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moving to Hickory, NC

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Hello. My husband accepted a new job and we will be relocating to Hickory on 6/1/12.  I am hoping to meet other natural mommas and locavores in the area. To introduce myself, my name is Sheri. I am 40yo wife of 17 years and mom to 4 children ages 21dd, 15ds, 13ds, 12ds. Our 21yo will be staying in Arkansas :( 


I am a WAPF member and try to cook traditionally at least 80% of the time. We buy all of our meat, eggs, milk, produce, cheese, etc... from local farmers and grains/wheatberries, sucanat, legumes, and other bulk goods from 2 food co-ops, Country Life Natural Foods and Azure Standard (neither of which have drop points in NC). It took me years to make the kind of connections that led to a lifestyle of never having to buy from Wal-Mart, haha.


I am wondering if anyone out there can help me begin to make some connections for our new life in Hickory. I did find the farmer's market website and look forward to going there. If possible, I would love to buy CSA's because it is usually more economical.


I realize Hickory is a smaller town than what I am used to in Little Rock, but I am willing to drive to other cities if necessary. Looks like I might have to drive to SC for milk??


I look forward to hearing from other natural mommas/locavores!


God's Peace,


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Dear Homemommy,

 I live slightly north of Hickory, by about 3 miles. I can put you intouch w/ some folks who have cow's milk. I, myself have a growing farm, the one that I was raised on, and am expanding into grass fed steers this fall. I used to be a Grade B Goat dairy, years ago & If i had enough help, I'd do it,a gain, in a heartbeat! I can put you in touch w/ various farmers. My ancestors settled this area in Northwest Bethelehem community in the middle 1700's &  I live on old,family land.



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Thanks for responding, Karen. I just sent you a private message.

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Hi I'm Megan, hubby is Marty. We are moving about 30 min north of you as soon as our house sells here in NY. A little about us, We are planning to set up sustainable down there. gardening, goats, cow, chickins, our own power. we will go to The Gathering place for Church. There are many there into ready perparedness for ec hard times. I'm also 38 1/2 weeks and could pop this kid out anytime. Our first. Marty is 51yrs I'm 42 yrs. As you can see we do have some in common. I would love also to know someone in there area we are moving before we get there. I have friends and relitives down there but they will all be about 2 hrs away. so wont see them much.


Never heard of WAPF what's that?

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googled WAPF Wenston  A Price. I just found his site about a month ago. is that what you mean? One of the sites I read now. as well as Mercola.com and naturalnews.com. just to name a few natural health sites I go to. there are many more i get info from too.

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Hi Megan. It sounds like you will have some exciting times ahead of you! I'm a city girl myself and enjoy living with modern conveniences but have a heart and passion for supporting my local farmer if they use organic practices to grow clean food.

I've never heard of 'The Gathering'. Is it some sort of religious commune there? Sounds interesting. I think you'll be in good company in NC if you are a church goer...it seems like a big deal to everyone I've met so far on my visits there. Most people have introduced themselves to me as a Baptist. I think that must be a strong religious sect there.

Yes you are right, WAPF is Weston A. Price Foundation. This is an organization based on the life work of Dr. Price, a dentist. His studies conclude that eating a nutrient dense diet is best. I try to do this as much as possible but don't beat myself up over it or anything.

Good luck in your move! Ours is coming up in 10 days!! I spent this past weekend in Hickory and Banner Elk with my 3 sons and we had a fabulous time. I have to say that North Carolinians are some of the nicest people I have ever met. It seems no one is in a hurry and they've never met a stranger. Very warm and welcoming.
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Yes The Gathering Place is a church.see links below. we are Christians. We were down there, camped in hickory, about 4 years ago. People are nice and there is a Baptist church on just about every corner in the country. It's the beginning of the Bible belt. We will have all the modern conveniences but I also have things like old wash board and plunger washer for back up if ever needed. came in real handy this past summer when out electric wire corroded under ground and we were 3 weeks getting it fixed.


Hope you have a good move. there is a hugh MT near there if you like to go hiking some or if your boys do. easy one. drive to almost top and park in lot. hike to top from there is about 1 mile. 2 peaks to look from on hike. Just look to the Mt and find the tall one. that is the one you are headed for. Let me see if I can find the name of it for you. might be Flat top Mt. if hubby was home I would know for sure. Hope to be down there soon too.





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OK hubby got home from work. Mtn is called Table Rock. Rt 181 above James lake takes you to Rd that leads to rd to drive up. About 14 miles of rd to drive up but well worth the drive. Maybe picnic lunch. We asked at a store where rd was because we couldn't find it. people know in the area where to send you.

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Thanks for the info about Table Rock, Megan! Will definately check it out.

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