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After a I dont know false bfp? I tested yesterday at 14dpo and it was BFN so I'm waiting on AF. Good luck everyone

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Kemi - 2WW means two week wait.  Could also be TWW.  Welcome!

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Sad day for me, AF showed up this morning...as I figured she would since my temp dipped below my coverline yesterday (13 dpo) just like clockwork.  I guess I have that to be thankful for.  Hubby was trying to be supportive and told me that we'd get em next month, but it's hard.  My sister in law is pregnant, and as crazy as it may seem, I feel like she tries to "rub it in" that she is pregnant and I am not.  I know it's only been 3 months, and I have nothing to complain about compared to some people on here.  But it worries me that it may take a long time, especially due to the horror stories I've heard about TTC after the Mirena.  Back to the waiting to O boards for me.  I guess now I will really get to enjoy my 30th birthday in Vegas, but I'd rather be staying at home waiting for my belly to grow.  Good luck to everyone who still is waiting to test love.gif

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Good luck to all of you ladies. I came in search of this thread, but it seems to have slowed down quite a bit since my last pregnancy. Im 3 dpo, and hopefully waiting to test until 14 dpo, but will likely crack. Last time I tested at 10 dpo and got my positive. I feel with my last two pregnancies I just *knew* I was pregnant the next day and this time I havent gotten any feeling like that. But this time we are really, really trying not just ignoring birth control and having the "whatever happens" approach that we've taken before. SO, fingers crossed for a bfp!
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I had a faint positive this morning. I'm not expecting AF until this Sunday. I'm going to try to wait until this weekend to take another test :)

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congrats bfw0729!!! Fingers crossed till sunday

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I'm going to try and wait to test until Saturday which will be 11dpo for me.

Feeling lots of "symptoms" and hoping they're not all in my head or super early pms.  Also had a dream last night that I got a bfp.  :)

Good luck to you all, and hoping you're feeling sane wherever you are in your cycle!  Yesterday was NOT a sane day for me (lots of obsessing) , today has been much better.


Congrats to the bfps!!!

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I bought the Dollar Tree tests, so I am thinking I need to wait until day 27/28 of my cycle to test... I normally have a 26 day cycle, but this was my first cycle after a loss and I think ovulation was delayed, so I expect to go a bit longer... I'm not optimistic right now, so maybe I won't even get a chance to test, probably AF will just show up...

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congrats bfw0729...I'll keep my fingers crossed for you winky.gif

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Testing tomorrow. Will update and be watching for any of you to update too.
I'm excited and nervous. Definitely feeling pg so if I'm not I have no idea what's going on with my body!

Now I'll just have to stop myself from going to bed super early just so I can test earlier.
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Okay, took a test today and got a very positive HPT :) --- I couldn't wait until this weekend :)

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Congrats bfw!!!! :)


I've got 3 BFN's and think that AF will show up sometime today-Tuesday (not sure exactly when, first cycle following loss.) And the outdoor pool is opening today and I'm sure my dd's will want to swim tons. So I guess I have to go buy some tampons, ughhh! (Diva cup doesn't really work for me, and I hate tampons too, but a necessary evil I guess...)


I'm out of tests so unless AF isn't here by Tuesday (unlikely) I won't need to test again this month...

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Bfn this morning at 11dpo. Will probably test again in a few days. Enjoy your weekend!
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Well, that was a waste of a test... tested again b/c dh asked me whether I "for sure" needed to buy more pads and such... another BFN. This time I used an "early detection" test (Answer brand?) and definitely a BFN... I guess if AF has not shown by Monday/Tuesday I will test again, but I feel like it will.

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Hello ladies,

I finally got a BFP at 27DPO after a long series of BFN. Its not over until AF shows up!! Congrats bfw0729!! Happy baby dust everyone

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Oh yay tropicalfever!! Congrats!

AFM... I'm thinking I got my first evap line this morning. Was hoping it was a very faint line but I don't think it's pink at all. We'll see what the next few days holds...
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Hey tropicalfever,

Congrats! Glad you finally figured out what was going on and glad you got your BFP!

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12 days DPO, BFN. I really shouldn't have tested that early, as I've never had a clear positive until after my period was due, but I saw someone else with the same DPO post a positive yesterday with the same test brand, so I figured it was worth a try.


Assuming I ovulated at all, of course (not charting, no PPAF yet, just going by symptoms).

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im new to this whats 2ww BFN an AF mean?? i believe this is an american site and im england 

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