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Sila: I've just started feeling better in the last few days, thanks! I'm hoping you will be much less stressed out with no temping; I know I was. Stalking!


hope4light: Congratulations again!!!!!!!! I am feeling so much better now. OB didn't know what to make of the bleeding! She mentioned maybe all the pressing on my abdomen they did for the ultrasound the day before might have triggered something but I don't know how much sense that makes. Bloating was my main and red flag symptom both with my loss and this pregnancy, so I'd say that's a really good sign!


Sourire: I am glad to hear you are feeling better! Ugh, I hate shitty nurses. You can always tell the ones who got into nursing for the easy money (too many of them here) or are burned out and don't care, versus the ones who are in it for the right reasons. Looking forward to hearing the explanation of your endo (mild, not mild?)!


Cait: Pictures on the way! Hoping you to catch this post-endo egg! :-) Was your OPK negative Friday morning? I think you were still in the window. Are you temping?


shesaidboom: I am feeling better, thanks. I always hear about ICSI but didn't know what it involved. I am definitely hoping you won't have to worry about that!


deborah: Peaches is ADORABLE. What a beautiful coat!


brichole: I am so sorry. I know you have been going through stress with DH for a long time now. I am so sorry. 


AFM: I am feeling better, just like the 2nd trimester gods promised. Good news: At my check-up Thursday I got the news that the cyst on the umbilical cord has resolved! Yay!

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Update- so, I just finnished this morning crying all morning and afternoon! I just am kind of shocked at the news I got at my appointment with RE this morning. I am not going forward with IUI because there is no point in doing that anymore!


The RE told us that DH's sperm count is less than one million and the ones that were there were barely moving or doing anything!!! He said that there isn't even enough sperm to do IUI! Basicallly the only chance would be to do IVF, and then even that may not work. I can't even start IVF until A I save the money and B DH see's the urologist and he will not be done with that until four months from now.


I just assumed that we would be able to go through with IUI, I am so devestated. The RE just basically said it was almost impossible for me to get pregnant with him. And an ok chance with IVF. He didn't even make it sound like IVF was a great chance! I don't know. I had a feeling that he might of had a low sperm count. But I didn't think he had almost no sperm and non that were useful !!!


I am so freaked out right now! Anyone have experience with this or advice for raising his count! The doctor said to basically not even bother doing IVF util we figure out a way to raise his count!!!!  I can't believe this.

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Depo - Yes, get him to an acupuncturist that specializes in infertility asap! DH's count was fine, but only 16% motility! 4 months of weekly acupuncture and electro-acupuncture and he was up to 50%! Now 5 months after starting the acupuncture treatment his motility was 57% and 54% before sperm wash and 94% and 95% after sperm wash for our IUI's! He's also changed his diet a little and is continuing to eat fertility boosting foods. I'm so sorry. I was devastated when we learned so few of his guys were moving (and the only ones that were were B Motility fat,slow,crooked swimmers!). So big hugs. Good luck at the urologist. I hope it's just something hormonal and is an easy fix. There is also some testing (expensive) you could do to help determine if IFV is even a good option. We did a SPA (sperm penetration assay) to see if DH's sperm could even penetrate an egg (though some RE's don't think this is a reliable test). I'm still very hopeful you will get a biological child! Hang in there! (P.S. you don't have a blurb on the front page. If you want me to add one let me know!) 


...I'll be back for more personals later...But first I think a nap is in order...Front page is all updated (Poly you've been added)...

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Hi all. Thanks for all the happy and encouraging notes. AFM- So, I was way off on my dates (oh the joys of post-pregnancy hormones/cycles). I think my body was trying to start my period the last two times I thought I was getting one, but now I have a very obvious one that started last night. The trouble is that our romantic getaway as it stands is now during my period, so I'm obviously trying to change the dates. The cool thing though is that if we somehow manage to get pregnant in June, I'd be due around DH's cousin's son's 2nd birthday. The hospital had the memorial service on Saturday and I went to honor the boys. Not surprisingly, it was overly religious for something that is supposed to be open to all. I am actually religious to an extent, but feel they could have done more. I've become quite sensitive since I married my atheist husband, but my own spiritual beliefs are constantly changing/adapting so parts of it made me uncomfortable too. I was still glad I went and I know that it did me some good toward getting closure. I also reconnected with a friend from grad school through all this and she may be able to get me a lucrative freelance gig at her trade newsletter. I have a friend from choir coming tomorrow to hang out and see the studio (still in progress) and then another friend of mine and I are getting together for coffee on Thursday, Since all of you like Peaches, I have to be a good furmama and brag about her: She's graduating from her class- Control Unleashed on Wednesday!

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Thanks Sila- I will make up a blurb in a bit. My head is spinning right now. But, that is good info. I am kind of confused by some of the advice and comments I got from others on different sites though. RE said that I would have left over embryo's to do IVF cycles with following the first one. Now I am afraid that that would end up being not true. And what if the quality of embryo wasn't good? Anyways I think we are thinking we will give IVF a try. I am scared of it not working.


I am going to get DH to an acupuncturist if you say it helps!

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Sila- How many appointments of accupuncture does your DH do a week?

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CONGRATS to Chica, Mexilady, and Hope!!!! Fabulous news :)


I've skimmed along a bit to catch up. Everyone seems to be in pretty positive spirits which is great news. I'm glad everyone survived their laps , though man-oh-man, sounds like you had a really tough time Charley.


I've been finishing up a TON of work so that I can graduate from my MS program next week. Also, went on that cruise with my grandmother and mom. Unlike Sourire, I did not enjoy. I'm not a cruise kind of girl. Too many people, too small a space, not enough time to explore the beautiful ports. Came back feeling even more stressed.


At any rate, I don't know if I can keep up with multiple threads, so I think I'm going to say goodbye. I'll try to check in from time to time. I'm espcially hopeful for SIla, Cait, and Sourire - send me a note every now and again. Thank you all for your wonderful, caring support over the past few months. I'm off to the IVF boards - wish me luck ladies!!!

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Deportivo - We both go once a week :) 


teresa - Hi! I will miss you! Best of luck with IVF and I'll be stalking you over there!


Hope - How are you feeling? 2nd beta is coming up right?


Sorry everyone, not feeling especially talkative...

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Cait - I know, right? I'm pretty sure I was only having periods during my non-medicated cycles as a side effect of the previous medicated cycles. Now that it has been two months, AF doesn't want to start up on her own.
I'm sorry the timing didn't work out this month. Timing is always a frustrating thing with infertility! I'm still hoping you caught the egg.


hope4light - haha, there are variations of the AF dance? This I have to see ;)


gemmine - Hurray for the 2nd trimester! I'm glad the cyst has resolved itself. That's great news!


depo - I'm so sorry about the bad news. I know how much you wanted to get started and it is so frustrating when we have to jump through all these hoops. I'm not sure if it raises count, but my dp is taking a male pre-natal vitamin. I'll have to get him to give me the name of it, but our RE swears by it. SilaMarila's recommendation sounds much more promising though!


deborah - Hurray for Peaches! All that friend news sounds great. I hope your grad school friend does get you some of that freelance work. It sounds promising. I'm sorry about the ceremony being so religious. They definitely could have been more sensitive about it.


teresaresa - it's good to see a post from you, even if you are saying goodbye here, I know you have been busy. I'm sorry the cruise wasn't fun. I'm definitely not a cruise person either. My parents love them - just got back from a 4 month long cruise - but I couldn't handle it for the same reasons you mentioned. I will hopefully be following you over to that IVF board soon. Good luck!



AFM - I'm going in for bloods and a full bladder ultrasound tomorrow since AF is still not here. My RE will determine if we can choose a day and get going with injectibles, or if I need to take Provera to induce a period. I'm a little frustrated since I called to let my RE know what was going on and her secretary called me back all in a huff that I called the main desk instead of her - I had no idea there was a separate number. Nobody ever told me! I was hoping to be able to do the bloods/ultrasound up here at the location 5 minutes from my house, but she said because it was diagnostic and not cycle monitoring I have to go downtown. I'm not looking forward to my 1 hour drive at 6 am tomorrow, I guess I'm not looking forward to the poke and vag-cam either though!

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Teresaresa - I've been wondering what happened to you.  Sorry to hear you moving to IVF because that means everything else you've done hasn't worked.  I hope the IVF does work and you get a baby sooner than you think!!

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krunchy - Very interesting that you had a similar side effect after anesthesia! Mine didn't start until 4-5 hours after I woke up. The drugs I got for anesthesia were Propofol (to put me to sleep), Fentanyl (painkiller) and Rocuronium (muscle relaxant). A couple of my friends who are doctors told me that what I experienced is probably a side effect of Fentanyl.


Also I've been stalking your blog... I see that things are pretty exciting for you! Can't wait to hear more... btw even if someone doesn't get a BFP until 14 DPO, that doesn't necessarily mean that their implantation happened at 12 DPO or later... sometimes the body just takes longer to start producing a measurable amount of HCG. Don't give up hope!


brichole - I'm so sorry to hear your news. I hope you can make it through this ok. Hugs to you... we'll miss you!


Sila - I prefer to wait until about 13 or 14dpo to test to reduce the possibility of false negatives or false positives! I guess no matter when you decide to test it will be very soon! I have a really good feeling about this for you!


polyhymnia - welcome!


toothfairy - I'm sorry you didn't get the best timing this cycle. Though if your doctor was right your chances of success will get better and better over the next few months, I hope you can catch that egg next time!


deportivo - Ouch that sounds like difficult news to deal with. Though I gotta say I'm a bit jealous that you get to skip straight to IVF... IUI has such a low chance of success and I would much rather go straight to IVF!


deborah - that's unfortunate about the hospital not being sensitive to everyone's religious beliefs. I have issues with that as well sometimes.


teresa - I read the IVF thread regularly so I'll be stalking you and silently cheering you on!!!! Good luck with IVF! I hope this is it for you. Sorry your cruise was stressful... I see what you mean. You're really stuck with the schedule that the cruise line decides, you don't have as much freedom as on other types of vacations.


shesaidboom - I'm really hoping you can skip the period and go straight to the injectables to save time!


AFM - I saw my RE yesterday. I haven't yet had my post-lap appointment with the Dr who did the lap, but she wrote my RE an email explaining what she found... so apparently I have stage III endo!!!! I'm kind of shocked by that. Most of it was in an area called the Pouch of Douglas which is right between the uterus and the rectum. That explains a lot of the pain I was having.


I got AF 1 week after the lap. I was hoping it would be less painful but instead it ended up being worse than usual... not menstrual cramp kind of pain but I was having really excruciating pain every time I went to the bathroom or had gas. I was really hoping my lap would get rid of this type of pain!!! I'm hoping that it's only because I'm still healing from the lap that it still hurt... I really pray that this type of thing stops in the future because its very unpleasant. Honestly my AF was more painful than the lap!!!


Today I'm CD7 of my first full cycle after the lap. The RE has encouraged us to TTC naturally this cycle. Next cycle we are are starting IUI's with injectables. The RE wants to get me pregnant as soon as possible to take advantage of any increased fertility I may have from the lap.

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I expected some G-D talk at the hospital, but it was most of the service and there are plenty of ways to acknowledge loss without that. Okay, enough of the negative Nelly version of myself. I had a good day for most of the day today. This is the first day since I delivered the boys that I have actually been able to stay smiling. Our getaway is now scheduled during a better time and Peaches has officially graduated from her Control Unleashed class. Here's a picture of the cutie (it's not from tonight, but I think it's adorable): Peachy the Office Mascot!.jpg

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Gem - Aw, thanks!  I'm glad that you're feeling better!!!  I'm sorry they didn't have any answers why, but as long as all is OK that's what matters.I am so glad that the cyst has resolved!!


Sila - Hi!!  Yep, second beta today.  I actually already got my blood drawn, but won't hear back until this afternoon, probably after 1:00.  I do still hate the wait.


shesaidboom - Oh yeah, didn't you know?  They get more frantic the longer you've been waiting ROTFLMAO.gifOh how I hate the full bladder ultrasound.  Let us know how it goes, I hope he'll just let you get going!


Sourire - Wow, stage III!  But it's gone now!  I'm sorry that AF was still real painful, hopefully it was just that first one and after that it won't be bad.  Keeping my fingers crossed for your free baby this month!!

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Sila! I popped over to stalk your chart.  Your temp this morning looked amazing! You have a constitution of steel for holding out on the tests. Sending positive vibes up the road! 


Sourire- Thanks for reading! Things are exciting over in blogger land. In my case I don't think it was the Fentanyl.  I was ready to just go with what your friends suggested, but then I found out that I was given Fentanyl during my HSG with tubal canalization.  A procedure I hope no one on this board ever has to endure.  It didn't cause any problems.  Who knows right? I'm just glad that someone else had a similar experience. I thought perhaps I was crazy.


Shesaidbloom - My partner and I are relocating this Sunday to Palm Springs and I have been frantically looking for labs/clinics that will do monitoring remotely. I understand not wanting to make a long drive for a poke and a scan.  Especially when it lasts 3 minutes total!


AFM -  LLadies, the aforementioned good news is a second BFP.  However, my beta at 15 DPO was low at 33.  I'm praying for the little peanut to stick and to stick tight.  Fight!  Repeat beta is tomorrow morning. 

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Krunchy - sending sticky sticky vibes your way, hoping for good news for you!


Sila - Fingers crossed!!!!!  You must be almost to 14 dpo??

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Hope - I'll be waiting for your super high beta numbers! babyboy.gifbabyboy.gif


Sourire - Wow Stage III!!?? I also hope you feel some relief soon. Does it feel good to know the for sure cause of your problems the last few years? Now you have something you can be angry at for all of that.


Krunchy - Thanks for the stalking love. I was shocked to find my temp so high this morning. You and your bean have been in my thoughts a lot! I've starting following some IF blogs now since following yours. 


Smiles - 14dpo tomorrow!


AFM - Beta scheduled for tomorrow at 10am. If my temp crashes I'm tempted to cancel it and just go in on CD3 for baseline (unless they will charge me for canceling...but I'm almost certain the cancelation fee would be less than the $70 b/w?).

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krunchy - OMG, I just caught up on your blog and found out about your BFP!  I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it's low but still viable.  I'm praying that it won't end before you are taking this precious one home!!!  Good luck in the morning!!!


Sila - yep, nice and high :-), see my AFM!  I'm hoping that you're temp DOESN'T crash and you get to get a beta with GOOD NEWS tomorrow!  Threadkeepers luck, right?!


AFM - beta came back at 5105, that's a doubling time of 42 1/2 hours!  Ultrasound next week, I'm officially 5 weeks and 3 days pregnant!

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deportivo, my husband is taking FertilAid and CountBoost by Fair Haven Health and they have some MotilityBooster supplement as well.  Some women over on the FF forum say their husbands have great success upping sperm counts and motility with those supplements.  Takes 3 months to take full effect (since that is how long it takes a sperm to mature), but it is something to try.  DH and I are giving his supplements 6 months before we give up on them and his total lack of sperm.




Krunchy, I hope you get a great news with your doubling time beta.

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Sila and Krunchy - Good Luck today!  Hoping to hear good news from both of you!!!!

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So yesterday afternoon I decided to cancel my beta. DH and talked and ultimately decided we didn't need something to stress about and that we didn't need to spend $70. I decided to just trust.


Well, temp is high this morning so POAS. BFN - I think I can see where the line is supposed to be. It was a Dollar Tree test . It says "99% accurate based on detecting typical pregnancy hormone levels from day of expected period." So either it's not sensitive enough and I don't yet have typical pregnancy hormone levels, or, I'm not pregnant. 


Maybe I'll swing by Target and pick up some FRER's. My last pregnancy(loss) I didn't get positives on the Dollar Tree tests either but was getting obvious positives on FRER...



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