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Hi all,

I've been following the thread daily despite not writing much. Just wanted to pop on to congratulate Hope! So excited for you. I'm sure youre beta will be nice and high on Friday!

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I'm back! I very briefly skimmed through...to all the newbies welcome! Let me know if you have a blurb you want to add to the front. I'll update tomorrow most likely.

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Hi Ladies!!! I have missed so much and i have missed you ladies so bad!!! I'm going thru a lot with DH right now.  He has scheduled his Vasectomy for next friday. *MAY 11th   So if we didn't get pregnant this month then we won't be getting pregnant.  I am sooooooo lost!  He is so against having more kids and i have no idea why.  It is killing our relationship and it's literally killing me inside.  Everyone can see a difference in me and I just don't know how to cope!!!  It's almost like he doesn't care what i think or how i feel about it.  I wanted to stop by and say that it was really great getting to know each of you over the past 13 months and I can't believe that we had already been trying that long and still nothing yet again.  I will still peek in from time to time but I believe that it's time that I admit that my name needs to be removed from TTC....because there's no need in holding on to hope that will never come.  Love you ladies and i wish you all well.  I won't be talking about TTC anymore but i will come to encourage each one of you to follow your dreams and pray that you all get the little ones that you have been praying/ hoping for for so long!!!






Could you please remove me from the list?

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Brichole- So sorry.hug2.gif. AFM-Sila. Will you please update my blurb to indicate one month preventing (to get body as close to back to normal as possible) and then actively trying on our own starting in June? 

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Brichole- I've been wondering about you & am sad to hear of this turn of events. I will pray for your healing and your family. Keep in touch my friend.

Ewcm today and a nearly positive opk... Dh is home in the middle of the night and is feeling sick... So plan is DTD when i get home around 130 tomorrow and keep taking OPKs til they are negative. Ahh back on the 2ww train... Coming soon!
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Brichole, hug2.gif we will miss you, my friend!


Toothfairy, YAH!! Good luck and most importantly, I'm hoping that your BFP is right around the corner!


Sourire, I hope you're feeling better! It sounds like an awful experience but you are definitely taking it like a trooper!


Shesaidboom, I've been quietly following your progress and I am really upset that you have to go through so many hoops just to get a procedure that you need in order to complete your family. I think it's silly that your put under so many restrictions before you get your IVF. I hope that the weight loss specialist helps and that the treatment for hypothyroidism kick starts your weight loss but please don't feel hopeless. You will get your baby. It's taking a little longer but please have faith in that.


Ok, back to stalking. I hope to see many more BFPs in the coming weeks! 

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Hope - Congrats!!!  Hope you get a great beta today to put your mind at ease!


Brichole - Sorry hug2.gif


Sourire - Glad the lap is over and your side effects have gone, it sounded scary I'd have probably given myself a panic attack!


TF2B - Yeah for O holding off for your DH's return!!!!


AFM CD 62 today.  The good news is that my hot flashes seem to be gone and I have started to have a bit of cm here and there so hopefully af will decided to show up.  2 more weeks till I see the doctor.  I am bracing myself for bad news.

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(Updated - again newbies if you have anything you want to add to the front page just let me know!)


Monkey - Thanks! I think it's awesome he didn't make me start over too! I'm kind of wondering if I had a better response because this cycle sort of mimicked a natural cycle for me? Rather than try to force my body to O on day 14-18 which I haven't done in YEARS. I can't wait to feel those baby movements again! Good luck with your move! I think you've mentioned it before, but you're birthing at a free-standing birth center with a midwife right? Just wondering. I work at a birth center winky.gif


Hope - I totally understand going back and forth. You'll have an early u/s to check if there is one or two though right? Glad you're trusting your intuition about doing the beta today. I'm secretly hoping there is some kind of thread-keeper's luck floating around...


Sourire - Glad to hear you are recovering! I'm interested to see what your Dr says at your follow up. How frustrating to get conflicting information! Did you get a video or pictures of your surgery?


Cait - You're right, my temperature doesn't change anything! Your vacation sounds nice! Isn't cold in Boston too??? I hate the cold. I'm glad you ad DH have a plan to try to catch O!


Sourire and Cait - I noticed someone in the 30's thread just got a BFP the first cycle after her lap.


zenquaker - Welcome. There are plenty of ladies here that have dealt with LP spotting and LP issues. I know that is a symptom of Endomitriosis, do you have any other symptoms? I'm also TTC#2. I know how hard it is to want a sibling for your child and how sad it is to just see them growing up more and more and still be the only one.


shesaidboom - I hope the weight lost specialist has some ideas for you! Have you seen that extreme tube-up-your-nose-diet on the news lately? Definitely not saying you should do that! - Anyways, sorry the class was kind of boring. 


Hi Krunchy!


Brichole - Sorry! Maybe a miracle will happen...


Smiles - I'm glad it's looking like this cycle might be coming to an end! Do you think you will ovulate first? Since your CM is changing.


AFM - Camping was great. It was nice to get away with my little family. Our spot was on the cliffs over looking ocean and it was really nice. We had a fun beach day with DS who loves the ocean, and my tan is coming along quite nice.


7DPO and pretty boring. I'm being really lazy. I have only been doing easy exercise (to me at least), feel like taking a nap every day (so I do), and going to acupuncture to send as much energy to a potential little bean as possible. My acupuncturist says we've all been through so much and working so hard at this for so long that we are going to do everything we can to make it work and not have to start over. No kidding.


QOTD - For those that have triggered before, have you found it's the typical 10ish days for it to be out of your system? I had 10,000 and it has a half life of 23h so that would be like 10 days right? Maybe 12 max? I'm not going to test the trigger because I see no point in wasting a test if I know it will be positive and mean I'm still not pregnant (at least yet). Do you think 12days past trigger/11dpo would be too early?

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 wissa - Hi!!  I have had some early symptoms, but I'm not sure what is from what, if that makes sense.  I actually wrote a lot of it down (sad, right?) 

3dp3dt - bloating, shortness of breath, craving pickes

4dp3dt - same and some minor twinges in abdomin.

5dp3dt - twinges

6dp3dt - hot flashes began, more twinges

7dp3dt - all of the above, starting to be more hungry and pee more.

9dp3dt - starting to get tired.


This all kept up through about 12dp3dt, then the bloating got real bad.  Lots of weight gain, tired got worse. 

14dp3dt - heavy breakout on my chest.  Ugh. 


krunchyk - Thank you!  Yeah for 1/2 way through the 2ww!!


2cuties - awe, thank you!


brichole - I'm so sorry hun.  It's never good when you're not on the same page.  Please make sure you try to talk with him, either just the 2 of you, or with a counselor, however you can make it happen.  If you don't, it will finish killing your relationship.  I wish I could send you big hugs right now, it's just not fair.


deborah - adorable pic!!  Yeah for active trying next month!!


Smiles - it did!  I'm glad that the hot flashes have gone away.  I still keep hoping that you'll get good news, but I understand preparing yourself for the worst.


Sila - I'm hoping you're right, threadkeepers luck would mean this is your month!!  Oh the camping sounds wonderful!  For your QOTD - I POAS at 10dp3dt, so about 13dpo, and the positive I got was the real thing.  It was pretty light, so I'm actually glad that I didn't test any before that.  I've never been a tester before other than that, but I know that others get their BFP earlier!!


AFM - Beta was great today, at 15dp3dt it was 488.2.  I do have a case of moderate hyperstimulation though, so I had an IV of Albumin, which my numbers were low on.  They are hoping it helps my body release some of this fluid, since I look 6 months pregnant and people are asking.  Ah well, I'll take it!!!

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P4 at 7dpo was 12. My RE said they are looking for over 10. Which seems low for a medicated cycle? Anyways, she said I don't need to supplement. Of course there is no research correlating high P4 or low P4 with pregnancy, but I wanted it to be higher? Just trying not to make myself crazy...1 week to go...

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Hope - joy.gif 488 sounds really good!  Are you excited yet?  I know after doing fertility treatments...it's kind of unreal when it finally happens!!  I'm loving that you wrote down all your symptoms.  I had quiet a few the first being more oily skin/breakouts and feeling tired at weird times.  Of course, I like you didn't know whether to trust myself that it was real or blame it on the progesterone.  My mom says she knew right away because things upset me way more than normal (ie.  things that normally would have just made me mad, made me just plain pitiful) ;)  Hope everything continues to go well!!!  Whoohoo!!   I'll bet the hyperstim is why you look and feel so bloated.  I had two huge cysts and I could really tell they were taking up extra room.


toothfairy -  :)  Yeah for signs of O.


Brichole - I'm so sorry your journey for baby #3 has ended this way.  I really hope you will be able to talk and/or get counseling with your DH and fix your relationship.  Just from what you have said it sounds like you really really need to find out whats going on and why he feels the way he does.  If you don't, I think you will be very unhappy and that will not be good for your family.  Hugs and we will be thinking about you. 


Sila - Don't make yourself crazy! nut.gif  Worrying over P4 numbers will do that to you.  I have to agree with you though.  I've always heard that they want it to be at least 15 on a medicated cycle.  Would your doctor give you some progesterone just for your peace of mind?  My first few cycles always ranged from 9 to 11.45 and nothing happen until the cycle it was like 37!  That cyle I started the progesterone right after O.  Of course, I also had like 3 mature follicles that cycle.  So now that I've given info to make you wonder, I will say that I've heard of women getting BFPs with P4s of 8!  So, I guess you just never know.   You can make it 1 more week. 

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hope4light - yes, one cycle is definitely tolerable. At least there is an end - and soon. It's just a matter of getting this cycle started now!
Hurray for the dark test!! You have no idea how excited I am for you. Hurray for the great beta! I'm sorry you had to deal with the hyperstim, but hopefully it's all under control now.


Cait - thank you. I remember you talking about iodine a while ago. I may have to go back and find that post later on. Thank you for the info and for the link. The father of a friend of mine told me to take a kelp supplement. His wife is hypothyroid, and appararently the kelp helped her enough to keep her off meds for a while. Thank you again for this. It is so wonderful to have such knowledgeable and understanding ladies around.
I'm crossing my fingers for a bfp for you!


deborah - oh my gosh, Deborah! Peachy is the cutest pup.
I'm so sorry you're having a rough time right now. I really wish you weren't in so much pain.


Wissa - *waves* hey there lady!


krunchyk - hi there! It's good to hear from you.


SilaMarila - welcome back!
Thank you, I hope so too. I haven't seen that diet, but I'll have to check it out. That sounds pretty crazy!


brichole - It's great to hear from you, but I'm sorry the news isn't good. I'm so sorry dh and you are butting heads and he is taking matters into his own hands. I do hope you stop in and update us about your life every once in a while. I really enjoyed getting to know you.


renavoo - thank you so much for the support and the kind words. I really do feel like I'm jumping through hoops. How are you doing? I really need to stalk the graduates thread to catch up on everyone!


smilesarefree - I'm hoping the doctor can help.
So jealous of your camping trip! I'm glad you had a great time. It sounds absolutely beautiful.



AFM, still no AF. Very frustrating!

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Sila, that's really interesting--when I was a teenager my periods were VERY painful. It's been much better since giving birth. I also have pretty heavy periods. With spotting before and after I have to deal with it for 8-10 days some months. I'll def look into endo. Are there some issues with ttc and endo, then? Sounds like time for a sesh with Dr. Google.

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Hi everyone- Just following along. My appointment with RE is tomorrow and shortly should be able to start medicated cycle and IUI. Which I am so excited for. Hopefully everything goes smoothly. I really want it to work on the first try. So, I will update everyone on that tomorrow!

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Good luck, Deportivo! I hope you are able to move forward and that it's the exact right protocol for your BFP!

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I guess I should add an intro -


I am 30 in a month, DH is 30. We are TTC #1. IUD removed 6/2011, no luck since then despite regular cycles. Just scheduled one-year-of-trying appt with an OB/GYN next month.



I am new here, and still finding my way. Seeing lots of references to thyroid stuff - I have hypothryoidism and take levothyroxine, should I be even more worried because of this??

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shesaidboom- what the heck is with AF... come on AF, let's get this cycle started. So when I started taking the kelp it was the same time I started a few other things, but my nails are stronger, more awake, not as cold all the time. I'm no expert but it is worth a shot!


hi krunchy! I've been following your blog, I hope your tests make a turn-around... go cycle 12!


sila- I never had my progesterone tested so I can't weigh in but I'd just trust your RE. They've done right by you this far so if they thought you needed it I'm sure they would act. One more week (less now!), you can do it!


wecome polyhymnia! Hypothryoid can def impact fertility, check out the iodine website I posted before, it talks a lot about hypothyroid/iodine deficiency. I hope your OB has some insight for you. Ask any questions or post your cycle info- we have a broad range of experience here and are happy to weigh in if we might be able to help.


zenquaker- there can be problems with endo and ttc. There are a few of us around here with endo that obviously have had trouble ttc, but there are lots of other women out there who will never find these forums because they will never have trouble ttc. So it is hard to say whether endo will interfere with your chances, but I'd say if you have some symptoms of endo (spotting, pain, short LP) then it is probably already interfering. Just from experience some doctors will be dismissive of endo, mine was, so I found a new doctor. I was diagnosed with stage 2 endo and had a complex chocolate cyst removed 5 weeks ago at laproscopy. Endo causes inflammation that can take 6 months to detox from your body even after removal. It is the inflammation (production of toxic prostaglandins) that cause trouble TTC. It is a lot to take in, so google your heart out. The problem with google is a lot will say that endo doesn't affect endo b/c with IVF it is bypassed. So if you are interested in IVF than you probably have less to worry about.


deportivo- good luck with the RE appt, I hope they give you good news!


AFM- I'm nearly positive we missed O. I started with EWCM Thursday morning, figuring as per usual I would have EWCM for 3-4 days I was so Psyched! I took an OPK at the end of the day and it wasnt quite positive. DH got home at 5 am (4 hour delay out of chicago) and no BD because well, that would just be cruel. So I OPK in the morning, same as the night before... weird... no EWCM all day, changed over to sticky/gummy... what the heck... start feeling like my nipples are sore... We BD around 2 pm but I haven't had any CM since then, checked cervix friday before BD and it was high and not soft-- not hard as a rock, but not soft and open anyway. So... I'm not doing my progesterone, waste of what little prescriptions I have left, I'll save it for next month. My appt with the new doctor is May 18, so 2 more weeks. Just after I expect AF. I'm disappointed but what am I gonna do... I expected this summer to be tough for TTC, but just figures I miss it by hours... I didn't expect my cycle post LAP to be so different... right after LAP I had 5 days of EWCM before O day... what the heckers...

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Here is my FF chart, I am still figuring it out. I've had a few wonky temps this cycle - on Friday (CD8) my thermometer didn't store my 6.30am temp which I didn't realize until I'd woken up and gone into the bathroom at 7.30 so I took my temp then but of course it was way different. Then yesterday morning I had a coughing fit wake me up at 6.20 when I had water, not realizing it was almost 6.30 :( So that temp is way off too.  Hoping it doesn't mess things up too much. I am trying this cycle to chart fluids but not doing great so far. Trying to figure that out..


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Toothfairy, how disappointing! To have other things working against you and to miss O b/c of timing. That stinks. Hope you catch the egg anyway! Still a chance. . .

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Sila - I've never had my P4 tested, but I agree - trust in your doc and try not to stress out about it!!



wissa - You know, I have been extra weepy and what not too.  Funny! I'm getting there, to excited I mean.  Friday on my way home from work a song came on the radio (don't even remember what one now) and I just started bawling, thinking to myself that we really did it, that I'm pregnant.  I didn't have much time to really think about it over the weekend though, husband had to work and I was chasing after the toddler (so much for taking it easy to help the OHSS LOL).


shesaidboom - I will take the OHSS if it means a baby, so it sucks, but it could be much worse!!  I can't believe AF still isn't here.  I'll have to switch up the come on AF dance, the first one obviously isn't working!!!


deport - can't wait to hear how the appointment goes!!!


poly - Good luck, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it is a small and easily fixed issue.


tf2b - Oh no!  I'm sorry.  Crazy when you may have missed it by such a short time frame.  It's a wonder to me that woman ever get pregnant, the way timing has to be just so, and so many other puzzle pieces have to be aligned just right.  Amazing.

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