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Back sleeping, tingly feet already?

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I'm just over 15 weeks and have always read to stop back sleeping when it's uncomfortable. This week I've had a really rough time sleeping, tossing and turning, and I've woken on my back a few times and have noticed my arm is asleep or I have tingly feet - isn't it a little early for this already? My belly is fairly average compared to others in the same weeks, and I'm only carrying one. I move right away of course


I got all freaked out about oxygen supply to baby of course :( There's always something to worry about isn't there.


I should say that my arms go to sleep in a lot of positions, and maybe I'm just having general circulation problems.


Anyone else waking on their backs with tingly feet or anything?

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I'm 16 weeks now, and lately, I've been waking up from sleeping flat on my back. Which is actually weird because I NEVER used to sleep that way before! When I wake up from sleeping on my back it's usually because my lower back is a bit sore, so I turn over to get relief, but other than the odd soreness, I'm not yet too uncomfortable on my back.


I'm like you though, I turn to a side the moment I realize I've been sleeping on my back just out of nervousness.

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I can relate to you all.  I sleep on my side but get side pain and crave sleeping on my back. I do it for a few seconds start to worry for the baby and then turn back on my side.  I am not sure if sleeping on back is bad this early on, but of course you worry.

I went to a Wool festival on sunday and it was FREEZING (I live in Wales).  I was there for 4 hours in a big agricultural building - my body was so cold and I worried about the baby and circulation.  I moved around alot from each amazing stall (it was a festival for spinners, knitters, weavers, felters - lots of great artists, crafts people and wool!) - but nothing seemed to keep me warm.  They say that it is good to keep cool but probably not good to be extremely cold...


I have gotten pins and needles feet when sleeping - waking up with that is scary. I just walked around in the hallway to get things flowing again.

Trying to take more walks but we've just had a week of horrible rain.


Pillow between knees helps and also I put a padded duvet under my side of the bed to make the bed more cushioned.


Good luck!

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I put a pillow between my knees for the first time last night and can't believe what a difference it made to my comfort. I think I might try an extra duvet underneath my side of the bed too. Great idea!!

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I am 18 weeks. I don't normally sleep on my back but also find it really comfy to stretch out onto  after being on my side for a long time. I seem to find myself waking up short of breath though. My pregnancy week by week book says to stop laying flat on your back at 16 weeks. But I've also heard that it's fine until your body tells you it isn't. That said, I always wake up to sleeping/tingling arms when I'm on my side. I always seeming to be laying on the underneath arm and cutting off circulation some how. 



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Thanks for sharing ladies- it's amazing how different every pregnancy is! Full of surprises and strange worries sometimes:)


I haven't woken up on my back since I posted actually, maybe my body now knows that it's time to stop.


I did the blanket under me to help my hips last pregnancy and it was really great too, between that and the hundreds of pillows it's no wonder poor DH spends more time on the couch or in DS's bed!

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