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intime0 I would LOVE it if you could send/PM or just post this "awesome site that gives you an American address and then ships it to you."


not much going on here, my sister is visiting and we're going to do some Alpine hikes this week while DS1 is in preschool and so I'm looking forward to having an 'activity partner' since DH will never leave the house without some major force on my part orngbiggrin.gif

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I would also love that company name!  I'd love to see if it would work here in the PRC. 


I'm out of town on business this week so I'm typing from a very quiet hotel room... trying to work up motivation to go to the fitness center for a workout before dinner.  We'll see if I make it! 


My baby is very active just now - making my tummy roll in waves.  Super cute.  


For those of you who've been on antibiotics and have any residual worry - I had to take antibiotics too earlier on in this pregnancy and I think the trade off is worth it.  Being a sick and stressed mama isn't good for the baby either.  

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Originally Posted by Tizzy View Post


Someone tried to tell me the middle of the night feedings are just like with a new baby but nooooo! It's totally different!  With a baby, they wake, I roll over latch them on and fall back asleep (thank you Oxytocin! lol) 

None of this stumbling out of bed, being assaulted by brisk fresh air on the walk to the barn and then the bleating of 100 sheep plus lambs all thinking that I've come to feed them, then the fresh air walk back to the house and to bed.  Totally different!


The bolded is exactly the reason I ended up cosleeping with my first. We had a 1 br apartment, so the baby was in our room, but for the first two days home from the hospital I would get out of bed every 2 hours (ie thats how often baby would wake/cry), change the diaper if needed, then breastfeed in a rocking chair until the baby was done and sleeping, then set the baby back in the bassinet and climb back into bed. Needless to say after about 2 days of being sleep deprived/exhausted/ill............baby came into our bed, I rolled over to nurse and basically hardly woke up, and only changed diapers at night if it was a big poop. Cosleeping was a necessity/logical solution for us!

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I can't breastfeed the first week or so unless I'm sitting up.  EVEN THOUGH I've been doing it off and on for over 6 years...LOL.  And I had one baby who would leak breastmilk out of her nose if we were laying down, so I sat up with her for a LONG time. 


It gets better for me after that week though and co sleeping is a BLESSING!!!! 


i sent you ladies the company.  I didnt figure I was allowed to post it on the board. I have NO affiliation with this company.  Just glad I found a way to order from Amazon.  Now all the kids will have Kindles soon.  LOL. (Two have them and the rest are still too young for a bit.)

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