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Potty training and early EC child

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I did EC with my DD from birth to around 6months.  From 3-6 months we have very few misses.  We used a traditional hold over the sink.  When she began to crawl she disliked this hold and did not take well to any other holds.  We went to pretty limited EC from that point on because she did not like sitting on the potty.  We had some luck standing her in the tub and would often catch 1-2 pees a day that way.  It worked great for first morning pee and occasionally after nap.  We have continued on this way with limited success.  She is now 15 months old and we still catch 1-2 pees a day. 


While she is young for traditional potty training, due to her EC background she is showing readiness to begin.  She can vocalize her need to pee or poo (she can differentiate and tells me both before and after she goes), can sit on the potty, she can remove her diaper.  After 4 days of working on the potty training, were are encountering the same problem that held us back with EC.  She doesn't like to go sitting down.  After 4 days of fun intensive focus on pottying, she tells me every time she needs to go, she makes her dolls and animals go on the potty, and she makes attempts at sitting.  She has had a few hits in the potty, but mostly I just end up catching (with lots of celebration, she doesn't care much for treats). After I catch her poo (done while standing over the potty) she proudly carries her potty to the toilet, says bye bye and dumps her potty, flushes the toilet and washes up.  She also knows to pull her pants up and down before sitting on the potty (although we have kept her bare bottom most of the time).  She will happily sit on her potty reading books for 30 mins but will hold her pee/poo that hold time.  We end up doing a potty dance in the end since she knows where pee and poo goes but does not want to try to make these on the potty.  Now she knows they don't go on the floor either, today she ran into the bathroom and drop her poo on the floor there.


Any tips on how to get my EC child on track on the potty.  We were so hopefully to have a fully EC child given our early success, but are running into the same problems with potty training that held us back with EC.  I know she is developmentally ready and fully aware, but how do I get her comfortable sitting?  Thanks.

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One tip I've read if LO is willing to sit on the potty but holds it is to either make water sounds (pouring water back and forth between two cups for example) or to put her feet in warm water while she is sitting on the potty. I can't vouch for how effective they are but they are simple and can't hurt. My LO is just 13 months and we only started about 2 months ago so I can't offer btdt advice. I hope others chime in. Good luck
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Maybe she would like to go on the potty if it were cozier? You could make or buy a potty cozy and see if that helps. She might be attracted to it not just for the warmth, but also for the nice colors and newness. The Once Upon a Potty video might help also. Watching other kids 'go' on the potty might encourage her to start *and* finish there.

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Thanks for the ideas.  I moved the potty into the shower and that seems to be helping.  She doesn't like to sit in the tub, but she enjoys playing with the taps and spraying water on her hands while she waits for the pee to come.  A week into it and we have been accident free for two days.  Hopefully I can wean her off the water as she gets more comfortable sitting and going.  Now she stands until the last possible moment and then quickly sits and does her business. Thankfully where we live it is really warm right now so playing in the water is refreshing and I can keep her naked all day.  I had tried the cozy before when we had the initial potty pause with EC and she wasn't too into it.  Obviously things might be different now, but since it is the warm season here the water approach seem to really help. 

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