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So I got the blood work back from my Doc appointment earlier this week- you guys were right!! The ice cravings were due to a severe anemia. I am hoping the anemia is also to explain for my lack of total energy the last month or so. ..?



Any great weekend plans for anyone?

My sister is coming tomorrow joy.gif very last minute and will be here until Friday next week. The timing is perfect since DH is leaving Monday evening for 4 days and I could really use the help doing the 4 mile (walk) to childcare drop off with DS1 without a car and walking/running the hyper beast dog.. !


I am hoping we can do some hikes during the day, the weather has been perfect lately for that.

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ithappened, that's awesome that your sister is visiting!  Mine just left, so I'm feeling particularly sensitive about sisterly love this week.  Very exciting!  And good thing to know about the anemia.  That probably explains a lot of what you've been struggling with.  Are you supplementing now? 

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lily - yeap the doc put me on iron supplements right away... I am guessing/hoping this explainsthe energy/dizzy spells and rapid heartbeats Ive had the last month.. we will see.

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Hello everyone!! This is my first weekly chat post....I think. I'd like to get more involved in the conversations!

I'm 27 weeks today!! and just had my 26 week check up with my midwife a few days ago. I measured 26 cm so right on track. I have to take my GD test next week, as well as get my Rhogam shot.


The midwife practice I'm going to is the same I delivered my son with - you do all your check ups at their cozy office but then you labor and deliver in the hospital and they come there to be with you. Granted, the hospital where I am at is practically a birth center - no nursery for the infants, very pro-breastfeeding and natural labor etc. When I had my son with them there were 3 women midwives, through out your pregnancy you met each one, so whoever was on call for your birth you would know them. Now they're up to 6 midwives and its a bit overwhelming. I did consider doing a home birth for this baby b/c for the last birth I did AWESOME when I was at home (was up to 6cm dialated at home and not really in any significant pain yet), and then my body stopped dialating but kept contracting when I got to the hospital -- 27 hours later he was born. For this one I'm gonna try to stay home as long as possible, but I think I am gonna stay with hospital birth for the sole reason that I need the help/care in the 2 or 3 days after I deliver and I don't think I'll get that at home.


I'm feeling good, could be eating a bit better, and like most of you I have a whole list of things to get and projects to complete that is leaving me feeling anxious. This pregnancy I have had very few "symptoms" except one -- HUGE nesting instinct!!! dishes.gifhang.gif

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I look around my house and wish my nesting instinct would kick in more often.  It does at the oddest times though.  We have a housekeeper who is about is disorganized as I am organized. One night I was putting something away in the cabinet and saw how disorganized she had it.  DH had already taken the kids upstairs to get them ready for bed and there I was organizing and entire drawer/cabinet.  LOL> 


Is there anyone else who is still really tired? Is it my age????

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thanks for the kind words, ladies. i took the day off work because i feel pretty lousy (& i slept through my three alarms and woke up an hour late, which seemed like a sign) so i slept most of the day and i feel a little better now. i'm coughing up some nasty, thick green gunk, and i bet the baby is like "who is this weird husky-voiced replacement who keeps rattling me awake? bring back mom!" fortunately, he's still been moving around throughout the day, so it seems like he's doing ok in there.  

my ear is still plugged up - it helps to rest it on a microwave heating pad every once in awhile, and fortunately my balance is unaffected, but i might send my partner out for ear drops tomorrow. 

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Is there anyone else who is still really tired? Is it my age????


I'm 31 and I have one of the most active DS I have ever witnessed- so I am not sure if its my pregnancy/twins, or having my DS running laps around me every night (literally) who never stops moving.. or some combination of them but I feel like if I could get comfortable enough to sleep, I would sleep literally for days..  this pregnancy I am exhausted. I go out for a bike ride for an hour and I'm pretty much on the couch the rest of the day.

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Intime0 I have been tired too lately. I am 26 weeks pregnant and I have felt great up until about 2 weeks ago, and i have been so tired. I have. 2 year old son who wakes up at 6 in the morning and that has not bothered me at all, until, like I mentioned, 2 weeks ago......I think it is the stage of my pregnancy, but not sure lol. HowbfAr along are you?
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I've been exhausted this whole week, too.  I'm 29 so I don't think it's age.  I hope it's just a phase or weather related, because I'd like to get out and back to regular walks.


Despite my lack of nesting instinct I'm going to have to do some major work this week.  The Volunteers of America are coming by to pick up donations and it's also my city's spring cleanup where the city picks up practically anything you leave at the curb.  So people take the opportunity to get rid of big items they don't want but don't want to haul somewhere, and don't fit in the city trash bags.  My mom has a bunch of junk in our garage and storage shed that she says she'll get rid of so we can have some more room and hopefully park a second car (when we get one).

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eleuthia: hugs mama, sorry about all the troubles and loss.  hope you feel better soon.


wow, I am so tired this pregnancy. I am 25 weeks. And my dd is almost 2, so picking her up has been a challenge. I could sleep for a long time too, even with discomforts!

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I'm so sorry everyone is having such a tough time with exhaustion.  Has everyone had their iron levels checked (a la ithappened?).  I was just thinking how much energy I've had so far and then immediately fell asleep for a three hour nap.  Soooooo, I'm not sure my lack of exhaustion is real or whether my schedule just lets me sleep.  A lot.


In other news, I've been kicked out of my house while DH installs hardwood floor and resins and stains and sands and polyurethanes, none of which I should be around.  I helped him move furniture out of the living room this morning and then fled to my parents' house.  Unfortunately, he also agreed to watch his cousin's dog this weekend too, so now we have four dogs that we have no idea what to do with because they can't come into the house and my dad would kill me if I brought them over.  So they're sitting in our yard looking confused and knocking over my pots.  The loaner dog is also a serious whiner, so I woke up about 2 hours earlier than usual this morning to her whining outside the door.  I'll be glad to get away from that chaos for one night, I admit.  DH helpfully pointed out that I could weed the yard while he works in the house.  I made a face and offered to deliver him breakfast instead.  The yard really needs wedding though.  :(


eleuthia, feel better!  Sounds pretty gross.  Hopefully it passes soon.  I used to get ear infections all the time, but unfortunately there's no real advice to offer.  Tylenol for pain and heating pads, which you're already doing.  hug.gif

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eleuthia, I had the same thing as you in the end of March. The ear infection, the green gunk, everything. I had a fever and chills too...went into my doctor and ended up having to do a week of 500mg antibiotics twice a day. I was so upset that I had to do antibiotics while pregnant, but both my midwife and the doctor I saw agreed that it was more important I clear up the ear infection and get over the bug.

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I have a regularly-scheduled midwife appointment on Tuesday, but I am going to call tomorrow Monday because I'm scheduled for my glucose challenge (1hr) test and I want to postpone it if possible since illness can affect the results. And I'll find out if they can help with the possible ear infection or if I need to see my primary care doc. The worst thing right now is that my abdominal muscles are getting sore from coughing so much. I might see if a warm heating pad can help with that at least. 

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lily good your DH kicked you out for the flooring.. that stuff is horrible smelling! Can you find a neighbor kid to weed the yard for a little cash?


eleuthia  sorry to hear you are so sick.. I had something similar for 3 months and at some point broke down and went on antibiotics for 10 days. It was horrible. I hope you start to feel better soon!






Is anyone having a lot of leg pain or calf cramps at night? I can't go to sleep the last week without taking a tylenol, its been totally horrible eyesroll.gif and then I wake up a few times at night from the cramps.. Im taking lots of magnesium and drinking a lot of water but it doesnt seem to do anything..

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I'm particularly exhausted lately too, I keep thinking this pregnancy is taking a lot out of me, but then I remember that usually the extra activity I do while pregnant is on my terms. Like if I want to help move firewood, or garden or move furniture LOL

But this time it's different because I'm farming full-time, there's no choice - I just have to keep going :)  It's nice, but so exhausting!   Particularly the getting up  between 2-3am to check to see who is lambing and feed the newer babies.


Someone tried to tell me the middle of the night feedings are just like with a new baby but nooooo! It's totally different!  With a baby, they wake, I roll over latch them on and fall back asleep (thank you Oxytocin! lol) 

None of this stumbling out of bed, being assaulted by brisk fresh air on the walk to the barn and then the bleating of 100 sheep plus lambs all thinking that I've come to feed them, then the fresh air walk back to the house and to bed.  Totally different!

I swear, this kid will be born with a good work ethic, and has no choice but to be completely flexible and adaptable like his older sister is!



ithappened - have you tried the coconut water?  I get the odd pain, I guess it's a charlie horse? usually when I stretch my foot out, then it take just the right angle or a specific way I massage it, to get it to unkink...then it hurts the rest of the day.  Anyway, since it was suggested on here, I've been drinking some coconut water and I haven't had any more issues!

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Tizzy  I havent been able to find coconut water here (I live in a rather rural area of europe) .. I might see if that asian market in the 'big' town has it, otherwise Im out of luck unless I want to order it online and pay 5-6 dollars a can :(

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I completely understand what you mean, I probably don't live as rurally as you do but resources are very limited unless I want to go for a long drive. It's just some odd coincidence that my grocery store actually has this stuff, and I noticed it on the shelf a little while back!


Anyway, a quick google says that it's just water from a young coconut and you can "make" your own by cutting a coconut open.  Might have more of a chance of finding a coconut itself instead of canned water?


Here's a glowing blog post: http://www.foodrenegade.com/coconut-milk-is-natures-gatorade/


There's also a lot of controversy whether it's actually as good as everyone says, apparently gatorade is just as good or better.  Mind you I can't stand the thought of all that food colouring!

I wonder....if just making up your own electrolytes would work too?   I use a mixture of warm water, corn syrup, a bit of salt and baking soda.  I believe it's the potassium we're looking for though for those leg cramps :)   Sorry for the rambling,...

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  I use a mixture of warm water, corn syrup, a bit of salt and baking soda.  I believe it's the potassium we're looking for though for those leg cramps :)   Sorry for the rambling,...


I have a few doctors in my family who said you can make homemade gatorade very easily.. I believe the recipe can be found on google and then it saves you from all the fake flavors and coloring..


I am going to go to the asian market this week and see if they have any coconuts but highly doubt it- even finding cilantro here is next to impossible.

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ithappened, can you order from Amazon where you are?  We can order some things but not all....HOWEVER, I found this awesome site that gives you an American address and then ships it to you.  The shipping is super reasonable.  I had a kindle shipped over for my daughter's birthday and it was actually cheaper than having one sent by my mother in law via USPS.  (Which I had done a few weeks before for a replacement Kindle.)  Anyway, I ordered PJ's the other day, so I guess I'll see if the price is still that great. 


I'm, what Eulethia, 26 weeks pregnant now?  I'm 38.  Getting plenty of iron.  Just tired.  Took 2, 2hour naps yesterday. Still could have slept more.  Glad DH was home to let me do so. Right now I could sleep till lunch time. 

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26 weeks (& 2 days) :) 

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