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Edwardsville, IL Midwife or OB

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Just found out I am preggers again! This will be #2, and I'd like to attempt a VBAC. Home birth with a midwife is a strong possibility, though I haven't had a chance to talk it over with dh yet. So... anyone know of a good OB who will do VBACs in the Edwardsville area? Or how I can get in contact with a midwife?

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In Illinois, a midwife cannot practice unless she is also a nurse. Most don't do home births.


You might try Monica Majors-Harris. She is a NP in practice with Dr. Della Riva. There office in the physicians' building at Anderson Hospital in Maryville. Anderson's L&D is very nice. Monica takes care of me and I love her.


There are certified midwifes in Missouri who do homebirths and VBAC, if you want to go across the river.


Google "St. Louis" and "certified" and "midwife" and start shopping.

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I don't have much to add that the other posters didn't already say, except that of possible we would love to see you at the Belleville ICAN meetings to support you through your pregnancy. smile.gif
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