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I'm here


I have $750 put away for the BEF so far. We're doing $150 per week.

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Just got confirmation that I will be teaching summer school = $1800 extra minus taxes and tithe.  This will be split between savings and some visiting to family that we want to do.  Gas costs so much and both DH and I want to visit our families at least once this summer.

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In 30 days I will be taking on a new client. This one will actually PAY unlike my last client. Already been approved by the state. Hopefully an extra $1200 per month. Time to knock out the debt again!

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it's hard to be gazelle when yall don't post! POST POST POST POST POST POST POST POST

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I got a totally surprising card from the parents of my students last week. I guess it was Teacher Appreciation day sometime last week (I'm new to the education field, so I had no idea) and they got me a $10 gift card to Starbucks, which was totally reasonable and thoughtful. But tucked inside the card was also a crisp, fresh $100 dollar bill! I was totally floored and taken by surprise. They were all really generous and giving during Christmas as well, but it was Christmas. So while I was surprised, it didn't seem all that out of the blue. But I totally didn't see this one coming, and I admit that I kinda teared up a bit when I opened the card.


Also, I received a $50 check in the mail a few weeks ago for a rebate that I'd applied for ages ago. I tucked the check away and didn't cash it right away. I was trying to decide what to do with it, because for some reason I had convinced myself that $50 is too small to be significant enough to put into savings. I guess I was just trying to rationalize spending it on something we don't need. But now that I got the $100, I'm going to put both right into savings, bringing us up to $4,951 in savings. It's really exciting to see it grow now, after barely having $1000 (at best!) in savings for over 10 years while also having thousands and thousands in high interest credit card debt.


Unfortunately, we also recently found out that my district is having wide-spread budget cuts that will affect support staff. My principal has decided to cut everyone's schedule by a half an hour next year, which is totally fine and won't make a huge difference in our finances. Unfortunately, the cuts are being ,made district-wide and some principals are opting to lay off assistants. If those people are higher on the seniority list than I am (which is quite possible, since I just started last August) then it's possible that they will be able to bump me (or anyone lower on the seniority list) out of my position. I won't find out until Mid-Summer whether or not I have a job next year, and that is frustrating. I also haven't heard back yet about the summer position that I applied for.


So, while our finances are looking good, things are really up in the air for us with regards to my job, which gives me even more motivation to put as much money in savings as possible. We are planning to start trying for baby #2 in September, and we have talked about it and decided that we should not put off adding to our family just because my part-time job is precarious right now. I am really hoping to keep it, because it is the perfect for me to be able to bring in some income and get out of the house a little while still being at home with my LO(s) for the majority of the time. I'd really like to keep working as an Instructional Assistant for the next 3-5 years, until my little ones are in school--and then I'm hoping to get my credential and start teaching. But we'll see how things pan out, I guess.


How is everyone else doing? Only 10 more days to scrimp and save in May!!

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I just found a website for house sitting. I signed up for the free trial. Does anyone know how much people pay house sitters? I couldn't find that info on the website. It would really be nice to have a break from the RV. I would be happy to house sit for free. But I will gladly accept pay too KWIM!

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I was thinking of doing a house sitting stint to get a vacation that I wouldn't have to pay for the accommodations.  Could you send me the link to the website you found?


gazelle intense - this month has been a bummer as it is the reconcilation month for our electricity budget plan and I guess we owe $250 something to the electric company. 

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no clue how to set up a link but the website is housecarers.com


I also tried to sign up for odd jobs at taskrabbit but I don't have a web cam to do the interview process.

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I haven't been on the debt thread since the February one.

I missed it! I wish I could say that so much has happened but Murphy hit hard many times and I'm just trying to get myself going again.

I'm hoping to post here as I was to keep myself accountable and on the move.


Hope everyone is well!

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Unfortunately we are not making much movement.  We aren't going backwards, though... so there's that.  I just sent in receipts to be reimbursed for about $500 worth of medical expenses from our FLEX account, and that will go into savings... we've had a gazillion places to drive and just a really, really busy month which has meant more eating out than we should.  DH's sister got married, it was my MIL's b-day and mothers day as well, so there were gifts to be purchased as well.


I really wish I could pick up a part time job, but we are far away from our baby sitters and Dh's work schedule varies so much that I can't commit to any work schedule myself.  Blech!

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I spent some time this morning going over what money I have and what I can do to get more money coming in. 

I need to figure something out to get us going again. I'm hoping to post here everyday for accountability and to make sure I do at least one thing daily.


As of now, my savings are back down so I have a sad $9.83 in my BEF thanks to never ending car problems.

I have $11.27 in my challenge jar for May (challenge myself to raise $100 in May :/ see how well that worked)

I have $20 in a no touch whatsoever savings envelope.

I still have $113 left of my paycheck but a mortgage payment due and so that will either go to the mortgage or the gas it takes to work the next week.


How sad. Going to go change hunting in the car, lol.

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Hi! I'd like to join you guys! We have a surprise babe on the way and we're up to our eyeballs in CC debt. 2whistle.gif I'd like to find a way to sell our van (It's a 2011 Honda Odyssey) but we owe way more than it's worth now, so I'm not sure what we can do there. Otherwise, we have $1500 in EF and we're starting with the cash envelope system for groceries and gas next week. 

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can i join? i was doing very well from sept til april i had 2 jobs and i cut expenses by moving to a less expensive rental and closr to work so using less gas.

my problem now is that my job promised me more hrs so i left the other job. but still am only getting 24hrs a week now. barley scraping by with it trying to find another pt job to fill in the gap.

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Today I found $0.51 cents. Laughable...but I wont complain. I'll have to use my savings this week to get to work.

Mortgage will be paid though. This weekend, I have craigslist items to post, some mystery shopping to set up.

Just wanted to make sure I posted today.

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Money is money, esg!


Yesterday my DH was told that he does have some sperm that are making it out alive - 25 sperm were found in his last sperm assay when last time, 7 weeks ago, there were none.  There is again hope of a biological child for us but it also means that IVF with ICSI will likely be required.  We see the fertility doctor on June 12.  Depending on what he says, we will have to be saving for an IVF procedure.  I think I would like to see what a NaPro doctor could do now that we know there are a few sperm, but I haven't gotten my DH on board with that since the doctor is almost 2 hours away.  Just makes me frustrated that my DH and I will have to spend money to make a baby when other people make them for free.  But hope for a biological child abounds.

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Best conversation ever...


Back story: A neighbour-friend was around and playing light sabers with DS (using DS's light sabers). Apparently the family's out on their way to a store to pick up a new toy (maybe a light saber of his own for this kid...says DS) and we have to go out too (bank, grocery store). DS was feeling sorry for himself and wanting to stop by Zellers to pick up a toy too since this other boy gets to get one. I asked him if he had any ideas of what he wanted and that I'd have to think about that. I suggested we could stop by the thrift store to see if he could find something for only a few dollars. He claimed they wouldn't have what he wanted. I asked him what that might be and he said "something for playing outside....maybe a bomb or a Star Wars ship" so I suggested he grab a tin can for a bomb or a box for a ship. And he set to work.


DS: I like making homemade stuff.

Me: It is pretty cool

DS: and it saves money! thumb.gif


He's now busy learning that crayola water-based markers don't stick well to tin cans.

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Been rather a hectic time for me and my family. Sorry for not posting much in the last month or so. Not much going on with saving recently. Lots of car repairs, so I have a pretty low emergency fund right now. But at least I had it! 


I did pay off our last car loan this week, so that will free up about $344 a month! I am very excited about that! I will be getting the EF back up to $1000, add money to my Christmas fund and start making double (or more) payments on my home-equity line of credit.

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Originally Posted by lilacvioletiris View Post

Money is money, esg! ...


You're very right. I have to remember to see every little bit that way instead of wishing the bits were more.

I'll be thinking of you and your husband. It can be so expensive but it will be truly worth it.


That said, today I found $0.10! Lol! I'm working on my enthusiasm. I also joined this site http://www.sbkcenter.com/consumer.php and I'll see if anything comes with that.

I have a list of money making to do's and I just put that one on there. I'll be marking it off tonight! Next up - editing photos of items to post on Craigslist since I'm having issues with size.


Tomorrow is my aunt's birthday lunch and I'm not looking forward to. I'm hoping to make it through without spending money cause I have none to spend! I don't want to seem rude either but I'm not willing to set myself back any further. I hate this!


Welcome Pollyanna and Zebrachick!

Love that conversation, eirual

I had the same issues recently, Igraine. Still do really. Cars can just take it out of an emergency fund like nothing else!


Have a good weekend everyone!

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Tomorrow is my aunt's birthday lunch and I'm not looking forward to. I'm hoping to make it through without spending money cause I have none to spend! I don't want to seem rude either but I'm not willing to set myself back any further. I hate this!





Can you bake some muffins or banana bread? Or get kids to bead a bracelet and give just a little gift with a (homemade) card? I did these for Christmas this past year....placed in a $2 picture frame.

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eirual, those iris folding photos are beautiful.  Never seen anything like that before.


Today is graduation at the school where I teach and am a counselor.  The kids will be getting nice little notes on homemade cards from me but no money.

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