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DS keeps saying "hurt"

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DS is almost 21 months.  Recently he started saying "hurt" frequently.  At first I thought it could be the bad diaper rash he had, but then it went away and he started saying it more.  We stayed overnight in the hospital a few weeks ago for observation during a respiratory infection & there was a 2 year old recovering from surgery to remove her appendix.  Her parents were so glad that they brought her to the ER when she complained of pain.  DS can't tell me where yet.  He just repeats whatever I say or point at.


I don't know if he's just repeating a word, or maybe teething his 2nd year molars already, or maybe something else.  He saw his pediatrician a week after our hospital stay and everything was ok.


I don't *really* think anything major is wrong, but I have a tendency to make light of things & am scared of being wrong.


Do toddlers do this?  Could it be teething?  Are there any signs I should look for?  Otherwise I don't think he's acting very unusual.  A lot more "no" and "I dont wannit" but that's age appropriate I think?


Thanks mamas!

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It is very hard at this age. In my experience, it could be either - she could be practicing her new word, or she could be trying to tell you something. ACK, right?! My DD2 just got in 3 of her 2-yr molars and she is 22 months - so yes! it could be teething. 


My 9 year old recently went through frequent stomachaches due to a new medication she had to take and from that, DD2 started saying "hurt" all the time, especially at the dinner table. She would do it with a big drama pain face too, so it took us a little while to figure out she was imitating her sister.


Our pediatrician often says that the most important thing is how they are acting. If you don't think he's acting too unusual, I would say you might not need to get too worried. We sometimes try asking, "show me where it hurts" (which often doesn't work) or asking "do your legs hurt, does your nose hurt" etc - which also might not work, etc. Also we found with the molars that she referred to it as her ears hurting due to it being so far back - makes sense, but made us worry about ear infections!! If he starts acting strange or showing other signs of not being right, being extra clingy, I would definitely take him in - even for "unexplained woes"!


good luck!

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Thanks Mama!  Ugh, I can't wait until he has just a little more language!  His first molars took FOR-EV-ER to come in.  What a miserable time that was.  So I wouldn't be surprised if it was that.  It was just the story of that family at the hospital that got me all worried.

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I agree it could be either. My 2 year old will often tell me 'owie. and show me a body part. I kiss it it and if that will 'fix' it then I let it go. if he repeats it and/or gets more insistent then I take a closer look.

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