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Lilac!!!! joy.gifjoy.gifjoy.gifSo happy that you guys have hope of a biological child!

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Sila - hooray for ovulating early! Your follie and lining sound amazing! I also had only 1 follicle each time for my 3 IUI's with Femara. It's quite common to have only 1 follicle with Clomid/Femara. That's why my RE has added a low dose of Puregon (called Follistim in the US) to try to get me to 2 follicles instead of 1.


I've never had any side effects from triggering, thank god, or if I did I probably assumed they were Crinone side effects ;) It's super interesting that your RE was able to tell you were going to ovulate soon... I never have an u/s when I get my IUI's so they can't tell me stuff like that. What time was your trigger yesterday? I hear ovulation is usually between 32-40 hours after the trigger. In my situation I always felt it right around 40-41 hours later.


toothfairy - sounds like next week is going to be one huge sexathon hehe ;)


zenquaker - sounds like your LP is on the right track. I'm totally jealous of your LP!


Smiles - I hope you get AF as soon as you finish the Provera! When I stop Crinone I always get AF 2 days later.


lilac - OMG that is amazing news!!!! 25 seems like a huge number when he had none at all before.


AFM - When I don't take meds my spotting usually starts on 7dpo. Today is 7dpo. So guess what? I started spotting today. At least my body is predictable eh? So basically my lap didn't take away any of my pain (at least not for my first AF) and it didn't improve my spotting. Remind why I did that #$&%?* surgery again??????? I just wanna do IVF already. My body is useless.


Since my cycle is precisely following its usual schedule, I can predict that AF will start on Monday (10dpo/cd1) and that my u/s for my next IUI will be on June 5th and that my IUI will be on June 7th except that DH is going out of town on June 7th and 8th for a conference and refuses to consider cancelling it so he can give his sperm for the IUI so I'll probably spend hundreds of dollars on Puregon and then give myself a bunch of injections for nothing. Maybe I should ask them to inseminate me with someone else's sperm since DH is being such a jerk about this. I cancelled a trip to San Diego and lost 700$ on a non-refundable plane ticket to be able to do my (useless) lap, and now DH wants to screw up an entire cycle just because he has a stupid conference in Quebec City which is a 2 hour drive away? What is wrong with this guy????

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Sourire - It's only 2hrs away so why can't he just drive home for the night, do it early in the morning, then drive back to the conference??? Ugh I'm sorry your cycle didn't change! We triggered at around 10:15 on Wed. Last cycle I ovulated 36hrs after trigger. If this cycle doesn't work and my RE doesn't want to count my first cycle on 50mg of Clomid and wants us to do another Clomid/IUI cycle, then I think I will ask about what we could do to get 2 follicles. Can you do Purgeon with Clomid?


Deborah - Thanks! I don't mind. I was gone 3 days the beginning of May and no cared :)


Smiles - Yep, it happened lol! Ugh, I knew no acupuncture would make a difference. Just not THAT significant. The nurse said they like to see between 10-20mil and he was still within that range yesterday. I think I started AF about 2-3 days after the last pill when I took 10 days of Provera. I hope she's just a few days away!


Lilac - I'm excited to hear more! Are you planning on going straight to IVF? Or piling up cash for IVF while continuing the supplements and hoping for more sperm?


AFM - I'm confused about when I ovulated. I thought I already had yesterday afternoon, but then I woke up at 12:30am (38hrs after trigger) with some intense cramping again. It didn't look like my follicle was going to wait that long but maybe it did? We BD at 3am then I took my temp 2.5hrs later at my normal time and it was even lower than yesterday. So maybe I technically ovulated today and it will go up tomorrow. I'm still very achy and tender in my lower abdomen. 

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Zen, lol, yeah, BD'ing has been going on!  I want to catch a spermie now that I know there are at least a few swimming around!

deportivo, sorry to hear about the drama.  I just shake my head.  Hopefully you will be able to find a happy medium.

toothfairyToBe, I was telling my husband something about that kind of sleep schedule just a couple days ago - now even more!

Sila, how does the accupuncture get more sperm "woke up"?  Sila, we talk with the fertililty doctors, finally, on June 12.  It will likely be piling up the money for IVF and hoping the supplements make more sperm.

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Thanks Courtneyy for the tip. Sila- In that case, I guess I'm in charge :-).

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Ah, here is the lowdown on DH's numbers.


FSH - 34 - very elevated - supposed to be 5-15

LH - 10.39 - a little high the doctor said

Prolactin - 17.3

Testosterone - 325


Semen Analysis

volume - 3.5 ml
sperm count - 0.025 million/mm3 - that means there were only 25 of them from a note further down the report

They didn't do a morphology due to the very low sperm count.

Semen Motility percentages were based on 25 sperm

Forward progressive motility - 8%

Slow sluggish motility - 16 %

Non-progressive motility - 20%

Non-motile - 56% (Comment: decreased motility may be due to either non-viable or non-motile sperm)

Viscosity and liguefaction were normal



Diagnosis - primary testicular failure - But there are some sperm!

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Just popping in to see how Sila is doing! I hope this is your month!! And I'd say for certain that the 38 hours past trigger is when you O'd. IVF egg retreival is always scheduled for 36 hours after trigger - and they schedule it to take place just BEFORE you O on your own and release all the eggs. So 38 hours sounds like exactly right timing. Fingers crossed for you!!



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Lilac- that is kind of where I am at now. Even though I have been kind of in denial about DH's sperm count and motility etc. I still have some hope. I am glad you are able to do IVF with his sperm. It is such a kick in the teeth isn't it. As far as I know there is nothing on my end preventing from getting pregnant. So that's good but also frustrating for me.


smiles- thanks. I was hoping to go the avoiding route but, I always find a change of heart. DH had a talk with me and he is going to put his foot down if things don't turn around.


Sila- rooting for you and this cycle. I am also shocked at how much acupuncture has made a difference with his sperm. Wow I need to get DH to do that asap! I wonder if it would make that much difference for him too!!


Hi everyone thanks for the support!

Warning: Spoiler! (Click to show)


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Lilac - Acupuncture stimulates points that can correct imbalances in the qi (chi). According to Traditional Chinese medicine, the entire body is divided into channels called meridians and the qi is corrected through these meridians. So, she uses certain points to direct more, energy, balance, and circulation to his reproductive areas. She can further stimulate these points through electro-stimulation where she connects little electro-stim wires to the needles on the points. I can't really explain it better than that. It is really hard to understand. "Wake them up" is the wording our acupuncturist uses. English is her second language and sometimes she explains things in funny terms to try to get her point across :) 


So, 1.25 (8% of 25) of those sperm was an excellent swimmer, and 4 were slow-sluggish? Sounds good enough for IVF to me! Though I hope you catch one before that! Is the Dr. going to prescribe any kind of treatment for those elevated hormone levels? Did they give any reason cause for premature testicular failure? Our RE said the same thing after DH's first most terrible SA. That the decreased motility was likely due to the fact that he had so many non-motile sperm. Since his count was pretty high, the non-motiles were suffocating the others. I hope you are able to figure out a budgeting/savings plan for IVF. In the meantime, I can't imaging how relieved you must feel just to know that there are some sperm!


Deborah - Sounds good!


Courtney - So sorry about your failed cycle. Best of luck as you move forward. 


Cindy!!!! Hi! Thanks for the reassurance. Our timing seems pretty good then! I hope a few of those 3am swimmers made it up there. Congrats on your 2nd little girl (I lurked to see what you were having) :)


Depo - Thanks! I think acupuncture is definitely worth a shot. It certainly can't makes things any worse.'


AFM - I've definitely ovulated. CP is moving down and CM is now sticky. Ugh now the wait. I've got a pretty busy week coming so I hope that keeps my thoughts off of everything. I'm definitely more neutral this cycle and feel more emotionally at peace and balanced. So far.

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http://www.fertilitycentermi.com/affording-treatments/ has the breakdown on treatment costs.  But there is no listing for the medications.  That seems to be an issue with truth in advertising - I mean a little bit over $7000 seems better than the $12000 to $16000 I have heard from others.  Do the meds really cost $5000 to $9000 per cycle?

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Lilac, yes they do. It depends on what exactly you need. I think mine were 5 or 6, 000 total and I was on quite a few different drugs. We mostly used Freedom, though I got some at Bel-Mar which is here in Denver.

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Lilac, yes they do. It depends on what exactly you need. I think mine were 5 or 6, 000 total and I was on quite a few different drugs. We mostly used Freedom, though I got some at Bel-Mar which is here in Denver.

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Wow, Deborah, this fertility business is can be so peaks and valleys.  I am super excited that my DH at least has some sperm to make a baby but then the financial side of it just pushes me over the limit.


Today is graduation at the school where I am a teacher and school counselor.  Fun, fun, fun!  It will be emotional to see kids that I have known for 11 years (since 2nd grade, wow) graduate and move on to a life after high school.

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Lilac - There are some IVF grants that you could see if you qualify for (I know a few are listed on Creating A Family). There are also some great podcasts (on Creating A Family ) an even some "how to afford infertility" books out there with tips. Like Deborah mentioned, there are also pharmacies where you can get meds a little cheaper. Some clinics (mine does) also have payment plans available. Obviously I have no IVF experience, but I have done a little research. I don't even know how we'll afford injectables if we need to move on to that because I know the meds for that are at least $700 a cycle or so (plus more monitoring)!


Have fun at graduation! So now you are on summer break?


I hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend (if you have one).

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Thanks for that information Sila.  Looks like for now my DH and I won't qualify for the programs that are currently taking applications because he is not a U.S. resident yet.  We will be renewing his green card this summer for permanent residency, but we have to wait until July 2013 to apply for residency for him. 

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Hi, ladies.  I don't usually post, but I think I'll be here this month.  smile.gif  I'm TTC #2 (DD is 5), with severe MF.  I'm on CD 4, and day 2 of injectables for an IUI.  I do feel a bit I'm just shooting myself with this crap for nothing, because honestly IVF with ICSI is probably our best chance, but here I am anyway. I've only done 2 injections, and I already look pregnant and can't stand the feeling of leaning over.  Sigh.  Anyway, hi!

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Hi all - I've been trying to keep up with lurking, but I know I've missed some bits of stories.


Sila: Glad you ovulated and that you're feeling calmer about this cycle!!! I'm so hopeful that things are falling into place for you.


Sourire: Ugh. I can so feel your pain. I'd be happy to pop up to Canada to give your DH the what for :) I agree with Sila - if the conference is only 2.5 hours away, can't he figure out a way to do both? Annoying!!! What about freezing sperm? I know they do it for IVF - not sure if they do it for IUI. I know you guys will figure it out. And who knows? Maybe you're spotting is not AF... maybe it's secretly a BFP - wouldn't that be lovely?


Lilac: I don't know what the local chapter of RESOLVE looks like where you are, but I know the one here has an active discussion board where women are always giving away their leftover meds. Hopefully you'll get your BFP before you have to do IVF, but if not, I'll keep my fingers crossed that you find some cost savings!!


Keeping my fingers crossed for all you lovely ladies!!!

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teresaresa, I joined the RESOLVE board because there is no support group near me.  The online board seems really cluttered - a little bit of every type of infertility imaginable.   I will have to wait and see if I use it much.

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Lilac - Bummer you don't qualify (we don't either). I hope the green card process goes smoothly and that he can get residency next year! I'm interested in where he is from. But you don't have to share if that is too personal. Have you ovulated yet? Exciting that even though there are only a few sperm and chances of success are pretty low, that you will be in a viable tww!


How are our Provera ladies doing??? AF??? I'll do the AF dance for you.


Sourire - How about you? AF? Spotting? I hope you worked things out with your DH.


Cait - Ovulating yet?


TinyMama - Welcome back! I moved you from "missing in action" back to the active members of this thread. I'm also TTC#2. I'm sorry you feel like this cycle is a waste of time. I hope you get proven wrong, but I know how instincts are. Are you doing injectables to get more follicles/eggs to give your DH's swimmers a better chance? I'm not on to injectables yet, but I definitely understand that severe bloating/water gain side effect. It was pretty bad for me last cycle. The last thing I want is for someone who doesn't know that we've been trying for a long time to think I'm pregnant. 


Teresa - Hi! Stalking you on the IVF thread! Grow follies grow!


AFM - Either a slow temp rise or my thermometer battery is going. I switched to my "back up" thermometer this morning and got a nice high temp :) I didn't doubt I had ovulated though. Everything pointed to it. I think I'm going to stash the thermometer away now until next cycle. DH is working 6 days straight. Today is day 5...I'm going to make it...

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Well, provera seems to have done the trick for me, my last pill was yesterday and I had some spotting yesterday and a light flow so far today.  I guess I will say that today is day 1 and get my blood work done on Wednesday.

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