the funeral on Wedbesday and I get 3 paid days off work, so I left on Tuesday. I took Amtrak to the Baltimore airport, and on the way we came across the aftermath of a commuter train hitting a pedestrian, which was pretty horrifying. I made it home ok but started getting allergies/a cold that night and spent the rest of my time there feeling kinda miserable. But the funeral service was very nice and I got to spend time with my family, which I enjoyed. On the flight back to Baltimore, my left ear started hurting and now it is plugged up and has a whooshing sound pretty much constantly. Based on prior experience this could last 5 days and I just wish I could catch a break!

I feel like I've barely been able to enjoy being pregnant for the past week because I've been focused on my own misery. I know that's a luxury I won't have once the baby's here and I don't know how I'll survive when I get sick or have something bad happen and I need to take care of him.
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elethia, hugs!  So sorry about your grandfather.  Do you have a health store nearby?  They sell some awesome homeopathics. I used them on my 6 year old about 2 years ago and any time her ear starts hurting she remembers that ONE time we got those drops.  I think I even got them from Walmart. I hope you feel better.

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My sympathies, eleuthia. Take good care of yourself. I am sure necessity will take over when we are sick with infants, you have enough to worry about now.

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elethia hug2.gif I'm sorry, that sounds like a lot all at once :(

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eleuthia - I'm so sorry about your Granfather. I hope you can have a peaceful and relaxing weekend. Feel better! Hugs to you.


VV & Lilytiger - Good to hear that your appts went well and everything is on track!


Andaluza & NewMum, the summer sorting went pretty well. I fit into more of my dresses (far now) than I expected. I have quite a few sundresses with empire waists that will fit me for a while yet. I'm sure that the supply is going to get pretty slim by the last month or so. It was funny to see how different my 'sexy' little sundresses looked with a big belly filling them out! Lol. DH said its all about the attitude...that may be but I'm finding it really hard to feel anything close to sexy these days. I also found a few tops I had forgotten about which was a nice surprise. I'm excited to wear clothes I feel good in after living in yoga pants and jeans held closed by a hair tie for the past couple of months! Needless to say, all shorts/pants are out. It was a bit scary to realize how much my hips have grown, trying to pull up shorts that typically slide right on and now don't get past my thighs. blush.gif A few pairs of leggings/maternity jeans are definitely in order, that and bras. I'm down to one decent one. Any suggestions for nursing bras that aren't huge and hideous would be much appreciated!

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Veritas, great about the measurements!  If you eat well the rest of the time, I don't think the cereal should affect you so much. I would be more concerned about things like sugary drinks with no nutritional value at all. We had our first natural childbirth class last night and the teacher did recommend that we all act as though we had gd for the final weeks of pregnancy, which was interesting. I guess her position was that by the end our hormones and metabolism affect our bodies the most, but I bet it's also harder to focus on making good meals with the distraction of impending birth and we need to be reminded of it.


LilyT, so glad that your visit went well and all results are normal. I have my gd test on Tuesday and after the leftover cake from my shower this am, I am planning on eating healthy, clean, and lots of protein for the weekend and beginning of the week.


Newmum, sorry about the weather. But, look on the bright side, where I am we are more than double that now and, while you will be basking in perfect springlike weather in early August, enjoying the outdoors with your baby, I will be cursing the sun and stuck inside after 9 am.


Tizzy, glad that you're able to expand your maternity wardrobe a little!


Eleuthia, that is a lot to go through, I am so sorry. Be gentle with yourself.


LeAnn, sorry you are dealing with the hips thing, too. I appreciate all my body is doing to prepare for this baby, but I am certainly looking into belly and hip binding post partum, since I really will not be able to afford having to buy a whole new wardrobe. I suppose I was lucky to make it to 35 and still be able to mix into my wardrobe the professional clothes I bought at the beginning of grad school, but I worry that my days of sparse budgeting for clothing may be over soon.


Any great weekend plans for anyone?

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