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Spotlight on ZippyGirl

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Hi! My name is _____. I am ______ years old. ______ and I have been together for ______ years. We have _______ kids and ______ pets. If I was at my favorite restaurant right now I would order _____ but we will actually be having _______ for dinner tonight. When I work for pay I ______.When I am home with the kids my favorite part of the day is _____. My hobbies and interests include _____, _______ and ______.


Household chore:
Baby carrier:

If you could change one thing about _____, what would it be?

The world?
Your house?
Your parenting?
Your life?

What would your best friends say is your best feature?
If a genie gave you three wishes what would you ask for?
Do you have any pet peeves?
Where would you go on a dream vacation?
Where is the best place you've been?

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What does your retail store sell? How did you get started in that writing business? Did you go to college? If so, what is your degree in?


I love the Nazgul baby sound! (Not.) I do miss it a little. Jasper doesn't make it, but dd2 was the queen.

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Ha ha, laughed out loud about "schoo-wool and poo-wool." My 3-yo DD has a funny accent too, and totally makes 2-syllables out of one-syllable words. 


I'd love to hear more about your LEED Platinum renovation, what are the parts that pack the greenest punch?  Also, I am really interested in how you have it laid out for raising kids. Do you have any resources you'd recommend for learning about green renovations or space planning? 


I'm having issues with my Ergo this time around too (I'm thinking it's because this kid is 20 lbs at 5 months - DD weighed 20lbs at 14 months, which is when I stopped carrying her in it so much) so I'm interested to hear what others might have to say about it. What exactly is the issue with yours?


What's it like to live in your suburb?  Do you have any land or just a small yard? Are you able to do any gardening, keep animals like chickens etc?


Mmm... I look forward to the day when we can live in a non-toxic, green house that we own. And yes, I'd like it to be on some land too!

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Oh I have so many questions!  I live near Reed College :-)  We pass it every time we go to the grocery store!  My DH wants to go to there for picnics on the lawn this summer.  He just adores the campus.  It is very similar architecturally to where we went to college (Miami U in Ohio)



I have to think on some ??s and get back to this later, after my coffee :-)
But I wanted to mention that Dylan is 20 lbs and I still wear him pretty comfortably in the Boba.  I am petite- 5'4" and 120lbs- so I am surprised I am still pretty comfy for a while.  I mean, if it's been hours I start to get sore but I think that is normal, right?

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Okay I love your name.  Is it a family name?  Special meaning?  It's gorgeous. 

What pet would you like to have if you had one?


Does your store have an online shop?


Is your family all back in the PNW?  Do you ever see yourself coming back to settle here?


You mentioned relocating- will you build another "green" house?

What is your favorite drink?

What do you love about your DH?

What is this Nazgul sound?  I saw LOTR but I am failing to remember what it sounds like....  bag.gif


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That cafe sounds amazing!  Dr Cow cheese?! YES PLEASE  (I'm a sucker for comfort food..... though I love kale just as much!)

Have you eaten at Blossoming Lotus in PDX?  They have these amazing live pizzettes that are RIDICULOUSLY good. 


I need some more recipe ideas.  You high-raw ladies are inspiring!

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Reviving this thread!


I went to school right outside NYC.  That city is tough, for sure.


When are you moving back to Portland? :)


What's your favorite part about being a mom?


What's one thing (challenge, attitude/outlook change, etc) about parenting that took you by surprise?


What's one of your favorite memories from childhood?

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I vote Portland, OR!  If you do make a big move, I have tons of advice (we moved from OH to OR a year and a half ago, and it went so perfectly smooth, even with a 16 month old).  


Farts are so funny.  Living with three boys has made me realize that.  Also?  Poop.  OMG.

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