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Hi! I used to read and write on back when my now four year old dd was around a year old. I was part of the lactivist and the I'm Not Vaccinating groups. My daughter was nursed for 2 and a half years, and is unvaccinated as well because of information I got here on this website, and I'm very thankful for that.


. . . But today, I'm trying to write my Composition final paper, due tomorrow no less, and it is about why one must look into both sides before deciding to vaccinate . . . and one of my main points was the effectiveness- or rather, ineffectiveness of vaccines, and I cannot find the link that I remember reading years ago saying that vaccines were only about 45% effective and that one must be revaccinated every five to ten years after the initial jab to retain what little effectiveness there is whereas one who has caught say chickenpox has a life-long immunity to varicella. Boy, rereading over all the information that I did really has made me feel better about not vaccinating my little girl!


Anyway, if anyone is only and could help, that would be awesome! My professor is pro-choice when it comes to vaccines, and only really thinks anyone needs to be vaccinated against polio. That's his line in the sand, so to say. LOL


Thanks in advance!