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rs11: Hope the needles aren't treating you too badly. Come on follies! I was shocked that for this FET round, I had zero shots. Just patches, pills, and suppositories. I almost feel like it can't possibly be successful without the shots. #MamaCrazy


wannab: It is still early and it's common not to have any symptoms this early in a PG. Come on BFP!!!! 


darth: Glad your consult went well, but I'm sorry for the waiting game. It's hard when you're all ready but you have to wait.  Fingers crossed for a July BFP for you/DW!


Hopeful22: We are only transferring one embie. We already have a 2 year old and just know we would lose our minds with him + twins dizzy.gif Sending you a boatload of BFP vibes!!!!


Gelly: Sorry for your medical woes. Hope you're doing better!


Miranda: I did medicated IUIs (Clomid) and I remember seeing the doctor about once per week. Might have been more than once the week of the IUI. Good luck to you!


Cananny: Hugs to you, lady. 


AFM, my embryos are (finally) at my RE's office and my appointment on Friday went well. My lining looks good and we are on for a Thursday transfer. Fingers firmly crossed that the embie we transfer sticks!



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Hello everyone,

  I had a blood test last Sunday and the beta was 39, I had another on Wednesday and it was a 6.  I left work as fast as I could and my DW went home too.  We sat on the couch and cried and then had some chicken noodle soup.  I was able to get in to see my RE that day.  She did an ultrasound and she said everything looked normal.  She also said that I would have started AF even with the progesterone which was interesting to know.  I didn't feel any different or have any AF symptoms.  We asked if there was a chance if the blood test could be wrong and the RE said yes because sometimes they mix up the samples.  Then she said "Oh, that's not very reassuring."  She's a little socially awkward sometimes.  So I got another blood test and it was negative.  I stopped taking the progesterone and AF is starting today.  We both felt really bad and sad for 2 days, but I started to feel better yesterday.  I talked to my sister, and that made me feel a little better.  She was the only person I told that we got a positive test.  It was nice to be pregnant for a few days, and that is the farthest I've ever gotten so it's good to know it can happen.  Maybe next time it will stick.  Now we are taking this month off and then we will come up with a new plan for the next month.  Could you please move me to Taking a Break?  Thank you everyone for your support.


I have a question for you folks.  My RE said next we could try Letrozole/Femara or injectables.  I would love to hear your experiences either on here or on PM.  My concern is that Letrozole wouldn't be that helpful.  I did 3 cycles without medication and 3 cycles on Clomid.  I ovulate on my own, but my progesterone has been low.  The RE prescribed the clomid to help the progesterone, and it worked.  The first 2 cycles on clomid I only had 1 or 2 mature follicles, and the 3rd time I had 3 or 4.  Having more seemed to help.  I have heard that Letrozole doesn't necessarily produce multiple follicles, so I don't know if it would help me much because I already ovulate normally.  Maybe more follicles is the key to catching a good egg.  I am concerned about the cost of injectables because my insurance only covers 50% and I would have to pay for the medication and the ultrasounds and blood tests.  It could really add up.  I have some time to think about it.  I'll still be hanging around.  I just can't quit you.


dust.gifto all.

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oh, pokey, i am sooo soo sorry to hear your news.  hug2.gif.  please take good care of yourself and know that i'm thinking about you and sending you healing vibes.  


if you want to know anything about injectables, feel free to PM me.  i was on them for two months and had a very good follicular response. i also found them a lot less crazymaking than the clomid.  


big big *hugs* to you and your DP.

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Pokey, I'm so sorry. Thinking about you both. hug2.gif


It sounds like you're feeling positive about your next try.  Keeping my fx for you and everyone here! dust.gif

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Pokey~ Hugs... I am so sorry for your loss...candle.gif. Know that you and your DP are in my thoughts and prayers.



AFM~ nothing much to report. I'm on antibiotics for a kidney infection and the cellulitus. I'm feeling better and am back to the gym...bikenew.gif.



Good luck to all of you in the TWW....baby dust...dust.gif



Have a great Monday!!!!



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Pokey.. BIG BIG HUGS... I tried the letrazol and did not do much for me. I got one big follicle. This time was injectables and my ins covers 80 percent, and the Menapur cost me 135.00.. Yowza.. though I did get good follicles.. I still did not get preg. The think with injectables is you have to take a cycle off .. so I tried in April, taking May off.. if try in June and not pregnant then have to take July off. Good luck in your decisions. I second Nores.. the injectables were much less crazy making!




Hi everyone else

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Pokey: *Hugs* hug.gif I'm so sorry for your loss.

Regarding your question, you have the best chance of catching a good egg with 3-4 follicles, according to the studies. The injectables are expensive, but a 5-day dose (1 month) of Bravelle was $150.00 for us after the insurance picked up the tab. It's expensive, but doable. They are much less crazy-making than the Clomid.

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Pokey: Sending lots of hugs your way!! grouphug.gif I'm sorry you had to go through that and wish you the best of luck with future tries! Hang in there!


AFM: No good news to report. Tested for the past three days and not even a hint on a second line. Today is 13DPO for me. I'm trying to stay positive knowing that sometimes positives don't show up until later - but its hard not to be a bit disappointed.


dust.gif to everyone TTC in May!

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I just wanted to pop in and send some <3 to Pokey. I remember when we were cycle buds. I was so excited and happy for you when I saw you got a BFP. My heart is broken for you. Big hugs. 


Hello new people! I hope your stays are short and sweet. Hello TWW'rs. I hope you're all getting really pregnant right now. 


I am so incredibly jealous of everyone who's insurance is covering any percentage of injectables. The Follistim/Ovidrel prescription for our next cycle is over $800 out of pocket, which of course doesn't include all the other stuff we have to pay for - bloodwork, ultrasounds, the actual insemination, sperm.  And I'm still trying to make my peace with the needles - I admit that nosreves testimony makes me feel a lot better, so thanks for posting that, nos! I think we might be pushing our next try back to August instead of June. June is only three weeks away and we're feeling like the metformin hasn't been the magic solution we'd hoped for. 



OK I'm going back to lurking. Sticky baby dust to everyone! 

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I'm so sorry, Pokey hug2.gif

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Once again, I wrote out a long email over the weekend, and my lame computer at home ate it. I don't know why it hates MDC so much!


Pokey, I am so, so, sorry. My first pregnancy (last time around) ended in an early loss, and I remember that sadness and heartbreak. I'm sending you and your partner lots of healing and love.


Wanna, I'm sorry about the BFN. I hope that you are one of those people who just test positive late. Hugs and good wishes.


mrsandmrs, Lack of insurance sucks. We are very blessed to have $10,000 worth of infertility coverage this time. That doesn't pay for sperm, but it does pay for the meds and procedures. So, not enough to cover everything if we hit the big guns, but much better than nothing. Last time I lived in a state with mandatory infertility coverage, but only for straight married folks. That was maddening. When I got to my current job, our policy was the same way, but I talked to HR and they changed it, which is super awesome. I love my job.


Okay, everyone, today is the day to get on the phone, get on email, get on Facebook, and urge everyone you know in North Carolina to VOTE AGAINST AMENDMENT ONE tomorrow. The Amendment will prohibit recognition of any domestic relationship outside of marriage, and will hurt gay and straight people across the state. The election is going to be close, and every single vote counts. Please, do this for me. Thanks.:)


AFM, I don't want to jinx anything, but I feel some symptoms. I've had cramping, and my boobs are sore and tingly. We'll see what happens. I'll be 10dpo tomorrow and will probably test then. Fingers crossed!

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Angela- My fingers are so crossed for you!!! Let us know what the stick says!


Pokey- candle.gif hug2.gifI am so sorry for your loss. 


Mrs- I hear you on the lack of insurance coverage. Although I do have pretty good insurance, it doesn't cover anything regarding TTC. It really adds up! I hope the metformin starts doing what its supposed to for you.


Wanna- I'm still crossing my fingers for you. And yes, DPI means days past ovulation. Our RE did the same as yours. We went in about 30 hours or so after a positive OPK. By my estimate I O'd the next day.


Monti- Good luck on Thursday! I hear ya on the thought of a two year old and twins. My good friend has a two and a half year old boy and is currently pregnant with twins. She is gonna be one busy Mama! Funny thing is, they were that one in however-many-thousands that got pregnant with twins without any medical intervention!


Nos- I am still so thrilled for you and your DP and your twins!!!!!! You asked about IUI or ICI for us. Our intentions are to do IUIs. My dr. told us that we are probably doing closer to an ICI at home than an IUI because she said something about not going in far enough or something. I'm not sure. I don't feel like our chances are increased by enough to pay that much extra to have the sperm be potentially placed just a little bit higher. 


Queen- All the hoops are ridiculous. My fingers are crossed for you guys to be pregnant ASAP.


AFM- Today is 12 DPI/11 DPO and another BFN. I really just wanted to crawl back into bed and hide there today but I put on my big girl panties and faced the day anyway. I'm pretty sure that its real and not "just too early." Ugh. I hate TTC.   My hat really goes off to you ladies who have been at this for as long as some of you have. I don't know how you all do it but you are all so strong and give me so much hope. 

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I'm so sorry to hear that, pokey. I wish I could answer your question about the drugs, but I don't have experience with them.


By the way, has anyone here taken vitex, aka chasteberry?


I don't normally do herbal supplements, but one of the midwives at the practice where I go mentioned it. I am also likely to start Clomid next cycle, and lots of non-scientific chat online says you shouldn't mix them, but she told me she thought it was OK.


I got my SECOND surge of the cycle today, day 27. First surge was day 10. It's clear my midwife practice is slow to suggest that an RE might be warranted, but I'm kind of glad about that, because I haven't tried the Clomid yet.


One annoying thing is that I hardly ever get to talk to the same midwife twice. The one who returned my call today is going to confer with a more senior midwife about the double surge.

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Wow - I didn't notice the change to nosreves' sig until hopeful mentioned her twins! Congrats girl!


stork-suprise.gif    stork-suprise.gif

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I'm so sorry, pokey greensad.gif


And hi and fingers crossed for everyone else. I think I'm keeping the thread up to date.....I'm just suddenly even busier than my usual busy life....

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Pokey - grouphug.gif I am so very sorry for your loss. You are in my thoughts.


Hopeful - Nice to see you again too :) Isn't the spring sale a hoot?! We're ordering later this week! Yippee! Fingers crossed for you!!!


Gelly - What a coincidence! I think that means you should try the program winky.gif My race is on Sunday and then I am going to graduate to the Couch to 10k program! ahhh! Maybe we could do a race together sometime! Sorry to hear about your kidney problems - Nicki had a stone in December and it wasn't fun. 


nos - Hi!!! I am so over the moon happy for you and your two(!!) little beans. YAY!!!


wave.gif to everyone else! I hope you all are having a lovely week. 


AFM - Just waiting on AF - she should be here by Thursday or Friday and then we will place our order! YAY! I'm running a 5k on Sunday (Y-Me Race at Your Pace) - I'm running in honor of my wonderful/brave/amazing Aunt who has been fighting breast cancer since February of last year. She is now scheduled for her LAST surgery on 5/22 and then will hopefully be in the clear for many, many years to come. I want to keep running while TTC - anyone know if that's ok? Like in the TWW should I hold off? Or is that an irrational fear? 

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Hi everyone!


AngelaM: Go symptoms go!! Lol I've thought to myself I'd be happy if I was nauseous in the morning, lol, what a crazy thought! Good luck! - Did you test yet? Also I love in NC and voted today against Amendment 1. Unfortunately I think it will pass greensad.gif


Hopeful: thanks for the encouragement and dont give up yet! I spoke with a woman at my fertility clinic this morning about ordering more sperm and she told me to wait until Monday to really confirm I'm not pregnant. So maybe we're just late bloomers!


MrsPP: The nurse that did my IUI told me not to exercise that night (that it could burst something, dont remember what it was) and the sheet I got of things not to do listed exercising to the point where your heart rate gets above 140. I have been paranoid and have given up exercise during the TWW, but part of me thinks thats a little excessive. For me though it makes me feel better to think I'm being extra cautious with such a sensitive time. I'd probably ask your doctor for the official response. Good luck!


AFM: 13DPO and still testing negative shake.gif Slowly losing hope but trying to stay positive about it. I got a little more hope from talking to my fertility clinic today and them telling me not to order more sperm yet. So still wishing for the best! redface.gif

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Pokey: Awwww fiddlesticks (replace with much more colourful language).  :(  I'm so sorry to hear about your loss.  I hope that your next round you get a sticky bean that actually sticks around!!  But YOU CAN GET PREGNANT!!!!!  This is exciting!!!  I wish you decent weather for lots of long walks and expensive tissue and good cries with DW so that you're ready to keep moving.  


MrsPP: continuing to work out is still fine while TTC.  I wouldn't hold back on it.  They're running big articles in one of the local newspapers on the importance of being super active while pregnant (a far cry from what it use to be, where they encouraged pregnant women to sit down and stay down until they had the baby).  


Wanna: Bummer about the BFN!  I hated seeing the ugly blank space staring up at me (and DW's the one we're trying to knock up).


Hopeful: I'm sorry about your BFN too!  To answer your question about "how we do this" when we've been at this for so long, is that you just learn to keep putting one feet in front of the other.  DW and I have locked away a lot of our feelings about our future kids because it just hurts to dwell on them too much.  We talk about much longer spans of time, things like kindergarten and baby's first food and stupid things like that, we've had to stop talking too much about the monthly BFNs, and we just don't talk about our KDs crappy sperm at ALL.


AFU: The crazy-making continues!  I'm kind of relieved we're not TTC at the moment.  Both of us are wrapping out our respective jobs in Girl Guides (both of us finish our terms for our positions this year).  DW won two awards last night for her outstanding service to Girl Guides, so that was really exciting!  We did grown up things and went and dealt with getting life insurance too!  We're starting to flip through the donor choices, which is fun!  


Anyways, the cardboard dumpster downstairs was finally emptied this morning, so we can go and fill it again.  Mwahahahaha.


Cheers and peace out!!

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Pokey: Just logging on to give you a virtual hug. I know how much it hurts, even when you tell yourself it's okay. And knowing you can get pregnant is good but it's okay if sometimes that isn't a comfort. I've discovered in my three miscarriage process that getting pregnant is only half the battle. Staying pregnant (and giving birth to a live child) is a whole other part of the battle. Lots of healing thoughts to you.


MrsPP: Here's the thing on exercise. Doctors mostly don't want to see you upping what you're body is used to or starting a whole new program during most all of the process. But if you're already a runner, then continuing with your program (especially during the TWW) is vital. Keeping healthy is a very important part of getting and staying pregnant so you need to incorporate that properly. I'm a triathlete and I have gotten pregnant three times while still running and I've tried to do nothing and still lost the pregnancy. The one caveat is if you're using injectibles. Injectibles increase your follies and size of the ovaries and you can run the risk of a rare thing called Ovarian Torsion. But even when you're on injectibles they say you may exercise moderately, they just encourage you not to do a lot of twisting or bouncing so running would need to be minimized if not cut out. But if you're just doing regular TTC (including IUIs) then you're safe to continue.


Besides, lower BMI is a good thing. There is some proof that a higher BMI can increase your risk for miscarriage and sometimes infertility issues are linked with higher BMIs.


Best of luck.



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BFN and I'm pretty sure this piece of sh*t amendment is about to pass.greensad.gif

No time/energy for personals. Been at the polls all day, relaxing now with friends. But sad.
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